View Full Version : LFG Looking for a couple semi-serious players to fill out our group

04-12-2016, 09:14 AM
We currently have 4 guys playing right now. We are all fairly new to MOBAs, but we are learning fast. We don't ever expect to be competing for a world championship, but we do like to win. Our preferred game mode is Conquest, but we play everything. We are EST players. If you are an experienced player just looking for guys that are serious about winning, that's great. If you are new player working hard to get better, that's cool too. Add me if you are interested.

PSN ID: rbeal74

P.S. While we are serious about getting better, we do love to have fun. As such our chat is filled with adult content, and we are always harassing each other in a joking manner. If you are easily offended, we may not be a good fit. ;)

04-14-2016, 01:47 PM
Hi there, just wanted to know if you are still searching?

I started with smite like one week ago and think that I understood the "basics". My favourite gods at the moment I feel "ok" with are:

- Anubis
- Hel
- Khepri
- Odin (but I don't like him)

I am living in Germany 35 years old, but try to play as often as I can. If there is still interest do not hesitate to contact me.