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  1. Old Arena Map
  2. MOTD Idea: Super Conquest 6v6
  3. Hirez, PLEASE fix your servers!
  4. Matchmaking Suggestion
  5. Smite! The Balancing Act!
  6. Terrible updating mechanism
  7. Fix the matchmaking
  8. Minion Dominion: New Smite daily mode!
  9. Minion Dominion: New Smite daily mode!
  10. This game has so many harrassing players. Please read this staff
  11. Match making of SMITE is messed up
  12. Elite Agent Apollo
  13. Premades vs soloqueue, still a problem
  14. Give ranked joust 6 bans.
  15. Items to change how someone is played
  16. Match making .-.
  17. looking for someone who wants to learn me the basics for smite
  18. Play Who I Want Tell Me Where You Want Me
  19. Legendary Journey
  20. Clans abusing ques
  21. [New Stream] After HoN/Dota now it's Smite time
  22. Awilix's Ult
  23. Reimbursement smite
  24. Make the titan more powerful
  25. Need windowed lobby if there are no timed queues
  26. Just some Newbish Feedback that most people won't care about
  27. MOTD Schedule for January 3rd - January 9th
  28. Hunter Carry - From lvl 1 to 30
  29. Can we please stop grouping level 5's with level 30's?
  30. So, I just came out of this match...
  31. Safety account
  32. Motd idea ctf/kill the carrier/ keep away (whichever works)
  33. Matchmaking Sub-Forum is great!
  34. New Smite Daily Idea!
  35. God Art Pictures - Fix them please.
  36. Custom map creation/Crowdsourcing map making[Warning: long post]
  37. Different tabs for God concepts and God skins?
  38. Fair matchmaking
  39. Fix 3v3
  40. Loading screen cards
  41. arena
  42. MatchMaking (serious topic) Your Feedback
  43. Smite EU server lag? - Please read and help as I have no clue.
  44. Horrible matchmaking
  45. When harassed, what are the steps to take?
  46. Run.exe voice pack
  47. Okay why not make a Poll system on Smite website.
  48. Toxicity - What needs to be done about it...
  49. Yeh no, Mathcmaking is FINE!
  50. Music Chest !
  51. Push! - MOTD idea
  52. Crash of the broadcast
  53. Matchmaking is a horror for new players.
  54. 2 vs 2 !
  55. This guy -.-
  56. False Lag outs?
  57. weekend suggestion
  58. League Matchmaking (Why getting matched 9 divisions down?)
  59. Putting The Facts Together
  60. I love these forums
  61. Dare to be different, rock the look of your build!
  62. permanent 2v2 and 1v1 gamemode.
  63. Requesting a Bosnian flag Icon
  64. whats the downside?
  65. Server Expansion?
  66. Change vs. Hel?
  67. Is Golden Legendary Diamond skin worth ? without gold diamond effects
  68. Matchmaking
  69. solo lane assassains
  70. Smite should be on Steam
  71. Deserter system needs a change
  72. I want to understand the Elo Gain system in ranked plz
  73. Voice Packs Buying.
  74. Matchmaking.. AGAIN?
  75. Skin Idea - Slam Dunk Anhur
  76. Something has to be done about toxic players !
  77. We should be able to sell skins and/or voice packs
  78. The "Council" A Selective Tribunal
  79. Any Slavic mythological gods in plans?
  80. Now that we have Ultra Kill Announcer Packs... (Reposted from the reddit)
  81. My first and last post
  82. matchmakeing is a joke for league
  83. Smite release on Xbox One and "Playstation 4"
  84. The Struggle of new streamers getting recognized
  85. Reskinning the Battlefields
  86. Motd idea super minions
  87. This is the current state of the AU servers
  88. Thanatos Archon skin
  89. Pre Role Calling
  90. Can we get God Icons for certain gods in the "God Feedback Forums"?
  91. Matchmaking is so fucking bad
  92. Smitegame stream sound volume
  93. Can't chat in game or when choosing gods.
  94. smitegame - the sound is embarassing
  95. Now how is this fair?
  96. I will keep posting these games until something is done
  97. Nice matchmaking.
  98. 1 shots....
  99. 30 minutes
  100. Internet browser under social tab
  101. Give the matchmaker more time to work
  102. Smite | world championship 2015
  103. The New Conq. maps
  104. The matchmaking has to stop
  105. fix matchmaking
  106. Fenrir relay MoTD
  107. The game is getting unplayable
  108. A little Sun Wukong buff
  109. Albanian Flag icon missing
  110. the hell? random ban after 1 game
  111. smitegame rebroadcasting game 1 of the finals al the time...
