View Full Version : Amaterasu's Bugs/Errors

01-07-2016, 11:09 PM
Divine Presence:

Shows the wrong numbers in the scaling it does not show the 5 percent of Physical power it's scaling seems to get really scewed the higher the power you have.

Heavenly Reflection:

Sometimes when it's activated it will automatically go straight to target mode instead of pressing 2 again to prepare to fire. Might be just the double activation happening in a short time sometimes there is a delay even when you hold it, however others if your holding 2 even if you don't mean to it will go straight to target mode

Blessed (Basic) Attacks (Sorry had to try):

Thou this may be due to it being .5 attack chain around 1.70 and up attack speed her 2nd attack will very externally fast and look strange but again it may be due to it being .5 and not expecting her to get this much attack speed

Holy Animations (Sorry can't stop):

-Her recall still has her sheathing her sword even thou it has already been sheathed and still makes a noise
-Might be a common thing for other characters however if she is sheathing while standing still and starts moving it will automatically cancel the animation additionally happens when she is sheathing while moving and stops moving sometimes
-Jumping when she is in combat cause her to do a bugged out of combat jump