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  1. Its fine execpt one thing...
  2. Doesnt work for me, i cant log in with my old account, i can only play with my new ac
  3. Account Transferring
  4. Framerate issues
  5. Cant Download
  6. Post PC maintenance "Version Issue"
  7. Login Bug
  8. Keep getting locked in loading screen
  9. smite mac most bugged thing
  10. So disappointed with smite
  11. Issue #
  12. My game keeps on crashing
  13. Game always crashes every game!
  14. Deserter Penalty for Beta Users?
  15. Curiosity
  16. Is there a way to increase resolution higher than 1600x900?
  17. Freezing?
  18. This Beta is a joke.
  19. Mac Patch for 6/8/15 DELAYED!!
  20. Asap
  21. Partying with certain people doesn't work. (no bm)
  22. Bad Weekend
  23. Mac Loading Screen Problem -- GAME UNPLAYABLE
  24. Nox shadow step to ally bug
  25. WTF is with these crashes
  26. a insane amount of crashes
  27. Server today
  28. Mac players unite
  29. Mac players unite
  30. Mac Button Mapping to Dualshock 4 Controller
  31. smite mac beta game process launch failed: 5
  32. Just get rid of Mac Smite
  33. Banned due to bugs
  34. Mac Update 6/21/16 Possible crash fix
  35. Camera wont go up
  36. Smite On beta? steam says no beta.
  37. Official Version on MAC - BUG + deserter Problem
  38. Switch Language Mac
  39. Match not ended bug
  40. 3 minor bugs
  41. Sanctuary bug
  42. [Mac] Nox Shadowstep Bug
  43. Invisible Sun Wukong Glitch
  44. Smite Freezes or Crashes almost evrey game almost every minute
  45. Sharing to FB/Twitter doesn't work (small bug)
  46. Keybindings for Razer Deathadder
  47. Killing Rah makes game Crash
  48. No "Accept" button on queue pop in Ranked Conquest.
  49. Assault God Select overlayed onto Main Menu causing Deserter
  50. [PC] Hi-Rez your bots have 75% perma CDR
  51. Not getting worshippers in Erlang Shen MOTD (sometimes)
  52. White or Blackscreen
  53. Queues appearing and then immediately vanish
  54. game crash when Hi-Rez icon appears
  55. New Sylvanus update; Move description not changed.
  56. Not really a bug, but Wind Demon cant be found through the filters in the god builder
  57. Jing wei bug!!! Too terrible!!
  58. Game crashes everytime i nvite someone/get invited
  59. Ne Zha Crit Bug
  60. Game crashes everytime i invite someone/get invited
  61. Queue indication is not popping up again!
  62. Crashes during God Select
  63. Ra Slow Glitch
  64. Smite crashes everytime i accept an invite or invite someone else
  65. Problem with the Chronos Token
  66. I can't log in.
  67. Dark Lord Sun Wukong Glitch
  68. Impossible to move the camera while autoattacking
  69. Lore not working on random gods.
  70. Freezes during gameplay
  71. Gem s bought but didn t get them
  72. split screen rendering issue
  73. Restricted video resolutions
  74. No VGS audio in game
  75. Rendering hiccups
  76. Awillix broken?
  77. Super low frame rates, stalls, and freezes
  78. Game doesn't remember login
  79. Shadows not properly rendering
  80. Game crashes every time i kill/get killed by someone with cyrillic name
  81. Smite kick me for the matches
  82. SMITE Window Unable to Close In-Game
  83. Curse Icon bug
  84. Xbox Link
  85. Creeping Curse Length Bug
  86. Freya icon quest not working...
  87. Deserter because of bug.
  88. Smite go to cards but return to lobby
  89. Deserter Bug (Invisable Que)
  90. ne zha heal and ao ult
  91. Version Mismatch
  92. Arena Queue Broken?
  93. Terra doesn't lifesteal
  94. Terra ult not healing and getting knocked up?
  95. After Terra Update game continues to crash on login and in god select
  96. Numerous Issues
  97. Missing Audio
  98. Crashes When People With Weird Characters
  99. Invisible Balls
  100. Cosmetic Issue
  101. Party Glitch
  102. Smite keeps updating Paladins why?
  103. Can't paste into the redeem field
  104. Game crashed now im a deserter?
  105. Smite is down despite the servers being up
  106. Stuck/crash when the game starts.
  107. Crashed in-game browser, blocked window got me a deserter.
  108. Normal chat bugged.
  109. red lines/dust
  110. Smite waiting on Paladins update?
  111. Inability to chat while in game
  112. chat crap extending to notifications...
  113. Match Found Bug
  114. More physical..
  115. Website was/is in Polish instead of English
  116. Crashing after person with non english letters kills
  117. Enigma Chest Bug
  118. smite crashing on startup
  119. Friends list wiped.
  120. High ping peaks during matches (not my internet)
  121. Frequent Bad Game State
  122. Kaldr stuck in base
  123. Tyr's fearless doesn't proc Void Shield on the first hit
  124. S3 ticket bets
  125. Stalker Artemis + Water Dancer Nu Wa Error
  126. The launcher keep re downloading
  127. Mouse sensitivity disorder
  128. Problems claiming rewards
  129. Worshipper Problem.
  130. Gems..
  131. game freezes after i kill or being killed by users with special characters
  132. Ranked servers
  133. Curse in the background
  134. Just started having framerate issues after 830 hours
  135. Black screens since last patch
  136. Scylla Crush does not detonate
  137. still can't walk through minions
  138. Foxy Amatersau Skin VP not working
  139. Japanese pantheon quest
  140. i have been cheated!!!!!
