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  1. Positive feedback towards Dark Coven Isis
  2. Could the siege towers grant buffs to nearby allies?
  3. Post match type in MOTD description
  4. VGS for "old" gods
  5. Tired of people leaving games
  6. Please make Ra's Divine Light animation darker
  7. Alienware Ra
  8. Forum post layout
  9. Remake some voicepacks
  10. Lilmamacita
  11. 1v1 joust is broken, unbalanced and should be taken out.
  12. Adding a new way to buy gems
  13. Three letter names
  14. Why No Duo Queue?!
  15. I command you to love me.. pls :'(
  16. Please add a jungling tutorial for conquest.
  17. easier way to get favor
  18. Conquest Map and it's Light effect
  19. UWSoulReaper new Smite Streamer
  20. derserter?
  21. Introduce in-game library feature
  22. idea
  23. Elder Scrolls Mythology In Smite?
  24. Make golden/legendary skins free.
  25. work or not?
  26. Survival Idea
  27. Ullr and Hel "Ultimate is down" revoiced?
  28. Minor change to the current surrender system.
  29. I love these forums.
  30. fenrir
  31. Scylla and Charybdis
  32. Why no God Pack icon?
  33. Put away this jump and dodge!
  34. [Suggestion] God skill tree.
  35. Some ideas for Thanatos new model
  36. Unknown-Warriors CJD & SoulReaper Actively streaming!
  37. Some minor suggestions.
  38. 3v3
  39. For people interested in Streaming/YouTubing
  40. Team colored spells
  41. The Two Sides of Conquest
  42. 24 hour system
  43. Vote for Saturday's MOTD!
  44. Taking random to a whole new level
  45. Purchasing Gems - Feedback
  46. Please allow 5 player parties
  47. of draft and healers
  48. Conquest Nostalgia
  49. Adanas
  50. "New Posts" has been changed
  51. Real talk, let's have a patch where all current card art that is outdated...
  52. Why is the Joust Map ...?
  53. Scaling Issue
  54. Fenrir New Skin.
  55. Does Domination need to be more prevelent now that the game is released
  56. lessen the impact a leaver has on the match
  57. Domination, a well structured point of view
  58. My overal suggestion with the game SMITE
  59. Joust needs more bans
  60. Add Brytonic/Welsh Deities/Mythology
  61. On Smite - Live on Thurs at 10pm central
  62. A Kelly Review..
  63. Forum Experience and Achievements Feedback
  64. Starting to stream Smite now :D
  65. Multiple team map? 3v3v3 or 4v4v4v4 etc.
  66. do something about the party size
  67. Filters Added!
  68. Would it be possible to have a stat forum?
  69. Una duda
  70. Undo Button/Shop
  71. Updated voice packs
  72. Stuns. Stuns. Stuns.
  73. Incentive to play ranked
  74. God Rotation
  75. Proposing a change to Global Targeted Ult's (ie: Neith & Athena)
  76. Dear HighRes
  77. Maybe the ability to surrender is too readily avaibale...
  78. Fan Vote for Skins
  79. Match Recorder?
  80. Something I just noticed
  81. East coast servers, a latency advantage.
  82. Graphics dropping FPS drastically.
  83. Outdated portraits that need to be changed
  84. Introduce ID cards for league veterans
  85. The SMITE Launch Special MOTD
  86. Ability tooltips for Death Recap window
  87. The Struggles of Streaming (Really long read, sorry)
  88. Add a "God select starting/Your turn to pick" notification
  89. Homless Match
  90. Pausing in Rank games- it would be great
  91. Moderators, give feedback when you close threads
  92. My tier list on current gods (4/26/14)
  93. Retro skins for gems.
  94. Getting Guardians back in the Duo Lane
  95. Stop matching solo queuers against 5 man premades PLEASE
  96. New match of the day, I think
  97. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ drunk-stream or riot༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  98. New Greyscale color scheme for new/old subforum icons
  99. Change the two mid camps to mini minos
  100. Unmastered god filter
  101. Ressurection timers in Assault
  102. Why doesn't Hi-rez take part in the discussions ?
  103. Suggestion for Favor gain after level 30!
  104. Smite community is the worst.
  105. Age old InGame stream problem
  106. Why do I have to unlock game modes now?
  107. An honor system to encourage good behavior
  108. Towers and Bird, they need a buff.
  109. Add Realism to Jungle Camps
  110. I don't need 14 god masteries to join league.
  111. Why don't the stacking items show in after game lobby?
  112. I made an Assault tier list, because why not?
  113. We Don't Need Raduis buff to Wards!
  114. A global chat channel could sort of create an honour system...
  115. Poll results weirdness.
  116. How about in matches with no parties, you allow no surrender?
  117. Queue leavers Suggestion
  118. Objets and champions subjection
  119. Idea for Smite's Advertisement
  120. Do not use midas in assault.. please...
  121. Last Night's DMBrandon Stream
  122. Has Hi-Rez ever came out with why Match Making is so crap?
  123. Banned Users and HiRez Staff Names...
  124. Chat improvements.
  125. The current Meta.
  126. Seige Map Expectations?
  127. Chang'e Moonlight Love
  128. Images from Siege Mode
  129. idea for forum posting and such
  130. Did a person leave? A Bot can fill that spot for them.
  131. Matchmaking needs serious revision.
  132. Instead of saying "a surrender vote has started", say "Losers want to run away"..
  133. Please move the level up notifications!!
  134. all nu wa arena....
