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  1. Ranked Season 5 Conquest Poll
  2. You need to actually do something about your game
  3. Matchmaking is legit broken, please evaluate what is making it this awful
  4. Add Music Theme Loop
  5. 4 squares under crosshair to show ability ready
  6. Some QOL improvements for Clans :)
  7. [new relic idea] Coil of horror.
  8. Smite Servers
  9. I made a new channel on youtube
  10. Cant use "2" while pressing 2 directional keys at the same time..
  11. Abuse of report system
  12. Idea for a batter assault
  13. Why have "No Border" frame and "no icon" avatar options been removed?
  14. New gods
  15. Health Bar Graphic suggests
  16. Matchmaking rant
  17. A few ideas
  18. I need to transfer my account (LATAM)
  19. New Neith skin Mystic defender
  20. Nutty Annoncer Pack!
  21. PS4 and Turkish User Interface
  22. ranked clash or Arena?
  23. Penalties for reports
  24. Colorblind Mode rework
  25. Serious flaw within the SMITE report system.
  26. Who do I have to pay to get a decent team?
  27. Anhur skin rework
  28. Chat in duel games
  29. Idea for Assault Queues
  30. I need some help.
  31. Ranked God restriction should be changed!
  32. Ranked Flex
  33. Could do without the new Clan Honor pop-up at the end of each win
  34. Suggestion - buying any 1000 gem adventure pack should enable current adventure
  35. Let us toggle notifications post lobby
  36. matchmaking again (go figure)
  37. PLEASE READ: Matchmaking bug
  38. Change Triumph chest
  39. Shadow's Over Hercopolis chests too grindy
  40. User interface for console and fov
  41. Paid to Transfer items from console to PC
  42. God selection screen slider size
  43. Put some fucking effort into your game.
  44. God roles, changes that should not have been
  45. Stop letting people strand you on the floating bridge in the adventure mode
  46. add avatar flag of Uzbekistan
  47. Assault is bull.
  48. Balance optimization
  49. Adventure Mode - Not so fun for no0bs
  50. list of things hirez should add.
  51. EU servers unstable
  52. Smite, how you guys sold Venus.
  53. Load times in character selection can exceed 90 seconds
  54. Matchmaking rating - TP adjustment too small compared to league placement
  55. Profile
  56. Draugr is now completely broken on hard mode
  57. ** arena motd **
  58. Git gud and punish constant afk abusers
  59. Some criticism about the adventure mode
  60. More Female Gods, please?
  61. A little rant
  62. Konsollar için Türkçe İstemci
  63. Free Voice Packs?
  64. Banned gods in Adventures Mode
  65. New forum Icons ?
  66. Hel skin viewing
  67. just a little question ?
  68. Saving Multiple Builds
  69. Matchmaking absurdity
  70. Smites matchmaking is ATROCIOUS! Look at this and tell me how the HELL you justify it
  71. dodging counts as a loss and causes loss of tp
  72. Why is the matchmaking so bad as of the latest patch?
  73. guild runners are terrible people and should be grouped only agaisnt other guilds.
  74. console to pc skins and content transfer
  75. Official Website Errors
  76. this patch is going to be light on the balance side (4.24)
  77. Impossible achievement
  78. Loki Trinkets
  79. Penalties
  80. Let us see items owned in rewards chests
  81. Rework seige
  82. Skin of Nemesis
  83. God leaderboard issues
  84. Idea for Custom
  85. Server desync, lag and hitboxes
  86. We need gem sale becore odyssey ends please for pc
  87. Remove Thorns! (and ancile)
  88. What Adventures should be about!
  89. Suggestions for smite.
  90. Ranked Wins not counting
  91. Sugestões para o Smite
  92. Fix your servers Hi-Rez!
  93. Christmas Event Feedback
  94. Damage items on gaurdians
  95. Motd pc
  96. Chinese New Year 2018 ideas
  97. Odyssey 2018 Feedback
  98. Matchmaking is fair and balanced
  99. Ranked queues above 2 players.
  100. More rewards for chests.
  101. No more God player portraits?
  102. UI feedback regarding Avatars
  103. Matchmaking! 1 silver (2 qualifying) in high masters game!
  104. Map customization idea
  105. Here we go again Smite..
  106. PTS - FG buff OP (pre-25min)
  107. 5.1 Forget about Joust?
