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  1. Newbie-Friendly Question Thread –– There are No Stupid Questions!
  2. LF SEA players
  3. LF dutch/belgian players (others welcome too)
  4. EU player looking for people or clan to play with.
  5. [NA] Delirium Gaming Looking for Competitive Players
  6. [NA] Looking for some casuals to play with.
  7. [NA] Looking for Active, Competitive Players for Clan Competitive Teams
  8. {NA REGION ONLY} MILLENEUM is recruiting!
  9. LF Oceanic Players
  10. Revolution of Gaming - RoG - Recruiting Casual & Competitive Active & Friendly Member
  11. ~Wrath Gaming~ Always Recruiting!
  12. Digirev Recruitment Casual
  13. desTiny'eSports searching Hard & Active
  14. [AUS] Fun Community clan
  15. Team-Aftershocks Recruiting
  16. Casual Danes recruiting - all danish players
  17. ~Join *ic0 Gaming* To Level-Up Your Life~
  18. LustCraft Wants YOUR Love!
  19. DSN is looking for YOU!! // DSN sucht DICH!! (Deutschsprachiger Smite-Clan)
  20. Clan looking for new active players
  21. [AU] Australian competitive clan [Australian Gods]
  22. New player looking for friends/help
  23. BixaGaming EU/NA Apply!
  24. vVv Gaming - Looking for Casual & Competitive Players
  25. Aussie looking for clan/friends
  26. Join our beginner clan StopQQn
  27. "Team JYNX" - SMITE Casual Gaming Clan
  28. (EU) Team Arena&Assault
  29. StormCloud Clan, Recruiting
  30. New clan - Divine Tribe - We are serious. We want serious clan members TO WIN.
  31. 0NXY Squad Recruitment
  32. [EU][NLPRO] Dutch clan
  33. Looking for Singapore Players
  34. SMITE PHILIPPINES [xSPHx] SPH Clan Official Thread
  35. The ChaosVanguard - Multi-Gaming community (16+) Mature! - Repost!
  36. Freedom Gaming Smite Division - Looking for casual and competitive players
  37. Conquest = toxic players?
  38. [zG] Zealot Gaming - Multigaming, International Community Recruiting for Smite EU/NA!
  39. Clan Fever Clan- A multi-gaming and international community looking for Smite players.
  40. Clan Splash Gaming is recruiting all members! Casual & Competitive Players!
  41. How to counter Ares ulti
  42. Evolution Gaming!
  43. [EU] LF players for funsies
  44. [GER] Die Ballerkneipe sucht Member
  45. R> Push Addicts
  46. (NA) Fear Gaming - Looking for all types of players! Casual - Pro!
  47. -Team Irreversible- Is looking for: Competive Players!
  48. How to Support in Ranked
  49. How do you play support?
  50. TAW is looking for EU/NA players that wanne join.
  51. Scylla vs Agni
  52. LF Members for a competitive team 5v5, NA must be able to play atleast 4 times a week
  53. Insaniac Gaming (16+ Community)
  54. (NA) Initial Gaming |!| Looking for a variety of players! [14+]
  55. Rage vs Malice?
  56. (NA) Glitch gaming want's you!
  57. Any KIWI or AUSSIE clans ????
  58. Newer team looking for two players
  59. [GER] EvolvedGaming sucht neue Mitstreiter
  60. {16+}{NA} SITHx Generation - Officially Recruiting!
  61. Arena 5v5 Team.
  62. Looking For Active Clan
  63. Two Experienced Players looking for semi-competitive clan!!!
  64. quite experienced player looking for a group
  65. (NA/EU) new clan: Rainbow Bridge Gaming looking for players for semi-serious play.
  66. Troublesome Gaming Community
  67. [NA] Gurren Brigade! Recruiting all types of players!