  135. Increase the auto-log out timer?
  136. Add the option to report people outside of matches.
  137. Smite Arena
  138. There is too much damage and too much CC and I hate the excuse...
  139. hello
  140. More official art department in Weekly Art Show?
  141. Player reports .
  142. Ninja Nemesis!
  143. Osiris Concept Art Reaction
  144. I hate the warrior solo meta.
  145. Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the game
  146. Señor Fenrir
  147. Casual Pre-Mades
  148. Thought for the forums.
  149. Toxic Community -
  150. game replays need to be more available
  151. Recent Hi-Rez Chris's Tweet feedback about resetting everyone to Bronze V
  152. Item standardization
  153. Wall of Absolution back pl0x. It's not broken and it never deserved removal
  154. I don't enjoy the matchmaking/time to get a match
  155. I was temp banned for 30 mins for alt-tabbing to check the time
  156. Party League Queuing.
  157. New Streamer!
  158. Icon vs mastery lvl
  159. What's the point of an official forum if its solely a pulpit for the streamers?
  160. Singledraft Smite-edition
  161. Accept Bitcoin as a form of Alternat payment.
  162. League players BMing in casuals
  163. Tapatalk support
  164. New MOTD = Original release gods
  165. Are the forums live yet?
  166. can we get some new BGM?
  167. Seige mode and osris passive
  168. Learning to Jungle! - New Streamer
  169. why do items prices vanish after they get some check mark?
  170. More than a skin
  171. The most pathetic surrender in all of smite *sigh*.
  172. are Smite players really like LoL players?
  173. Ranked Duo?
  174. What would you like to see as the next pantheon?
  175. Graphical representation of worshipers (Pure novelty)
  176. Leave penalty
  177. Osiris doesn't use a flail.
  178. When can we expect a Rune and a Mastery system from League of Legends in Smite?
  179. Started a new stream, need help figureing out if I'm doing it right!
  180. OMG! I'm streaming now!
  181. Help & Support Poll
  182. HUD support for Multi-Monitor (nVidia Surround / ATI Eyefinity)
  183. PTS, my opinions!
  184. Idea for a one day or longer mode
  185. Japanese Pantheon
  186. Forums Need Aesthetic Improvements
  187. Question about the new League scoring system
  188. Join Conquest with prefered role(s)
  189. Autolock in MOT if there is only one god to pick
  190. Minimap, fog of war, wards
  191. Suggestions For Siege
  192. Questions on how you get your god in game?
  193. 4 man Conquest queue : Let's try to talk something out.
  194. Why do the Gods call out their own name when you select them?
  195. maitrise de champions
  196. 400 gem giveaway at 300 followers!
  197. Mercury skin idea
  198. Why nerfing projectile and other speeds doesn't work.
  199. Make Lobby Time Longer
  200. a post about bm
  201. hack/cheat damage,defence,speed,cooldown
  202. I know the game is not balanced around Joust
  203. I think that the "Hot" Topics should be bumped up to the top of the page.
  204. tweaks and suggestions from an addicted gamer :D
  205. Titan voice quick chat
  206. All Game Mode Map Ideas
  207. New Forum Section
  208. Go from 2 hour maintenance to 1 hour maybe?
  209. French forum?
  210. Playing some Ranked! - New stream
  211. More precise skill dscriptions and better customizable controls
  212. Siege is crappy-- so it's here to stay.
  213. Forums rules should be lenient.
  214. No Chance to Regroup
  215. Please bring back 4-man parties.
  216. 3on3 Arena Map
  217. Service to reset all spent gems and favor.
  218. The scoring system needs changing
  219. Feedback Siege Mode
  220. The Streaming Chefs, New Twitch Channel Looking For Support and Feedback
  221. About the Titans in Siege
  222. Updating Avatar pictures.
  223. What I think seige mode needs.
  224. Smitegame Chat Disabled
  225. In-game voice chat
  226. Reasons why I prefer open pvp mmos to instanced mobas
  227. Nukes from the jungle!!! =D
  228. Mayan Banner
  229. An inconsequential thing: Single Lane Announcer Voice
  230. An inconsequential thing: Team coloured UI accents
  231. The matchmaking in Joust, if there is any, seems horribly broken
  232. Show all accolades on Profile Details
  233. My journey into grinding 16 gods to mastery level I, it's painful.
  234. God Feedback forum is a bit messy and could use a touch-up.
  235. New God Suggestions
  236. Health Issue: Whiteout causes migraines
  237. UI Idea - Fav God Selection Loadout
  238. Incomplete Voicepacks.
  239. siege map as the new 3v3 map?
  240. Please fix ranked requirements
  241. How do I report if someone sent me hate messages?
  242. ~Suggestion~ Some way to see a player's previous names
  243. Custom game pause
  244. Suggestions to Fix the Stalemate End Game
  245. Choose where the Mid Camp spawns the tower
  246. New Streamer/Player
  247. Field of view problems/stop adjusting per patch
  248. LycaSuggestions
  249. I feel like I have to quit the game because it isn't fun for me anymore.
  250. The waiting times are way too long