View Full Version : LF1M with help on Giga-project

02-10-2016, 12:45 PM
We are currently looking for one more person who would like to help out with a project that Gigaton is currently working on. The project consists of competitive aspects in multiple different games. Obviously SMITE will be on the competition but H5 is actually the game we will be running the project on first, so that might help the cause but is not needed. We do own a COMPETETITIVE XB1 smite team that goes by the name JinX, and are well versed in smite. We need just one more person to get things Started and begin testing this project to see if it works. The person doesn’t need to be doing anything else except playing, however if you are versed in other things such as streaming or video editing or anything of the sort we would be more than welcoming with your input. If things work well and we both feel good with working together we could maybe even introduce you into our organization.
Heres where you can get more information on us
If you like what you see and are curious about more information on the project please contact me on XBL on this gamertag: ReaaL ChintZ
Or you can reach me on Razer Comms @