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  1. LFG LFM Double Everything Event - Arena farm
  2. LFG New player interested in a clan/group to play with.
  3. LFG LF Casual NA clan
  4. Clan Krysis (Ranked) Clan - LvL 30/Plat+
  5. LFG Former season 2 Diamond conquest LF team
  6. LFG Ranked Joust Patners
  7. LFG Masters Jungler LFT
  8. LFG LF a duo quee jungle
  9. Clan Brainstorming Gaming
  10. LFG LF: People to play with.
  11. Clan Looking for Clam Members FluffyWarfare
  12. LFG 2 Players Looking out for a clan with good players that can help us Improve.
  13. Clan Adults
  14. LFG [EU](PC)Noob Friendly GROUP LF 2 People for Conquest
  15. Clan New player looking for a clan to join
  16. LFG Solo main, support sub, Looking for a competitive team
  17. Clan Beta Esports Team / Community
  18. Clan ATTENTION ALL CLANS [As of 3/29/17]
  19. LFG Player Looking For Group (April Edition)
  20. LFG Looking for a casual Clan that uses Team Speak/Mumble
  21. Clan [Recruiting Clan Members] Dialysi
  22. LFG Looking for active casual players to play with
  23. Clan 5D Hell Hounds | Comp | Tournaments | Casual | Much more !
  24. LFG EU player LF people to play casual with :)
  25. Clan Looking to play causal smite. Have a discord???
  26. LFG LF good TERRA player for 3's (diamond)
  27. LFG Looking for ranked partner
  28. LFG Noob looking for casual players to learn and play with
  29. Clan Unsf (we are trash) recruiting
  30. LFG Looking for folks in general I guess
  31. LFG Looking for ranked group for conquest!
  32. LFG new to pc, not game
  33. Clan Join the clan: Rising Phoenix
  34. LFG Diamond 3(ps4) looking for good people to play with
  35. solo queue master ranked Looking for RAnked CLAN (mostly 3's)
