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05-13-2016, 07:22 PM
Ok heres a list of changes that in my opinion need to be done to buff ares..why buff him? you may ask well for starters hes a support tank idk about you all but tanks aren't suppose to be squishy as an egg...and I know most of ares haters out there are gonna say he needs to be fixed or re-worked blah blah blah. NO my definition of fix is to actually make him a character players can actually compete with. (1.) Buff up is base damage, why? well he cant wave clear for shit like seriously no brainer there and for those who will argue "tanks aren't suppose to clear" well look at the other guardians, only one other with crap wave clear is sylvannas like that's a joke. (2.) Bring back his stun stack from his ult..why take it away I have no idea because now a days theres free beads,CC immune abilities/ults/affects from other gods to make their teamates CC immune like wtf pulling 3 or more at a time is hard enough and now when I do land that money pull they can just walk away and leave before getting more ults stacked on them, his stun was not OP ok look at cab he can stun with 2 abilities but no lets again shit on ares by taking a away a very well needed stun that worked if you worked at pulling a crowd (3.)change is 2 ability to an actual shield or a leap attack with his sword, he has no way of escaping and his buff from his 2 his crap and have to have people on chains for it to be anything more than a wasted ability slot, so either give him the muscle to stay in the fight or give him a more mobile ability like I suggested with the sword. (4.) Reduced cooldown on his abilities..if they can do that to an OP chang'e then surely they can help out a struggling tank by lowering his CD since ares really has no purpose in this game than to set up so reduce CD on his regular abilities so he can actually stay in frontline rather than just being a one trick dog. (5.) Increase his passive from 30 back to 40 MP per aura seeing how there's no real good aura items anymore that's fit for a frontline tank due from the mystic mail nerf..the 30 power isn't worth 30 protection vice versa and ares' passive really sets players learning ares for failure by building wrong so an increase will balance out the average ARES build which usually only conist of 2 aura items.(6.) this is a problem I have across the game with all characters why is it that ares can be hit a melee or anyother attack when hes in the air during his ult when gods like hou yi are untouchable or thanatos or jing wei or rama or thor etc etc.now I'm all up for DOT being applied before take off and dying in mid air but for ares to be the only one that can be attacked in flight is complete BS so id change that to where he cant be attacked like everyone else. If a DoT ability hit me before I ult and I die oh well I'm ok with that but for everyone else to be untouchable but not ares..no that needs to be fixed ASAP and if your excuse is "well hes not that far up" well neither is wukong and yet you cant hit that cunt when hes in his cloud with a melee ability now can you?!?! (7.) Lastly for all tanks id start them off with the same DEF/HP/MA..id buff these stats till theyre equal and then let skill and builds from players be more of a factor in being a good tank rather than everyone picking the same OP tanks we see because all others are inferior in design.Those are the 7 things I hope will come into change for Ares since he drastically needs a buff, they listened to Xing's need for one hopefully they stumble upon this suggestion as well. PS: I have over 7k kills 18k assist and over 750 wins with ares ..yea hes my main #xboxone

05-14-2016, 04:39 AM
1st Ares squishy?
Last I checked surviving a Ra ult and a Huo Yi ult (Getting hit with all 9 suns) with over half health remaining isn't squishy
2nd If you hit anyone (other then warrior/guardian) with all 3 chains and your flame then either your gonna kill them 9 times out of 10 and if its a warrior or guardian your gonna slow and do enough damage that your team is going to kill them.
3rd His buff can save people late game 40 protections is alot unless they have a decent amount of Pen and even then it helps not to mention the cc reduction.
4th Making him Immune to damage while he does his ult virtually guarantees that everyone without a, CC escape, hit by a chain is going to die if Ares' team is coordinating.
5th If all guardians started with the same stats and had the same stats at max level then alot of them would have to be reworked because they would be to underpowered or overpowered with the HP/MP/Ma/DEF gain/loss.
6th His passive isnt exactly underpowered, 30 power per stack is not a small number, while its not a great deal either, Ares isnt suppose to deal massive damage.

and Finally the only thing I really agree with Ares Ult should have the stun, while not necessary, it would add in alittle window for the team to hit the targets instead of them throwing ults a split second to early.

05-14-2016, 11:38 AM
He got buffed when they changed to relics.............

Also his ult does stun..............stuns for 1sec plus 1sec for every enemy god pulled.

If you only play ares, then yes you prolly think he needs a buff. This just simply isnt true, you just need to "Buff" your game. Learn to counter pick, and to counter build. No one god can or will excel in every game and situation.

Case in point, last night in a ranked conquest, the enemy team picked ares and cupid for duo lane. My support already picked Geb, and I had last pick. So what did I pick?? Artemis, why? Her Ult cancels his pull, and all cc. Also geb's shield cancels cc as well. Also picked up boots in case cupid ult while mine was down. By 8 mins in, we were completely feed and had taken down both there towers. This doesnt mean he needs a buff, he actually managed to get a kill on me 1min 30secs in. It means he tried to play to aggressive when was counter picked.

