View Full Version : Some General Feedback

06-11-2016, 03:04 AM
1. VGS mute

2.the yes or no to surrender often pops up the scoreboard. It has even prevented me from voting against or for it. This needs to fixed

3.Go back to the previous god selection ui when in pre game lobby. The new one was never needed and just makes it harder to find the god I'm looking for because all the symbols are small. Making them larger wouldn't work as there's not enough space.

4.Stat block in game like on PC. the stat block that shows up in the bottom left on PC would be super useful. It doesn't need to be
in a certain spot but not a spot blocking the action.

5.A way to look at stats for a certain god without needing to get a mastery skin. This one is more for smite in general. Maybe in the stats section for a god people could just scroll down and see their stats, kills,assists,wins, and etc.

06-30-2016, 07:37 AM
1. You can VGS mute someone by pressing Start > Scoreboard > Speaker Icon > Confirm. This is the process used to mute people I believe, although, I'm not too sure since I don't mute people despite how much they are spamming the VGS, never know when they are going to say something smart.
2. If it's an issue, I'm sure it will be fixed, although, I have never encountered it.
3. The new God selection works just as well as the old one, also, whilst you cannot filter between Pantheon, Name, Class, you can press B/Circle enough and it will bring up the old side by side God icons that it used to have.
4. This is needed, but it's in the game by pressing the back button (the one on the left of the 'Home' button on the Xbone controller, I would imagine it would be in the same place for the PS4).
5. I don't think this is even a thing on PC, however, you can check your stats by checking out Smite Guru, as long as you haven't made your account private, it should be accurate.