  36. LFG [NA][PC] Casual Player Looking For Others!
  37. LFG Looking for active players
  38. Clan Looking for a mid skill or better solo laner, NA
  39. Clan LF jungle to do duoq in rankeds (lvl. Platinum)
  40. Clan ColdFire Gaming Recruiting[Active][Discord][Tournaments]
  41. Clan Looking for an active at night clan and a 3rd for ranked joust!
  42. Clan [EU][NA](PC) Furtive eSports looking for Smite players
  43. LFG Looking for Ranked Team/Clan
  44. Clan Looking For Competitive Team Serious!
  45. LFG Supp main looking for group.
  46. Clan (NA) EanixGG looking for Xbox Clan Members!
  47. LFG Looking for experienced clan.
  48. LFG Team looking for a new mid main to join us for Ranked play
  49. LFG [EU](PC) Looking for Adc/Mid and Solo laner
  50. Clan Clan/Guild List - Please post your clan informtation here.
  51. Clan Nautilus Gaming Community
  52. LFG (NA) (PC) Team Colossal looking for solo laner
  53. LFG Abusement Park is recruiting jungle, solo lane, and mid! [PC | NA]
  54. Clan LF clan
  55. LFG Looking for ranked partner
  56. LFG [PC][OCE] LF Players for regular gaming
  57. LFG New to the pc scene but not new to the game
  58. LFG LF like minded players to start playing with (NA)(PC)
  59. Clan Busco clan
  60. LFG [NA][Lvl22] New too game, very experienced MOBA player LF people to play with
  61. Clan SEA player LF group or clan to join. to play with
  62. Looking for people to play with and join my clan
  63. LFG [EU] Looking for ranked partner
  64. LFG Im new to smite and was wondering if someone could teach and play with me
  65. LFG So bored Lately, want to either play competitively or just to play
  66. LFG Tank/support LFG new to pc/experienced from Xbox
  67. LFG [EU] Looking for mates to play casual Conquest (on PC)
  68. LFG NA (Eastern) Want to Learn and Improve at Smite / Casual (for now)
  69. LFG New Player!
  70. Clan New? Or looking to Join a Clan? Check us out!
  71. LFG Just started.
  72. Clan Otter Esports LF Coaches and Analysts!
  73. Clan Looking for a clan/group
  74. LFG Looking for high level ranked joust team
  75. LFG Lfg > ranked
  76. Clan Mythology loving clan!
  77. LFG Solo/Support main NA
  78. LFG Support Main
  79. LFG New to pc smite
  80. LFG Looking for people to play conquest with.
  81. LFG Looking for a helpful and friendly clan.
  82. LFG Looking for casual group.
  83. LFG PC Duo looking for three more
  84. Clan [CLAN] 1% Club
  85. Clan VFG Versed Force Gaming.
  86. Clan Recruiting for NA team: Abusement Park (ADC/SUPP needed)
  87. LFG Discord Group for Achievement Hunters.
  88. Clan PastGaming is looking for members!
  89. Clan (NA)(PC) Looking for Members for Team Abusement Park! (SUPPORTS/ADCS)
  90. LFG Looking for people to play with
  91. LFG Returning player
  92. Clan Royals eSports recruiting for challenger cup squad
  93. Clan [Cruel] Cruel Esports is recruiting for Casual/Ranked play!
  94. Clan [LLÉ] Scarlet Wolves Is Recruiting!
  95. Clan Looking for active clan
  96. Clan New Clan Made Sensō ōkami
  97. LFG English speaking Canadian (Support/jungle) looking for group to play with
  98. LFG Jungle LF Conquest group!
  99. LFG Ranked Conquest (Season III Diamond II) (Season IV Qualifs) / Joust (Silver IV)
  100. LFG Trash player trying to git gud
  101. LFG Ex-Ranked Joust now maining Conq (Jung/Mid/Solo/Supp)
  102. Clan Clan Español Lgbt
  103. LFG Semi-returning/newish player looking for people to play with and help with CONQUEST
  104. LFG Crew in Ranked Joust(adc/mage)
  105. LFG (EU)(PC)dedicated Conquest players looking for one more dedicated player to play with
  106. LFG Came from PS4 English Speaking trying to find group to grind to 30 and played ranked
  107. Clan Advanced Rulez now recruiting for active players!
  108. LFG LFG Decent Players To Do Hydra
  109. LFG Looking for a group
  110. Clan New german casual Clan "Schwarze Ernte" is recruting
  111. Clan [NA](PC): [H8ME] Team Logical
  112. LFG [PC | NA] Abusement Park is recruiting ADC, Support, and Mid players!
  113. LFG Players/Party for casual Normal games, any map, no Ranked
  114. Clan GaymerSpain LGBT new Guild!
  115. Clan Organization Staff Recruitment
  116. LFG a sad story about online friendship
  117. Clan Looking For A Clan To Teach Me
  118. LFG Conquest mid laner looking for a group/clan
  119. Clan Create new competitive clan
  120. LFG Looking For People To Play Conquest With
  121. LFG Returning to Smite, looking for party to play with and learn from
  122. Clan [NA](PC): [H8ME] Team Logical
  123. Clan Looking for tight-knit clan
  124. Clan Clan UNSF (WE ARE TRASH)
  125. LFG Looking for a modest clan
  126. LFG LFG Jungler [RU]
  127. LFG [NL] Looking for friendly, casual Dutch players!
  128. LFG Player Looking For Group
  129. Clan [NA](PC): [H8ME] Team Logical
  130. LFG Casual/Comp player returning and looking for some people to play with NA
  131. Clan Chains of Harow Now Recruiting + Discord
  132. LFG Adventure
  133. LFG brand new looking for fun have discord
  134. LFG looking for people to farm the hydra
  135. LFG Looking for a Competitive Clan/Team to try out for as jungler for PC
  136. Clan I'm looking for a clan
  137. LFG Former Plat Multi-role player looking for Comp Team
  138. Clan [NA/EU] Fever Clan Multi-Gaming Community
