View Full Version : LFG Offering to help out anyone wanting to learn console Smite/ Smite in general

04-18-2016, 11:26 PM
Hai I'm Milady,

I really enjoy meeting new players and helping them learn the game. I've been playing Smite since 2012 on the PC and have 32 diamond characters on PC. I just moved to console last month and know how it is just starting out without having anyone to play with.

I'm not asking for experienced players but for those who need to improve/ would like to get better at things like positioning, when to go in, what items to buy, how to counter certain gods, etc.

I'm not a pro, but just someone who is really experienced with Smite.

You can either stop by my twitch @ twitch.tv/miladydreads (http://twitch.tv/miladydreads) or send me a message on PS4 (Miladydreads) letting me know you'd like to party up to learn some Smite.

I'm really patient and all I ask of you is to be willing to listen and follow advice I give. You don't have to have a mic, you can just listen.