View Full Version : Victory screen freeze

12-29-2015, 12:00 PM
Good day.

My friend downloaded Smite today (29.12.2015.) and tried getting into the game. Of course, the servers were down so I told him to wait until they get back up. Once they did, he started the game, got into the introduction with Neith and after he had won it he was left stuck on the victory screen with no way to get out. he tried a couple of times and it was the same result. I told him that I'd try it on my PC with his account and once I did, the same thing happened for me. Now, I've heard people had the same problem before, and it's mainly due to servers being dissmatched or something simmilar, but I'd like this to be fixed, if possible, ASAP.
Thank you for reading. ;)

12-29-2015, 01:05 PM
This should be fixed as of about 10 minutes ago, try again! :)