View Full Version : LFG Let's play together!

04-20-2016, 09:20 PM
Hey everyone, my name is Neose and I'd like to play smite on ps4 with new friends and hang out. I've been playing smite ever since beta, the day before Isis was released actually, and now that I've gone and broken my computer console smite is my new addiction. So experienced players or newbies looking to better themselves, come right on in and let's hang out.
I love a bunch of modes and am on the NA server. I also talk weird and goofy so if you're down to be wacky, go for it. Bottom line, let's get to be friends and better ourselves and the community. I can work with EST time but love on the border in Central time. I can play about as long as I want save for really late.
So, wait no longer for friendly banter and gameplay. Go ahead and add me already: PSN: NeosetheUltimate.