View Full Version : I'm always getting disconnected and being sent to the login screen

12-22-2015, 09:24 AM
So this already happened to a friend of mine and I only saw one thread that described a problem like this with some people saying they had the same problem, the thing is, that this is not resolved and I searched a lot and didn't find ANY solution for this.

What's happening is that I installed Smite, and before I could play without any problem, but now every time I try to play I can't, I enter in a match the game gets very slow (too slow, more than the usual) and then I get disconnected and it sends me to the login screen, I login, I enter the match and the same happens again and again and now I'm marked as a deserter for 30 minutes without having any fault.

So, anyone with this problem?
Anyone who can help me?