  68. LF something relaxed
  69. Konvict Gaming - Expansion to Smite!? - Recruiting Casual and Competitive Players!
  70. Conquest Advice Needed
  71. Conquest Clan For New Players
  72. Looking for NA Clan
  73. Looking for a competitive group
  74. Need a Low level Conquest Clan
  75. NA experienced and dedicated jungle looking for team
  76. [EU] 2 players looking for people to play with! (communication = the key)
  77. Looking for competitive group
  78. [FR] Team cherche supp
  79. Nu Wa Guides, Anyone?
  80. N00b LFG or LFC
  81. Recruiting for Prolapse Party [PPUP]
  82. A few item and playstyle questions?
  83. I want to open a TROLL clan
  84. Funaga Gaming Now Recruiting Casual and Competitive Players!
  85. Sun Wu Kong Jungle?
  86. How Do I Chronos?
  87. I have a problem with my gameplay :[!
  88. we want friends who can play Smite and speak japanese :)
  89. Destiny Falls Community
  90. Looking for Group!
  91. Penetration V. Critical Damage.
  92. 3v3 Teammates
  93. DPS analysis of Physical builds for all Physical gods
  94. vvvg!
  95. Longtime player look for competitive group
  96. Low Level Conquest Clan
  97. The Arena Tribe is recruiting!
  98. Gaming Crew & Montage Footage
  99. BIXA Recruiting.
  100. [Looking for Members] Team Critikill
  101. Recrutement MMTB. (18+) FR.
  102. Uncoded - Looking for Good group of players.
  103. {AUS} Recruiting Players!
  104. Looking for people to join my group
  105. Arena junkie looking for clan
  106. [NA] Team MetaMix Recruiting!
  107. [NA] Mellenium
  108. Looking for a challenge.
  109. New clan looking for players who just want to have fun
  110. Looking for a third.
  111. Looking for a third
  112. Looking for EU Conquest team
  113. Looking For Clan
  114. looking for people with skype i would prefer in australia but EU and NA is good to
  115. DeadlyCrew Looking for a support or more
  116. Mellenium [mLm²] Looking for Competitive Players!
  117. NA looking for people to make a team with
  118. Come join my MiniTorney !
  119. LF [3s] Team
  120. The Chaos Empire Recruiting
  121. Suppose i am a average player, what i need to improve before playing rank ?
  122. Help with Ra's build
  123. Greater Blink or Greater Sprint?
  124. Building A Build
  125. Looking for a Casual Clan
  126. Looking for Good Arena group
  127. Looking for a clan,friends and people to have fun with :)
  128. (UltimateAbility) Looking for peeps to play casually and competitively(know basics)
  129. Looking for casual group for fun
  130. LF Clan
  131. Looking for Canadian players
  132. Looking for players with mics
  133. Joueur FR cherche compatriotes pour fonder une TEAM
  134. Meditation on Chang'e , good or bad? (need advice & suggestion)
  135. The "Its OK to be crap Clan" forming?
  136. Looking for "somewhat" Competitive Clan
  137. 8 players looking for comp clan
  138. Looking for SEA player to play with!
  139. Hey Smite Players! I Want to Make a Clan!
  140. Awesome player looking for awesome people to play with
  141. New to the game, looking for people :)
  142. TeamAA looking for experienced enthusiastic Smite guide writers
  143. Lookin for clan Eu
  144. Looking for friendly people to play with!
  145. Looking for Competitive Team
  146. Looking For Arena Clan EU
  147. SweatyBlackDude Loves Support
  148. New Clan! (NA/EU) Casual/Competitive *Nova Prospekt* LOOKING FOR ALL
  149. R> Push Addicts
  150. Searching for garman clan
  151. Recruiting for Arena clan [Ancient Tactics]
  152. LFM for a 3s team. NA (EST zone) [voicecomm]
  153. Help with hunters
  154. New Ao Kuang Build
  155. Warrior Nation Clan Searching for Casual/Competitive
  156. Looking for a group of good players to play with
  157. Looking for Members
  158. LF Arena Team
  159. [NA] Tower Huggers Looking For Coach (Competitive)
  160. Looking for a Gay clan
  161. so,the new ao kuang just came out,and i can't find any builds for him! HELP,please.