  141. Scylla Ult Reset Bug
  142. bugs
  143. Unable to Reproduce 'Invalid' 2 skill - Hou Yi
  144. Cant reroll weekly quest
  145. god model slyvanus bug crash
  146. AWESOME! ... when I'm not crashing.
  147. Why can't I buy items after a reconnection?
  148. Chaac ult can interrupt other cc immune abilities
  149. Crashing.
  150. Bastet Cat's Can See Stealth? Bug!!!
  151. Friends missing and block list too
  152. Camazotz Ult bug
  153. Music theme bug
  154. Heavy Metal Thor uses standart voicepack
  155. Tyr Fearless targeting bug
  156. Friends list STILL bugged
  157. Assault - Camazotz seems to be a healer
  158. odessy quest bug
  159. Free Gems Bug
  160. Odyssey - Greek Q6 - Fire Giant
  161. Crits on merc
  162. Dreadbeard Poseidon plays standard voice on victory screen
  163. Block not working last 2-3 days
  164. PC: Version Mismatch after reinstall
  165. Jungle Practice Friendly Ra
  166. Having my account banned
  167. Queue rerolling bugged
  168. Kukulkan voice bug
  169. stuck at load screen
  170. Serqet Ult Interaction with Thoth Charging Ult
  171. Problem with sprinting
  172. Fafnir's Wonderland Permanently stunned
  173. Game hasn't opened in the past 6 days...
  174. Fafnir's Wonderland Cutesy Chest not received.
  175. Smite Mac 3.22 Lag
  176. Ragnarok Force X Thor is Invisible!
  177. Gems
  178. Can't finish a game
  179. Thanatos (Death Scythe)
  180. Fafnir's Wonderland Achieevment Points
  181. Anubis 2nd Sbility (Demonic Pact Skin)
  182. Crashes after pressing "Play"
  183. Could you please fix Poseidons Whirlpool already ?
  184. Major bug relating to ratatoskr god builder
  185. Deserter Bug
  186. Possible Skadi bug in Arena - Kalldr randomly won't respond or leave fountain
  187. Nike Bugs
  188. Artemis Staker Skin
  189. Nike's ult goes on cool down before it activates if she dies
  190. Issues with Audio
  191. Game crashes as of 04/01/2017
  192. Unable to change to requested map Error
  193. Chronos ult Bug in Dual map wall.
  194. The Morrigan bug
  195. Morrigan Ult Bug
  196. The following The Morrigan bugs I encountered in a 10 minute match
  197. ult issu
  198. KaliĀ“s pasive got bugged with Morrigans Ultimate!!
  199. Kaldr is no longer responding in games
  200. The Morrigan bug
  201. MSVCP101.dll lack
  202. Morrigan leaderboard bug
  203. Using other gods' abilities with Morrigan ult
  204. Sacred Dragon Kukulkan VP
  205. Audio and mouse cursor
  206. Stuck at end of the match
  207. Nox Getting Stuck Inside of Ne Zha Bug
  208. *BUG* Kaldr/The Morrigan Interaction. [Xbox One] (3.25)
  209. Celtic event bug
  210. Morrigan bug
  211. Morrigan bug
  212. Another Celtic Event Bug
  213. The Morrigan Glitch on PS4
  214. PTS bugs or strong items
  215. Suprema do Jano Bugada
  216. Bugg de upar Habilidades de Morrigan
  217. Path of the Phantom Queen not unlocking
  218. Chang'e bug, model disappearing when using abilities
  219. Sol PTS Bugs...
  220. Steam keeps opening Paladins
  221. Smite Opens Paladins on steam
  222. khepri ult.
  223. Izanami Sickle Storm
  224. Game leaving me in the loading screen
  225. No play button.
  226. Patch note 4.1 o pior de todos os tempos!!!!!!!!
  227. Fafnir Ult + Ares Jump issue?
  228. Apophis permanently poisoned
  229. Fantasy points not added
  230. Cant reconnect to game bug
  231. Ranked Joust
  232. currently stuck what to do?
  233. Thor Hammer not working on PS4
  234. Morrigan Auras
  235. Continuous crash on OSX 10.12.3
  236. Played NA qualifiers, first game friend queued me up for Latin American North game.
  237. MOTD[Death & Taxes] Not Working
  238. God Specific Leaderboard bugged
  239. MOTD Broken
  240. Chronos pendent bugged in Assault.
  241. Izanami can no longer access Masamune/Stone Cutting Sword/etc
  242. The Morrigan Woodland Skin bug
  243. Abilities not functioning, weird animations and UI broken?
  244. pls remove wrong area
  245. Screen Glitches Out
  246. Issues with role call
  247. bug report matchmaking
  248. Same Party, Different God Selection Screens
  249. Lock in glitch
  250. Kali bug with settings menu in game