View Full Version : Make All Gods Available Until Store Updates

02-22-2016, 08:45 PM

This isn't a complaint, but just a suggestion. It would be nice to have all Gods available for free until we're able to purchase gems (or the Founder's Pack). Each God looks to be 5500, which is taking a long time to hit. And, like I said, even that just gets us 1 God. It would be much appreciated if all were available until we can actually purchase them.




EDIT: It won't let me delete this post or change the title, so I'll just update it.

I was unaware of the bonus favor rewarded upon completing certain requirements (as well as the daily bonus). So purchasing one or two during this time period doesn't feel like such a grind. And I didn't see until today the message during the loading screen about all Gods being available in Jungle Practice Mode. So that takes care of that as well.