  162. Looking for friends and a clan new to the game
  163. TheRavagers Team/Clan Looking For Members
  164. How to improve overall gameplay
  165. Looking to for/or to create: Siege Network
  166. VOTE: Would you play Ranked Siege?
  167. VOTE: Would you play Ranked Siege?
  168. Solo Laner looking for a team
  169. Looking to Join Clan/Meet People
  170. Собераю пре-мейд для участия на челенджер капах Ru/Ua/Blr
  171. looking for a warrior or..
  172. Wukong build?
  173. Digital Champs Recruiting
  174. Extinguished gaming (au) LF 18+ players recruiting now
  175. Looking to get a smite/gaming clan going need some new members
  176. Conquest Clan
  177. Looking For a Competitive Team
  178. CrazyDaze
  179. Looking for an ADC for a tournament
  180. Karma Optics (new clan,NA) recruiting high skill-level players for competitive gaming
  181. Any LGBT friendly clans?
  182. Warrior Nation Clan Searching for Casual/Competitive
  183. Looking for a clan
  184. Looking for Clan
  185. Looking for Smite Buddies (NA)
  186. ツ ツ Sunfire Gaming Is Now Recruiting YOU! ツ ツ
  187. Penteam Looking for Players!
  188. Calvary Squad looking for clan members
  189. Serious Oceanic(Australian) Team looking for subs
  190. Team Fraud/looking for a competitive adc player
  191. New Smite Player LFG! :)
  192. The UGC Welcomes All!!
  193. Looking for some 1v1 joust insight
  194. Relax Gaming: Starting a Smite Section!
  195. Greetings! I ruin games.
  196. NextWaveGaming EU Competitive team!
  197. Looking for community?
  198. Casual Assault
  199. Looking for some people to play with
  200. Should I stop playing Ranked??
  201. Solo Looking For Small Comp clan
  202. bought freya any tips?
  203. God suggestions
  204. Isis jungle
  205. NA Semi-Competitive player looking for group/clan.
  206. New player looking for people to play with.
  207. Exp. NA (EST) Player Looking for Skilled Group!
  208. Looking for some people to be in my small group
  209. 15 flat penetration vs 15% cdr
  210. [NA] (LFPRO) Archway eSports is looking to form a competitive team.
  211. Is less gods more?
  212. Looking for Eu Clan to play ranked with. (swedish player)
  213. Building Builds
  214. Level 8 Looking for near level Conquest players.
  215. Team Creed [TeCre] Joust team!
  216. Need one player to play joust 3v3 Tournaments with us.
  217. New to smite, thinks to know?
  218. NA LF Competitive Team for upcoming Season!
  219. Meditation on support Aphrodite?
  220. Team Syndicate is looking for new and seasoned players
  221. AJSA Smite Community Recruitment thread[Casual-Competitive Play]
  222. God choices
  223. Armor vs %DR
  224. Duhnk Squad Looking for Teams to Skirmish Against
  225. The ChaosVanguard - Multi-Gaming community (16+) Mature! - Repost!
  226. Albus Corvus [Alcor] - Assault clan looking for new members
  227. VigilantAddiction is looking for more Gods to join there side...
  228. Looking for a duo partner or team
  229. Looking for teammates
  230. obsidian shard when its worth it?
  231. Looking for people to play with regularly on NA servers.
  232. hello smite players
  233. [Z7] We Bite Zombies: Recruiting!
  234. [ LFM ] Players for 3v3 Tournaments
  235. Streamer looking for team before I start up ranked.
  236. Looking for support/solo and mid
  237. Looking for competitive Eu Clan to play with. (swedish player)
  238. Gods to learn roles
  239. Voice pack question
  240. 3v3 Clan for Pro and New players (UK)
  241. SMITE Guide
  242. Looking to get in a clan for arena.
  243. Looking for clan.
  244. [AU] Harlequin Clan Casual, Competitive and Fun
  245. [EU] Looking for a clan ( casual - semi competitive )
  246. looking for team members for conquest(only need 2)
  247. Team Irreversible is looking for a mid laner (competive clan)
  248. Looking to Play with Others and Voice Chat
  249. Looking for a team
  250. New to Mobas