View Full Version : Issues from Dec. 15th to Dec. 16th

12-16-2015, 07:04 PM
Hey Everyone!

There have been a few issues that have happened from yesterday and into today. The point of this post is to explain these issues, explain the current action being taken, and what users can expect when these are resolved. We apologize for the errors and are working towards resolving them ASAP.

1. Excess Favor/Exp/Gem Rewards

What Happened? : Some users upon logging in early this morning receive large amounts of EXP, Favor, and Gems.

What are we doing about it? : Users who received the excess currency will have all excess removed. If you started the day at 4,000 favor and gained 1,000,000 favor accidentally, the 1,000,000 will be removed.

When will this happen? : This should already have occurred as we have run our fix for this issue. If you are still seeing excess amounts, either relog or join a Jungle Practice. This should refresh the proper amount. If you feel there has been an error, submit a support ticket so we can investigate the specific case.

2. Divine Chests from the Comic Book

What Happened? : We added the Divine Chest as a bonus to unlocking the 12 Item Odyssey Bonus. Users should have received them during the downtime this morning, but some report not having them.

What are we doing about it? : We are running a fix that should pick up anyone who has obtained the 12 Item Odyssey Bonus. This will be constantly running as to also catch users who unlock it moving forward. We plan to add it directly to the 12 Item Bonus so that users will receive it immediately, but that will be further down the line. EXTRA: There is an additional case in which users who have already obtained a Divine Chest from the SWC Bundle will NOT be able to receive the Divine Chest from the 12 Item Odyssey Bonus. We will need to run a hotfix to fix this issue which will occur at a later date.

When will this happen? : Again, this should already be occurring. If you feel there has been an error submit a support ticket so we can investigate. If you are in the specific EXTRA case from above, we will reward the chest to you after we run the hotfix.

3. FWOTD from Saturnalia

What Happened? : Some users did not receive their FWOTD bonus. We are currently investigating the root issue. When there is more detail I will update this post.

What are we doing about it? : While we are trying to find the root issue, we will run a fix that should catch anyone who didn't receive their gems. We have the capability to track the users who had this issue and should be able to properly reward the affected users.

When will this happen? : Users who have been negatively affected will be rewarded, but we are currently trying to isolate the core issue. Once that has been identified we can run the proper fix.

Again, I would like to apologize for the issues users have been experiencing for the last 2 days. We hope to have this resolved ASAP. Thanks for your patience!