View Full Version : NA XBOX team looking for players

Myth Josh
03-02-2016, 07:37 PM
I am a support main that has been playing since PC beta. We have currently three players that are Support, Carry, and the other is still trying to figure out what his main role is going to be. His main role will most likely be decided by the outcome of the members we acquire. We are looking to enter the SPL tournament in March and would like to get good players to jump in. If you are good mid, solo, or jungle add me on Xbox. GT: Myth Josh. Also, our carry is currently in the navy and is gone until the day before the tournament, so if you are a good carry we would love for you to sub in until he gets back and if you do well enough we would love to have you stay in his place or even be a sub for us. But add me on live and we can discuss the details later. You can also add Xbox GT: Myth C FREE as well if I do not respond fast enough.