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  1. King Ar-Tyr Effects Missing
  2. Website keeps loading in Polish instead of English
  3. Question: if Hirez knows about the issue, why not fix it?
  4. 146x51 resolution after the patch
  5. Fix this.
  6. I lose my avatar "precursor latam"
  7. did not receive norse icon avatar.
  8. Beads doesnt work on ne zhas ult
  9. Rama doesn't count as a Hindu god.
  10. Hacker at assault screenshot proof
  11. Can't buy any gem during the god select
  12. Log In Reward Bug
  13. Game suddenly end
  14. I just disconnected
  15. Problems with Ranked
  16. Graphic card crash since the latest update!!!
  17. "LOGIN ERROR - Your login credentials are no longer valid."
  18. Fix the server!!!!
  19. You owe me a goddamn promotion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Recent Match didn't count
  21. Not getting TP for winning ranked match.
  22. Jing Wei dash vs Hades Ultimate
  23. Scarlet Coven Isis Skin
  24. SEA need fix about the connection
  25. Auto login error
  26. Cant migrate
  27. Still getting 250+ ping on SEA servers.
  28. Taunts bugged?
  29. Nu Wa crashes the game completely everytime
  30. Spear of magus outdated
  31. Really, Hi-rez?
  32. Jing Wei spawning under base
  33. Chiron Bugs
  34. Possible matchmaking bug
  35. Wukong does not appear on map
  36. No gems rewarded
  37. Smite God Selection Reset-Bug
  38. VGS can't be muted
  39. Charged 400 for arcane chest
  40. PTS Issues Thread for 3.16 - Fatal Awakening
  41. Xbox character selection screen
  42. Really Strange Disconnect Bug
  43. Ping
  44. Server issues
  45. I can't join queue
  46. Smite update?
  47. My friend logged out of smite and it keeps saying game is down
  48. Killed by is blank after dying
  49. K/A/W stats don't count towards your stats in ranked joust.
  50. Name Bug - Bling Vengence
  51. PTS Issues Thread for 3.16 - Fatal Awakening - Round 2!
  52. Gems not being credited
  53. Ratatoskr Acorn Of Yggdrasil Bug
  54. erlang shen , mana bug
  55. Clans & Match History
  56. Wtf Hi Rez launcher broke for me again
  57. Skadi-Kaldr Bug in Arena
  58. So i was playing conquest with my friend when i was sent back to the lobby
  59. random kick from lobby + unable to connect to server
  60. Ravana can ult twice
  61. Aphrodite Passive in todays motd.
  62. jandroid janus
  63. Bug Rango de ligas, posición
  64. Nox Skin Is Not In Game
  65. Season Ticket rewards bug
  66. Izanami can't crit on any target beyond the first one hit
  67. Fafnir without skin
  68. Ares Ulti Bug (Fernando skin)
  69. Lag issues since the last update
  70. Quetzakukulkan voice too low.
  71. Literally unplayable (Erlang Shen Pin Bug)
  72. Izanami's 3 can be cancelled for increased attack speed
  73. Fafnir's neck.
  74. Store Filters
  75. It is not possible to connect to the server
  76. It is not possible to connect to the server
  77. Smite.exe has stopped working
  78. Smite Won't Let me Get Into a Game
  79. Game is stuck
  80. Serqet's ult- Fenrir interaction
  81. Bluestone again
  82. Fafnir STANDARD glitch
  83. Guan yu passive indicator
  84. Claiming rewards bug
  85. Steam Smite Servers Down!?
  86. tickets being auto sent to trash
  87. Game keeps requeueing me
  88. Lobby Kicks, Re-Queues, Random Disconnects, and Accept Button Woes
  89. Bug With Loki's First Ability
  90. Found this weird bug/glitch after I lost a match of arena. Is this lag or what?
  91. Servers kicking you out of ranked while in Banning phase (Xbox)
  92. Guan Yu heal bug
  93. Practice Part 3 Bug?
  94. Izanami's basic attack colour
  95. Can't get 80 masteries archievement
  96. Not able to play smite
  97. crashed on loading phase
  98. Unable to play
  99. Fenrir icon name issue
  100. Phytagorem's Piece with too much lifesteal
  101. e-mail problem
  102. 2 Bugs.
