View Full Version : Relic Idea

02-02-2016, 08:24 PM
I have talked to multiple friends about the relic system and an idea I had. They felt it might be a good one. They weren't necessarily fans of the system, primarily because of the gap between levels for getting them. They felt troubled by the idea of having to wait, they didn't like that they couldn't get them when needed.

My idea was to keep the old active system yet only change it. Get rid of the ones that absolutely never saw play. The first tier should be free to keep with the idea of encouraging individuals to get them, yet still charge for the other levels. This would make it so that individuals could choose to upgrade to higher power actives, yet still get them without having a cost.

The other idea I had was, if you were to keep the system the way it is/was in the season 3 PTS, lower the level gap. Perhaps 1st relic at 1 and 2nd at 8 would be better, it would make people feel as though they had a better chance to get them when they need.