LEARN TO ADAPT its the only way to win....

05-14-2016, 11:50 AM
Well I don't play him, just going by what I see playing beside/against him.

Also I never noticed the second stun, maybe i'm just to use to it.

05-14-2016, 11:58 AM
I don't even play Ares, but I do think this character needs help from what I've seen. Relics have pretty much made his Ult near worthless.

05-14-2016, 12:25 PM
Relics made his Ult better........

05-14-2016, 12:47 PM
Relics made his Ult better........

They may have given his Ult a stun, but considering everyone either has an escape in their kit, or free beads at the start of the match, it should have a more punishing stun IMO.

I mean your lucky to pull 1 person in joust, or 2 in arena, its a great move when it hits but its almost impossible to get even half the team in a pull and that seems like its purpose, I think it should atlest be a 1.5 second stun, otherwise if your team messes up then your dead.

xVIPx Superb
05-14-2016, 01:21 PM
If you think Ares isn't tanky and doesn't do damage you're a bad Ares.

05-14-2016, 01:23 PM
Its always had a stun......

Not many gods have Ult Escapes, small handful, and beads has 160secs cooldown, Ares Ult at max cdr, 60secs...........

If your not pulling more than one, then you missed your opportunity, or playing ares wrong. You use his ult to ether crush one or more enemies, or to bait out there ult and or beads. If you pay attention to enemy relics and ults and communicate with your team, you will rarely fail with his Ult.

Not only does it already have a stun, but if you chain someone right when they land, they cant use there leap,dash, etc to escape. Also its worth mentioning how ridiculous it is that beads does not remove his chains (talking about the reg ability not the Ult).

05-14-2016, 01:32 PM
There are other gods that need buffs or reworks, like Rat and Nem, Mostly Rat though. Ares is fine in the current meta.

Im assuming that the OP mostly plays arena and other modes than conquest. Which is fine, but this game is balanced around Conquest, not any other game mode. So if you havent played more than 100 games in conquest in the current season, then you prolly got a warped sense of what is balanced and what isnt.

05-14-2016, 01:50 PM
Look i constantly see an Ares catch 5 ppl with his ult only to pull 1, alot of gods have moves that give them atlest a fraction of a second of CC immunity. And with the free beads it seems like the only reason to pick Ares is to force your opponents to get beads but atlest half of the gods in the current meta have some form of CC immunity.

Also, i havn't played 100 games of conquest, but I do consider that the main game is Conquest before I talk about buffing/nerfing a god, Ares doesn't bring enough to the table compared to Athena, Kepri, GEB, even Xing Tian.

05-17-2016, 02:34 PM
the relics CD is longer thank god but theres more than a handful of gods that can escape....His stun was fair before they removed it...now as soon ass i touchdown i chain but still that being said youre still able to move about and yes beads do remove the chain effect..i keep tabs on who i did/didnt pull and who beaded/didnt bead,or used cc immune abilities/who didnt...more often than not when i do pull those who should not have survived always seem to get away before any more abilities stack after my ult...with all the CC reduction items in game not to mention abilities theres soooo many ways to protect yourself from an ares pull..the stun was fair because it gave you a window to execute anything u had in mind..but now as soon as you land its like thanks for visiting please come again in the next 2nd-3rd pull i get you...with all the cc immune options you have it only seems reasonable to have a stun with longer duration per player pulled....say u pull 4-5 you need more time than a split second u have to give your team that window to stack instead of being surrounded by 4-5 enemy players all ganking you

05-17-2016, 02:51 PM
i agree i may not have explained my arguments well as they are more based on personal experience but more ofthen than not im in the same sceanrios game after game...usually teamates bailing or not stacking, or being flooded by minions since ares cant wave clear to the level of effectiveness as the rest of 98% gods in the game can...so i again would like to see a base damage increase to allow ares to wave clear and yes fire anc chains is a good combo but is not enough necessarily compared to arachne web and AA combo or neith root and AA combo of odins shiled and dunk combo..not including gods who combo solo with their ult like nemesis ult and slice combo, awilix combo of popping u up and ulting you with only a few AA hits and thats all she wrote..the dmg buff would also be neceasarry to better frontline for the team and to counter the following gods i mentioned....or what you have is a battalion of minions surrounding you and enemy players on top of you with no way of escaping so as one of the least mobile gods in the game a base dmg increase only seems reasonable

05-17-2016, 02:57 PM
If you think Ares isn't tanky and doesn't do damage you're a bad Ares.

he doesnt do enough damage to wave clear at all then that should tell you something....and not exactly strong in defense as other tanks that you see get way more playtime because of reason like that which is ares being in design inferior to other guards as a frontline support role....obviously wiht level and building right ofcourse u can do dmg but you shouldnt need to be a high level with heavy power items to clear minions...obviously you didnt check out my ares stats to know i play an know him quite a bit

05-18-2016, 10:20 AM
i think its more the item changes in season 3 that have hurt him the most. my current tank build has no aura items.

I dont play much ares but when I do the only thing that works for me is out poking the hell out of their tank with chains