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  1. Bug with Change Name
  2. Lag issues on French servers?
  3. Athena and Nox
  4. Profile Glitch? (Maybe fixed but...)
  5. clash map + janus portals
  6. siege phoenix for hou yi
  7. Clash Texture Issues
  8. Fullscreen & tabbing
  9. anubis causing game crashes?
  10. Chiron/Khepri ultimate did not revive
  11. Non-stop crashes for multiple people at once.
  12. Khepri's ultimate sometime doesn't revive the target
  13. Pressing T still crashes the game periodically
  14. god select bug
  15. [French Translation] Odysseus Bow
  16. Lost Gems?
  17. Hel's one
  18. Thantos vs Wukong
  19. Season Ticket
  20. Custom - Bots not leaving base
  21. Dr. Vanus Assault
  22. No Firegiant Bug
  23. Deserter bug
  24. Nox & Awilix Bugs
  25. Chiron Ult Bugs
  26. Serqet Ultimate
  27. I keep getting logged out
  28. Lag+Buying item = Item cannot be upgraded
  29. 2.20 The Reborn Prince PTS Issues Thread!
  30. Windows Borlderless Problem
  31. Did Not Receive Personal Clan Honor After Todays Reset
  32. Chiron ranked pick
  33. Some gods ult doesn't activate although ult animation is playing
  34. Won a match, but History tab shows it as a loss and I didn't receive Honor or FP
  35. Sol T-posing in Arena?
  36. DC, my connection was fine
  37. Game just crashed "Breakpoint Exception" Windows 8.1
  38. Queue Pops but no window to accept
  39. "Player Disconnected" after accepting a match
  40. Sylvanus DoT animation appears when it shouldn't
  41. ** UPDATED ** PTS Issues Thread for 2.20 - The Reborn Prince - Round 2!
  42. Game Crashes all the time
  43. randomly kicked out of smite during ranked queue
  44. Chiron ult cancels fenrir brutalize?
  45. Auto-ban bug? has to be a bug.
  46. [French Translation] Solid Hornet
  47. Smite crashing when trying to view League replays
  48. Mouse wont work on match start
  49. Agni's passive meter is bugged
  50. Smite.exe has stopped working
  51. Nemesis retribution heal does not proc shield of regrowth
  52. Speedhack or what?
  53. Chiron sound problem
  54. God Selection
  55. Game crashes, no idea of the cause.
  56. Game crash really annoying cauze of the deseters
  57. Ne Zha's scarf
  58. geb bug 2.20
  59. No queue pop
  60. Ravana + Blue Buff and New Baachus Skin
  61. Smite Crashing over and over again.
  62. Ravana+Xbal ult. Bug
  63. Cupid Heartbomb effects do not appear properly
  64. Shield of Regrowth not working on Chiron
  65. Tribute Points!
  66. Nox and the new Ne Zha
  67. Max Level, Max Favor Bug
  68. i've reached lvl 30 and 250,000 grace
  69. Smite is freaking out
  70. In Out In Out Shake it all about
  71. Icon Bug.
  72. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  73. The game is falling apart
  74. no gems recived
  75. I am getting NO Gems from Saturnalia promo!
  76. The new Ne Zha crash my game
  77. Another very old bug with kukulkan
  78. Ravana is not picking up buffs.
  79. Ravana debuffs
  80. Ravana buff not showing
  81. Typo of doom!.. Shield of the Underworld.
  82. Ravana(and potentially other gods) consumable/buffs bug.
  83. Clash is not rewarding gems.
  84. Not Getting First Win of the Day Gems
  85. Nox Ult Goes Through Aphrodite Ult
  86. Not getting Gems
  87. What does alt+enter do??
  88. AVAST Users, Look here if you are crashing!
  89. Game breaking ui bug
  90. New Ne Zha Model Crashes
  91. Windows 10 SLI Dual GPU issues
  92. Sol kills Chiron during his ult, also gets doublekill for it
  93. Bug in mode ALL-OUT ASSAULT 18/12/2015
  94. Didn't receive gems
  95. Bug in MOTD
  96. Purchasing Rod of Healing shows up in the chat box
  97. Server not sending Info!
  98. Massive Exploit: Godmode.
  99. The "Ouch!" Achievement
  100. Not Receiving Gems for Seven Days of Saturnalia
  101. I think this ao kuang was hacking
  102. Chiron ult bug
  103. SWC Bundle Purchase Bug
  104. 2.20 Crash...
  105. Towers not taking auto attack damage when crowd controlled
  106. Zeus charges visually stack
  107. Bug in droid janus voice pack
  108. Cupid doesn't count as Healer in Assault
  109. Two glitched ult interactions
  110. Ne Zha Ult bug
  111. Ah Puch Jungle Practice
  112. Sylvanus pulling more than 1 target
  113. Arachnes web occasionally not placing
  114. Loki Infiltrator voice pack
  115. Thor Ragnarok Force X Targeting Bug
  116. Covert Ops Bastet voice pack not working
  117. Wrong price on Hades skin
  118. [VP-BUG-EZ FIX?] Thor Ragnarok Force X Non-Skin VP
  119. Terrible FPS drop and lag spikes when playing near Ragnarok X Force Thor.
  120. I'm always getting disconnected and being sent to the login screen
  121. Athena Ultimate - dead befor the ultimate could end
  122. Visual/Audio Glitch (Sylvanus 2/Geb 1)
  123. Error With Nemesis moddel
  124. Bow Stance Ullr with Axe Stance Model and Animations
  125. Thor Ragnarok Bugs (Two Minor Bugs)
  126. Hotfix planned for 12/23
  127. Skin Bugs
  128. Madame Darkness speaks with original Nox's voice.
  129. Constantly getting booted from games mid match.
  130. Chiron death recap
  131. I Need Help Please
  132. Sol Model Bug
  133. player off
  134. Player disconnected
  135. Is there a problem with the server?
  136. valor not working
  137. Items Disappearing and Alt Not Working
  138. Smite.exe - Entry Point Not Found
  139. SMITE sound vanishes? Huge FPS drop
  140. Ragnarok Force X Framerate Drops
  141. its a bug?