  139. Clan Harbingers of Creation Multi Platform Gaming Community Is Recruiting!
  140. LFG Jungler looking for someone to Queue with.
  141. LFG Friendly players wanted
  142. Clan Deutscher Smite Clan sucht Member !
  143. LFG Just started pc Smite/ Xbox one Smite mostly
  144. LFG lfg or clan Plat 1 / diamond
  145. Clan EU, Omega Tigers are looking for players!
  146. Clan Looking for clan
  147. LFG Looking for people for Party Bonus Event
  148. LFG Busco gente española para jugar, lejos soledad!
  149. Clan Looking for a clan to teach me more about smite
  150. Clan Smite team looking for jug and solo
  151. Clan Busy husband and father looking for some folks to play with
  152. Clan Playground-Style Community
  153. LFG Fairly Active Player looking for more friends!
  154. LFG Looking for nice people :D
  155. Clan Elusion-Gaming sucht Member
  156. Clan Happy Birthday articlink, your kicked from the clan
  157. LFG Looking for week night casual players 9pm-Midnight (CST)
  158. LFG Looking for players to form comp group
  159. LFG Would like to join with people
  160. LFG LF Active Clan :) For Joust + Conq Grps Rated + Norm
  161. LFG Looking for friends to play with and have a bit of fun :)
  162. Clan Want to have fun? Join [Waifú] Lolis R US! Clan Event Coming Soon ~
  163. LFG LFM Looking For Solo for CC [OCE] [PC]
  164. Clan Marauder Clan Is Now Recruiting For Smite!
  165. LFG Buscando gente española con la que jugar
  166. LFG Looking for competitive joust team
  167. Clan [NA] [PC] Initio Gaming LLC Looking for Premier Esports Team
  168. LFG Suche Team für Conquest
  169. Clan Frontline Immortals Applications.
  170. LFG Plat 5 Mage.ADC/Supp LF Team
  171. LFG LF people to play with
  172. Clan Deutscher Joust Main Clan
  173. Clan UNSF Recruiting & Clan Tournament
  174. Clan Just here to spread some JOY!
  175. LFG Looking For Players, We are chill and play conquest!
  176. Clan lf ADC and SoLo
  177. Clan Buscando clan (;
  178. Clan [EU](LF2M)Omega Tigers are looking for an ADC and support.
  179. Clan Looking for tight-knit clan
  180. Clan (NA) New Discord server/clan seeking members!
  181. LFG LFG for party event.
  182. LFG Looking for friendly people to play with.
  183. LFG [EU]Jungle/Mid LF esports team for next season
  184. Clan (Recruiting) The Beacon: Multigaming Discord Server
  185. LFG I need friends :c Discord.gg/szsdyeh
  186. LFG Fun Clan full of Crazies looking for new members!
  187. LFG LFT/Clan
  188. LFG Team SCF NA/PC LFM Serious players Only
  189. Clan Fever Clan Recruiting for SMITE!
  190. Clan BREEZ Clan - Recruiting now!
  191. LFG Need friends
  192. LFG LF Scrims PC/NA 10:30 EST
  193. Clan Monger Corps
  194. LFG Next Level Gaming a Community
  195. LFG LFG/LFC lvl 105 console
  196. LFG D2 Conquest / Master Joust - Need Group or Clan
  197. Clan hello
  198. LFG Easy penta with He Bo in conquest
  199. LFG New player LFC
  200. Clan "[GER] Wolverins" wollen deutsche Smite-Community aufbauen!
  201. Clan Returning Player Look for a teammates
  202. Clan Looking to be taught
  203. LFG (PC) (NA) Looking for conquest squad
  204. LFG Looking for clan/community.
  205. Clan Newish looking for clan
  206. Clan T5N [ru/eng]
  207. Clan TAW.net need more member for teams up and casual player
  208. LFG [NA] Looking for people to play with that are playing for fun.
  209. LFG EU New players looking to make a casual "team"
  210. LFG Looking for people to play with NA group/clan whichever
  211. LFG <- playin for fun preferably~
  212. LFG Coming back to Smite
  213. LFG trying to get back into smite
  214. LFG Discord para Latam.
  215. LFG Returning player looking for clan
  216. LFG Returning Player LFG
  217. LFG Looking for group I play any role
  218. LFG LFM Ranked Joust Primarily
  219. LFG LFG For Shadows Over Hercopolis
  220. LFG need aphrodite/hel with elf skin waifu
  221. LFG Lf People to farm normal for items(europe)
  222. Clan Reclutamento Competitivo e Gioco 4 fun (PC)
  223. LFG Looking for high level ranked joust team
  224. LFG Lookie for a clan NA!
  225. LFG Help beating Sutur on Normal
  226. LFG Returning NA player looking for a group to play with
  227. Clan Looking for ranked friends
  228. Clan Slightly Competitive, more a mashup {Royally Blooded} [RyLB]
  229. LFG Need +2 ru/eng arena players
  230. Clan LF clan/ good group
  231. Clan Trying to build up clan! NOVA Nukes! :)
  232. LFG looking for a competent group for nightmare mode
  233. LFG Been playing about a week and need some game friends to play with......
  234. LFG NA player looking for clan
  235. LFG Looking for Group to Play Assault with
  236. LFG adventure nightmare mode
  237. LFG Looking to recruit new players
  238. LFG trying to finnish the adventure, need help in hard mode
  239. LFG Ranked Joust Plat-Diamond
  240. LFG Newbie looking for people to play with EU
  241. LFG A young lass looking for pals
  242. LFG Looking to make a a consistent group
  243. Clan looking for a group or clan
  244. LFG Im looking for a competitive Conquest caln to join
  245. Clan Sleepy Community Discord Server
  246. LFG Looking for group/team
  247. Clan Want friends?...Join FearTheBro
  248. Clan TreasonClan - Looking for competent players.
  249. LFG HC Cas LFG or Clan
  250. LFG Smite Adventures