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06-02-2016, 08:58 PM
Every time i try to play a game, either custom game against a bot or an actual game i get sent back to the in-game login screen. Underneath the box for the password, "Player Disconnected" pops up. Is there any fix to this?

When the game crashes/disconnects me, all the minions, enemy gods, and teammates just walk in a straight line into walls, i can still move around but if i cast something my character model does the animation but nothing happens. Also i can still hear VGS and the announcer, so it feels like i disconnect but don't exactly disconnect. it stays like that for anywhere between 30 seconds to nearly 2 minutes.

I have tried everything other than post on here..... i hope somebody can help the HiRez support hasnt done anything to help me out, and they have also not given me a reason as to why something like this would be happening...


06-04-2016, 08:42 AM
Am sorry but, thats the German forum
i think we have a help desk for that but from what i heard from you, its a simple DC thing for interactive games
a solution is, if you know that you disconnect, is to press ESC and exit game
if the game client won't close, just press alt-tab and exit manually, or use task manager. i get the same thing when i dc, thats normal^^