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03-26-2014, 07:38 PM
My friend and I came up with the idea of an Hindu based King of The Hill mode along with a map. And before anyone goes all “We already have that, it’s called domination” this would only be the same as far as capturing the control point. We were thinking the map could be a revised version of the old conquest map (Our idea for the map on the imgur link below) that was first released with the closed beta version of the game. The map would have 1-2 Gold Furies, a Fire Giant type buff (Toned down of course and is now a creature from Hindu Mythology, possibly Rompo, giant creepy sounding creature.), and some of the old buffs they had during closed beta as well (Green - HP/5, and Yellow - Defense). Your entire team would have to commit to doing something in order for you to win. The minions would also not affect the control of the point at all and just be another source of feed (if the minions aren’t killed they could also recycle the idea from domination where they went into the crypts at a certain point). The reasoning behind the old buffs being included and the map being a Hindu is that we think that no Sprite/Animation should be wasted for one, and that they would make the mode a little more unique. We also believe all of the mythologies included in the game should have their own maps. Maybe the 10v10 map could be Mayan or Chinese?

Read below for the factors to this mode.

Gates : There are four gates protecting the Hill, preventing entrance for as long as they stand. These will open instantly/at 30 seconds/at 45 seconds/at 60 seconds. Creeps will spawn once Gates open.

To Capture : Must have 2-3 (?) Allies to command the Hill. 2-3 (?) must remain on the Hill at all times in order for the Enemy team not to take control. This is to prevent the entire team who are in command of the Hill to leave and kill Rompo, or to farm the jungle.

Those Who Capture The Hill : They will receive a buff called "Ruler of the Hill". This buff will increase your EXP and Gold per 5 to substitute the loss of farm from the Jungle.

Respawn(?) : Respawn every 20 seconds. We were thinking of making the Respawn timer with every creep wave, however this would prove to allow a constant onslaught of the current owners of the Hill.

Returning : You will still be able to Port/Walk back to base to buy items, however the Fountain faces a drought (somewhat constant in Hindu Mythology) so you and your Allies can no longer heal. The Store however, will still be active due to reserves in water.

Green(Health)/Yellow(Defense) Buff : We believe these should also make a comeback to allow those on the Hill to survive better without being able to heal from the Fountain. These buffs however, are on the edge of the map. These give a reduced amount from the previous ones.

Rompos Might(We were lost on the name. Suggestions?) : 25%-50% of the original Fire Giant buff. Lasts for 4 minutes (?). Will revive on the 5th minute the buff wears off.

Rompos Location : Rompo will be located under the Hill. There will be two entrances to get under the hill. If this is not possibly, he could replace one of the Gold Furies.

Creep Waves : Will spawn normally. They will fight each other if no one is on the Hill. They will then exit in tunnels located on top of the Hill.

To Win : Capture the Hill. The team who are the attackers will lose 1 Point every 2-3 seconds. Start with 500 Points. If you own the Hill and die, your team will lose 5 Points.

Forbidden Items : These items will be removed due to giving too much sustain or being able to resist an attack too easily.
Stone of Gaia : Too much sustain for those on the hill.

Phoenixes : Will be replaced with a bird from Hindu Mythology. There were LOTS.

I only really took about an hour or so to research bits and pieces of Hindu Mythology so I'm sorry if I insult anyone. Also, please discuss. I would LOVE a King of the Hill mode, imagine an Ares going "What up." and ulting the current Rulers off the hill.

Map (http://i.imgur.com/pujmDFi.png) Dome (http://i.imgur.com/Cawchvt.png)

tl;dr : King of the Hill mode will be a fun twist.

!!NOTE!! - This is just a copy and paste from an old post of mine from Reddit. If there are any errors, please tell me so I can fix them.