  103. Getting kicked to the lobby when joining a game bug?
  104. Izanami's life steal not working
  105. Menu UI is bugged - no highlight or scroll
  106. Ra 2
  107. Izanami Sorted as a Magical God on Website
  108. [FR] Déserteur
  109. Deserter for no reason
  110. Nox skin (Bunbun) in chest but not playable
  111. Can't switch to default Fafnir
  112. RAMA arrows not dropping
  113. God pack issue
  114. 80 Mastery Badge Missing
  115. Reward claim bug
  116. Missing rewards in season ticket
  117. Poseidon can hit Freya during ultimate at full ascension
  118. DLC Bug
  119. Quetzakukulkan's voice and damage pots.
  120. Bastet's "Cat Scratch" achievement
  121. Launcher client thinks servers are down.
  122. Can´t Connect to Authentication Service
  123. All my text shows up as boxes.
  124. Tyr may knock players back up to the platform in assault.
  125. I can't build Thanatos
  126. always bad state
  127. Conquest Map Bug (Sitting on Tower)
  128. PTS Issues Thread for 3.17 - The Odyssey Returns
  129. PTS hasnt updated to version 3.17 for me
  130. Xing Tian Mountain: Janus bug on pts
  131. Amateratsu Ult bugged?
  132. blue, black, or tan screen in middle of match
  133. Erlang Emotes
  134. Too much time to play a League
  135. Hud-Edit Setup Broken
  136. 30 Minute Deserter Bug
  137. Hel 2
  138. What did i do to deserve this
  139. 80 gods mastered icon
  140. black flashing text and missing icons and item backgrounds
  141. Speed Hack Bug
  142. Lock Ranked Match !
  143. "Preview voice" on the Foxy skin Amaterasu through the Odyssey, previews default Amat
  144. Crashing if I click "Arena" in the Play section
  145. Foxy Amaterasu VP?
  146. Steam client keeps saying "version missmatch"
  147. Stuck in victory/defeat screen
  148. Amaterasu VP
  149. Issue with the Xing Tian
  150. My Friends in my friends list all disappeared
  151. Fafnir's laugh can't be heard while in Dragon form (with Griffindwarf skin)
  152. Finished an Odyssey quest, got no points
  153. Skin issues
  154. I got a coupon for an exclusive skin.
  155. Can't even get into the Odyssey matches
  156. SMITE Game window stucks
  157. Amaterasu bugged Ultimate.
  158. Death screen not black and white anymore
  159. Ps4 bug crash (help me)
  160. Odin and Free Hugs
  161. Old Wa Voicelines
  162. Clicking play does nothing
  163. ao kuang passive doesnt reset between matches for Xing mountain
  164. Odyssey quest says in progress, and is not under special events any more.
  165. Coupons for exclusive skins at 0 gems...but don't work
  166. Xing Tian's Mountain Ares Bug?
  167. Joust map bug with Hercules
  168. Got a claimed code from the game jetpack fighters
  169. Joust issue?
  170. Unable to proceed in Odyssey (Japanese second quest)
  171. Odyssey Quests not counting properly
  172. Still getting stuck in the victory/defeat screen!
  173. A problem
  174. Can't find Smite.exe to add it to the AMD settings so runs on the integrated card
  175. odyssey update issues
  176. Xing Tian's Mountain Leaderboard bug...
  177. Was Not Awarded Odyssey Points For Completing Quest
  178. PC: launcher says game/ server is down and won't let me launch.
  179. Mayor disconnection issue
  180. Can't log In to the game at all
  181. I can't start another quest of the odyssey
  182. Can't login!!!
  183. xing of the hill bug
  184. purchase error (duckbill)
  185. No phrases play when you log into a match.
  186. New Nu Wa skin mislabeled?
  187. Izanami bug
  188. Major Bugs
  189. Damage missing
  190. Xing Tian's 3 description still says that using a skill would cancel the leap
  191. Fafnir can't laugh in Griffin form in Griffindwarf skin
  192. Hun Batz 2
  193. Lag spikes lag spikes and more lag spikes
  194. Q4 Japanese "In Progress" but unable to complete quest.
  195. About that skin hotfix today.
  196. Xing Tian's 3, can leap 3 times
  197. Zhong Kui's recalled demons has graphical glitch
  198. Free Artemis skin code bug
  199. currentlt multiple major bugs on xbox?
  200. Deserter Issue
  201. error machmaking
  202. Susano-o and Bluestone Pendant
  203. End game screen stuck glitch
  204. Japanese Quest 5 not being added to my active quests
  205. Jing wei never ending ult flight in Xing tians mountain
  206. Two Xing Tian bugs (with video)
  207. There was a error processing your purchase. (Duckbill)
  208. Terras monolith
  209. Odyssey points didn't add?
  210. Smite and Paladins not starting. Even Reseting the Game is not Working
  211. Clash Queue's?
  212. IDK whats going on?
  213. xing of the hill bug
  214. Arena, Assault I assume other match modes broken.
  215. Hi-rez this lobby bug must be fixed immediately!
  216. I think I figured out why the lobbies keep getting kicked.
  217. MalwareBytes blocking viruses from smite after entering Joust
  218. Japanese Quest 4: Play as a Japanese God
  219. Oyssey Quest - Japanese Quest Q2 Bugged
  220. No reward for 3000 Odyssey points
  221. hieroglyphs in the main menu
  222. cutesy avatar chest problem!
  223. Frenzy buff with Ritual Dagger duration bug
  224. Bug/Probably Not Intentional: Adding a referrer after 10 days. Doesn't need to be an
  225. Odyssey Quest Bug - Japanese Q4
  226. no sound?
  227. Re-rolling quests doesn't work
  228. Possible Nu Wa Bug
  229. Server is down on steam?
  230. Banned for 54K hours for no reason
  231. High Lag/Latency Problem
  232. Smite launch problem
  233. Smite keeps crashing when i click the shop in game and i cannot close the rewards tab
  234. Lion is broken again
  235. Sun glare on mac
  236. It seems Scylla's ult is bugged when it comes to the reset aspect of it
  237. Losing RANKED TP in Xing Tians mountain???
  238. Can't start a new oddesey quest
  239. 3.16 Console Patch The odyssey returns, weird issue upon udate
  240. assault mid sparkles
  241. Completed odyssey quests but got no points from it
  242. Cannot Start HiRez error
  243. deserter penalty for nothing?
  244. Smite Xbox Unable to Connect To Server After Install
  245. Erlangs taunt persists after he dies
  246. Assault glitch, Healer Vs No Healer XBOX
  247. Buggy abilities and sprites
  248. Jumping while casting an ability
  249. Old Wa Nu Wa bug
  250. Ranked bug