  108. New conquest ruined?
  109. It's kinda sad you know
  110. Fantasy Booster in godlike chest.
  111. Idea for game addition
  112. Voting for surrender before 10 minutes
  113. MOTD Joust with old joust map
  114. New Conquest Map
  115. New season ticket
  116. Stupid hI-rez did this again
  117. Remove/Add Toggle for the Red God Highlight from Basic Attack Aiming
  118. Cinematic
  119. West coast lag... why can't we get this fixed?
  120. New Da Ji and Discordia Have The Same Voice?
  121. Will SMITE have a Lunar New Year Event 2018?
  122. Ragnarok opinions?
  123. co op conquest
  124. conquest map trees
  125. Why voice packs are not free with the God pack?
  126. Legend of the Foxes Adventure
  127. Feature Request: Skin Blocking
  128. OP Gods
  129. CANT LOG IN (multiple ppl affected) LOGIN ERROR
  130. Premades ruin smite
  131. Matchmaking is still a joke
  132. playable god cooldown
  133. 2 Silvers, 2 masters same match
  134. Adventure chests
  135. The deserter penalty system is still broken!
  136. Thoughts on the new adventure: Legend of the Foxes
  137. disco emote in god select lobby
  138. DC from the beginning
  139. Matchmaking is poor MOST OF THE TIME!
  140. New way to lock in a role (conq)
  141. Smite has become a game of CC
  142. Conquest map MOTDs
  143. The Most Ignored Pantheon - the Hindu Pantheon
  144. Consistent ranked pick/ban behavior in Roman Draft please
  145. Events
  146. Suggestion: A rep system to stop muppetry
  147. Im done
  148. Omnipotence
  149. Many toxic players filling the casual queues.
  150. Ignored by the Support Ticket Process
  151. F10 Corrective for the pause
  152. Extremely furstrated with support regarding a ticket .
  153. Make this game even more fun!
  154. Servers and matchmaking
  155. Profile display priority
  156. Siege Tutorial
  157. How about a system to prevent toxic players from partying with other toxic players?
  158. Please give me the option...
  159. Assault - refund favor spent if game cancels during char select
  160. No reroll for assault
  161. Free god chest roll with ultimate god pack?
  162. Matchmaking issue
  163. Matchmaking..... :/
  164. Matchmaking issue - newer accounts.
  165. Toxic players abusing reporting function due to new pop-up notices
  166. Matchmaking is ruined?
  167. Please bring back random rotating MOTDs for april's fools
  168. Suggestion for better reporting system
  169. Recording Ranked Games with Pentakills
  170. skin coupon
  171. Bring back limited skins
  172. Matchmaking is a beyond horrible, it's a garbage strewn nightmare
  173. 2 vs 2 ranked mode?
  174. Error while trying to enter a match
  175. Matchmaking system
  176. No more direct purchase skins ?
  177. Custom Rematch And Role Queue
  178. Way to turn off god stats.
  179. Something EXTREMELY upsetting. - Please read.
  180. Armor and protections
  181. Disgruntled Customer
  182. Ranked elo/mmr system completely broken
  183. Unwanted 'free god' chest roll conundrum
  184. Multi-Platform Account Sync/Merge
  185. [Suggestions] Improvement of the clan system
  186. Allow us to try skin we do not own in training game mode for free.
  187. Return the set of 1500 gems (face Neith, Aphrodite, and so forth)
  188. Omnipotence
  189. Draft Pick in normal queue
  190. Death Mark optional plz
  191. Ravana's New Skin
  192. Game Consoles and Turkish Language Support
  193. Matchmaking is no problem at all!
  194. DC and AFK Players
  195. A fast way to heavily reduce the overall toxicity of the SMITE community
  196. Badge Issue
  197. PLEASE change the appearance of skills on cooldown
  198. new qualify system :)
  199. Low Priority - Unselect Random options, (Announcer Packs, etc)?
  200. MOTD - Bring Omnipotence back on weekends!
  201. Turn the global sfx for ganesha special emote off
  202. Dashing Deciever [Vanish request/feedback]
  203. Separate Queue for Parties... or better rewards for ranked?
  204. Novo Modo Aventura
  205. [Feature Request] Role selection before god selection
  206. How to promote aggressive battles without last hit KS objectives
  207. Unlocking the Locked Exclusives?
  208. Fix the issue with dcers
  209. What's wrong with HiRez?
  210. If Hi-Rez makes anymore adventures like this arena one ban Xian and Herc
  211. UI Feature: Skin Sorting by Class
  212. Let us mute post lobby animations/sfx
  213. S5 Badges
  214. Matchmaking
  215. Terrible matchmaking
  216. New SKins spams
  217. New SKins Audio spams
  218. The Most Common Problems with Smite.. And how to improve them.(DEVS TAKE NOTES)
  219. This Forced 50% W/L ratio that MM is trying to give us needs to stop
  220. Depresing
  221. Lets talk skins
  222. Reporting System (Duel)
  223. Views on Modes
  224. Arena Cheering
  225. This is the best feature of the new patch
  226. Matchmaking Suggestion
  227. Please stop stacking teams
  228. Electric dream nox sfx
  229. Suggestions for UI improvement
  230. Two things that are killing smite
  231. Coupons
  232. Give people what they are buying
  233. Suggestion: Let "disconnected" players choice redeem themselves
  234. surrender system suggestion
  235. Get rid of EasyAntiCheat
  236. Godlike Chest awarded nothing
  237. Add more filters and some more
  238. Why Is The Ullr T5 Skin So Unresponsive ?
  239. Make a use of Achievement Points !
  240. Matchmaking destroying my will to play.
  241. Thor's hammer seems a bit off and it's grinding my gears since open Beta.
  242. Issue with the HP bars (multiple bars from far away)
  243. Sorting options in "GODS" and "WORSHIPERS" tabs
  244. Medusa's Deathmatch Rewards
  245. No god left behind
  246. Quiting the game after almost 1200 hours,if you read all I appreciate.
  247. its about bug
  248. Merchandise
  249. New player experience - road to lvl 30
  250. No more stacks plz