  142. the free 150 gems
  143. Scylla mastery skin bugs.
  144. Wrong Skin Rarity
  145. Agni ultimate CD/icon
  146. Help pls got kicked for no reason and recieved 2 hr penalty
  147. 24 card drops received, 22 card drops remaining, can't find solution
  148. How can gems be anything other than a 0 or 5 in the one's place?
  149. Where gems?
  150. Mastery on loading screen
  151. Xing Tian standard skin bug
  152. Sound bug
  153. Trapped in download loop! Please help!
  154. New launcher glitch
  155. Victory screen freeze
  156. Deserter after dc'ing from a won game
  157. Poseidon whirlpool bug also occurs with Hades Ultimate
  158. Smite Loading loop
  159. Ragnarok Force X duplicate Mech suits
  160. Issue with Khepri's ultimate
  161. Ragnarok Thor - Lag Inducing! D:
  162. I keep getting deserter
  163. Can't join games with humans
  164. cant log-in
  165. Chat posting twice and random deserter!
  166. Somehow playing with blocked players
  167. Ultimate Xbalanqué
  168. I can not play in the league conquests
  169. Bug on the first tutorial
  170. Ratatoskr dash "feels" shorter
  171. When switching output sound adapters mid game, only some sounds are actually moved
  172. Severe Hel Bug
  173. SMITE crashing after the splash screen.
  174. Gold Fury Bug
  175. How can a game/server be unstable if nobody in the game is lagging at all?
  176. Delete deserter time or reduce them until u not fix this (Disconnect at finish match)
  177. Zeus charges not showing
  178. Steam
  179. !!!Returning to Smite Menu while loading into a match + Desertions + Freya Glitch!!!
  180. Please fix this He Bo bug
  181. motd bugged?
  182. Loading Crash, Kicked to Lobby
  183. Rama's Roll is bugged
  184. Xeba Ult Janus portal = Instant Death
  185. no sound on smite
  186. disconnected due to internet problems
  187. Lost connection to login and chat servers
  188. Ne Zha V.P. bug
  189. Odin voice pack NOT working on VBA and VBD
  190. Odin voice pack missing a command
  191. Sol Action Animation Bug
  192. Ne Zha Defeat Screen Glitch
  193. Freya Ult is weird
  194. Smite swc chest
  195. PTS Issues Thread for 2.21 - Amaterasu, The Shining Light
  196. Not a bug, but fix this flaw. (SFX)
  197. Chang'e voice pack moonlight love
  198. Amaterasu's Bugs/Errors
  199. Chang'es Moonlit Waltz
  200. DC after match and deserter
  201. problem with "HiPatchService"
  203. Ranked and getting 0TP after wining
  204. Game Not Responding but then -
  205. This is BULLSHIT
  206. Ullr Level up and switch stance not working Bug
  207. God Purchase Bug
  208. Help please! Error game
  209. Nu Wa "Clay Explosion" achievement bugged?
  210. My Normal Life Everday!
  211. Bug with placing wards.
  212. Getting stuck on Thor Wall
  213. 'HiRezLauncherUI.exe has stopped working'
  214. Game Breaking Athena/Xian interaction
  215. booted at the win screen, did not get clan honor from mastery bonus
  216. God Guides from within the game don't function.
  217. Scylla ultimate bug with aegis interaction
  218. Ratatoskr stucked There
  219. Kicked after titan kill
  220. Mouse Locked on Match Start, Parties disbanded on force restart
  221. Disconnected from chat and login servers - Getting deserter?
  222. Cupid Heart Bomb Glitch
  223. Tower BUG
  224. Skills won't auto lvl while playing Amaterasu.
  225. Amaterasu Tooltip Error
  226. Freya's Pulse not working right
  227. Potential Amaterasu bug involving Aphro
  228. Are the new Achievements supposed to be at 0 points?
  229. Bug found in demo Chinese Joust Map
  230. Urgent bug report
  231. Thor Ragnarok Force X, bug?
  232. 1/12/16 pack broke the bot ai
  233. Amaterasu
  234. WTF Ranked Match Disconnecting?!
  235. Unable to install
  236. Amaterasu Scaling bug
  237. 2.21 Broke Auto Ability Leveling
  238. Disconnected From The Chat Servers
  239. Amaterasu & Aphrodite
  240. khepri and guan
  241. ymir death animation glitched
  242. Amaraterasu's Aura in Joust
  243. Karajuka Neith
  244. Sobek's kaiju skin vp is glitched
  245. Report system bugged
  246. Sent to home screen after loading screen. Please help!
  247. Harajuku neith bunny missing on the 3rd abilitie
  248. Bachus burp affects team-mates (screen shaking)
  249. Kaiju Sobek's 1 has no sound, or at least the sound is barely hearable.
  250. Chang-e passive bunny doesnt return to me