View Full Version : LFG NA Player

06-15-2016, 02:38 AM
Relatively new to smite, but I'm versed in mobas. I'm willing to learn, teach what I know, or even learn together. I'm just tired of getting into matches with 3 people locking in as assassins... Smite is a team sport. That being said, I prefer not to play with selfish players. I'm really laid back but I do play to win.

Somewhere near 50 gods mastered.
I'm usually in casuals mainly because I don't have a group to play with but I would enjoy ranked.
Gold 1 in joust.
Gold 5 in conq. -Don't quote me on this one.
Main ADC, but I do play everything.

PSN- ChamoruWarriors Shoot me a message if you want to play.