  112. Where are the weekly schedules ?
  113. Spectator Client Suggestions
  114. Rework on the Creep in Smite
  115. Matchmaking Shit
  116. Add 2v2 to normal/compedative play
  117. God skin info
  118. Ranked matchmaking is also amazing
  119. DoT + Stealth together = Bug?
  120. Communication With Downtime
  121. Domination Egypt Map Is it ever going to come back?
  122. MM, Gameplay Casual Play Sugestions to Enhance and retain player base.
  123. Smite where is the feeling in making skins?
  124. Suggestion: A sort gods by pantheon filter
  125. Stop ruining the interface, it now produces serious eye problems in EoM Lobby
  126. The new tab stat tracker
  127. New Tab Button interface look is super Displeasing please change it back.
  128. Matchmaking system still garbage
  129. Goodwill Lost/Desertr Status
  130. New streamer and smiter
  131. What was the point of having non-timer queues if...
  132. We want wards
  133. Suggestion : Add a Favorite God Option
  134. Suggestion: Three Wards instead of two
  135. Competative play options for friends and/or draft in casuals.
  136. toga toga toga
  137. So when is the matchmaking going to be fixed?
  138. Not sure if bug, but a suggestion on Mystery Chests
  139. Constantly Putting Less Than 50% Win Rate People On My Team
  140. Just one of 100 examples....
  141. Sun Vs. Moon
  142. Smite's matchmaking
  143. People feeding on purpose and nobody does anything about it
  144. How am I supposed to have fun?
  145. Please don't ask us about matchmaking after games smite, You know the answer
  146. Seriously, Please, Stop
  147. I was 1600 now ... 1200
  148. video on patcher???
  149. Favorite Gods
  150. Infinite Assault - New favourite MOTD
  151. #1 PTS suggestion of all time
  152. Stop Creating Pointless Threads Here
  153. Skins!
  154. Forum Avatar Suggestion.
  155. Premade groups should never match against random teams!
  156. Matchmaking OP
  157. Matchmaking
  158. An Attempt to Clarify: Matchmaking
  159. Ban Nu Wa in Omnipotence
  160. Motd omnipotence
  161. Regarding the xbox one controls scheme
  162. I'm done with this game - it's RUINED. The matchmaking is horrible.
  163. Suggestion for possible changes to Ares SWC 2015 Voice Pack
  164. Heimdall Guardian of the worlds
  165. 50% of my games are miserable because of bad players.
  166. Custom Matches idea.
  167. Queued for the best MOTD... got the worst MOTD.
  168. Get Served [MotD Suggestion]
  169. Smurfing must be punished by banning both referred and referring accounts.
  170. What's wrong with matchmaking?
  171. Russian Server
  172. [Improve] Surrender Option
  173. Matchmaking needs a fix ASAP
  174. Opening a PM window, please default the cursor to that window
  175. Never play with Blocked people again
  176. Match of the Day suggestion
  177. 30 viewers gem giveaway
  178. Seige Pre-Mades
  179. Rise of toxic players
  180. So called, "Scheduled Maintenance."
  181. Delete Tree vs Tree event
  182. Why can't we queue as 4 or 5 casual conquest
  183. Tree v Tree
  184. Disable chat but not vgs
  185. Add smite in steam.
  187. New conquest map, small change for practice mode.
  188. Add trade in smite
  189. SMITE Suggestion: Toggle Restricted Camera Pitch Button Idea
  190. Urgent Bugfix pls! Nox' Ult damages Zhong Kui for EVERY Ghost of his Ult!
  191. The Purple buff
  192. Party leader can search without the party, with no warning.
  193. "No Time" Match Queue and Decline Ban
  194. New to Smite, starting to stream.
  195. blacknova84 Streaming Smite on twitch!
  196. 30 viewers gem giveaway hype
  197. Party controls
  198. Bought gems Money gone didnt get them!!
  199. I am sick and tired.
  200. MOTD Suggestion
  201. Adding poll and deleting thread
  202. SMITE Recommendations - Change for the better
  203. Conquest Classic
  204. Thanks Hirez! :D
  205. Facebook game using Smite picture to advertise it's self.
  206. Pheonix Respawns
  207. Smite msg system sound cue
  208. Just got Spawn camped
  209. Well that was fun
  210. Matching Unbalanced !!!
  211. this is his respond to my GG WP ... MAD RAGE
  212. solstice skin
  213. I suggest u fix this because it makes no sense!!!!
  214. Forcing new player to watch intro guides?
  215. Female Warriors and Guardians!
  216. Suggestion: Smite achievements
  217. Remove deserter status untill you fix the servers
  218. DO something for the leaver !!!!!!!!!
  219. STOP putting QUITTERS in MATCHES with NON quitters!!!
  220. Joust 1v1 idea
  221. Suggestion for a God(not sure if in development)
  222. Stop these lvl 30's in lowbies games!
  223. Textures
  224. Feedback
  225. Matchmaking
  226. Possible solution for the sudden freezes
  227. Skill activation delay
  228. Another Matchmaking Idea (Improving Normals/Casual Experience)
  229. After game screen suggestion
  230. What's up with the Matchmaking?
  231. 800 gem giveaway, At 30 viewer hype !
  232. No info about combine?
  233. Bring back the Score Tab stats bars
  234. Nu Wa dance suggestion
  235. Urgent Bugfix pls! Nox' Ult damages Zhong Kui for EVERY Ghost of his Ult!
  236. Add a solo matchmaking button.
  237. Clan magment
  238. Conquest Map iPro Bitcher
  239. Streaming live!! Giveaways and bets!!!
  240. MOTD coolddown/endless mana.
  241. Leashing on the new map
  242. Wanted to suggest Hecate
  243. Exclusive Item Chest
  244. Respawn timers
  245. Is it just me or is having troll "Dial Up" users for a team mate common
  246. Ranked Madness
  247. Cavalry Charge MOTD feedback
  248. HandgelinaJolie / Reptar's Stream :)
  249. Can we have an option not to get matched with parties?
  250. More channels to join, and a country channel.