View Full Version : Items Suggestion/feedback

01-22-2016, 05:42 AM
Hello i want to give you my suggestion/feedback for those new Items i will test the others but those 2 items seems to be SUPER STRONG and with the new nerf of the beads i think you need to REBALANCE all the entire pantheons

160 sec cd.
with the nerf gods without escape will suffer very hard, bring back the beads at 90sec.

Gauntlet of Thebes:
400 HP
25 HP5
passive: This item increase all the healing received by 20%
This Item is strong please adjust the passive and HP.
300 HP
passive 10%
cost 2300 Gold

Spear of Desolation:
130 Magical Power
30 Magical Penetration
passive: if you kill an enemy god all of your cooldown are reduced by 8 secs. this cannot activated once than every 30 secs
Cost 3700 Gold
This Item is very strong (the strongest in the game so far) The High damage plus the super magical Penetration need to be adjusted.
100 Magical Power
10 Magical Penetration
cost 3600