View Full Version : Queue times, feature needed for AUS server

06-14-2016, 01:15 PM
Queues on AUS are horrible unless it is arena or joust during peak hours.

We really need an estimated queue time feature like Heroes of the Storm has. If I want to queue for some of the other game modes like assault/clash, it would be nice to know if I wait 10 mins I will get a game, or if it is going to take forever. I know you would never put how many players are queuing for a mode as that would be embarrassing, (because its often zero) but that would be nice on such a poor region like ours.

Rotate the other game modes. For example Disable assault and Siege on Monday but have clash open. Double the first win of the day reward for that map type. Then rotate which queue is open for the next day.

This is not stopping anyone from getting a game because already it is impossible to get a game on those modes for our region (though you can get a game at peak times for assault sometimes). Lets get some variety going please. The reward bonus may even draw some people from overseas to our region, I'm sure they can put up with 120 ping. Currently we put up with 250 ping on their regions to get our FWOTD.

Or is there some way to attract new players to AUS region? As the opposite seems to be happening. I am even thinking about stopping because I love clash and siege but cant get games.

I don't think the win bonus increase is unreasonable. We already have a disadvantage to other regions that can find games on all game modes.

11-07-2016, 10:33 PM
These are actually great ideas!! I play on PS4 AUS servers and I am growing tired of playing arena/joust. I can sometimes get Conquest if I'm lucky but I'd love to be able to play other game modes, especially CLASH is my favourite! :D