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  1. jing wei ulty bug
  2. Custom Game: Ban Mode final picks broken for months - never fixed
  3. Small Bug with jin wei's ultimate
  4. 2 Jing Wei bugs
  5. Trapped icon not increasing progress bar
  6. Season ticket bug???
  7. Disconnected from Bonus Round has issues with parties.
  8. match crashed in the Bonus!
  9. Jing Wei passive landing bug, unable to use skills/basic attacks
  10. Cannot change in-game name
  11. Sudden Death wins
  12. Jing Wei passive
  13. Please help me fix this:
  14. nox get out of the map with jings help!
  15. Unable to connect to server
  16. Didn't get progress on Trapped Icon.
  17. Bug: Ao Kuang
  18. Chrono's 1 can't hit knocked up enemies
  19. Bonus Round event bug: Vulcan
  20. Everything is invisible!!!!!!!
  21. Possible Jing Wei Bug
  22. Raijin Bug
  23. Artemis's Tusky gets CC before he hits a god
  24. Jing wei bug
  25. Minor Jing Wei Visual Glitch
  26. Casting Jing Wei's "Agility" very quickly after getting knocked up makes it fail
  27. Game deciding to play transparent gods and maps
  28. Jing Wei Explosive Bolts Glitch (Game Breaking)
  29. Sobek high seas voice pack
  30. Tyr stance bug
  31. BONUS ROUND BUGS! Moving before start and instantdeath.
  32. Weird Arena bonus bug
  33. Teleportation Bug on Omega's stream
  34. Escape the Underworld Bug?
  35. Ares Fernando bugs. Yea there is more than one
  36. Crashed during match connection.
  37. Jing Wei's ult prevents you from using autos or casting abilities
  38. Hack or Bug Stopping Z-axis Movement
  39. More sweet Jing Wei bugs!
  40. Bonus Round won and didn't count for my friend also is this a Kali bug?
  41. Sun Wukong's decoy protests him from towers.
  42. Anhur Jump
  43. Jing Wei breaks gravity when ulting into the wall behind Fire Giant.
  44. EU ping issues
  45. Keyboard bug
  46. Serquet's ult
  47. Smite Visual Bugs
  48. Potential Bug Heartseeker should be in attack speed
  49. can't login in
  50. Great Article To Help
  51. Stuck in ground after arena victory and bonus victory
  52. Recent Matches (on website)
  53. Friends and I Stuck at Login Screen
  54. Ares ult bug!
  55. Not getting quest credit
  56. Gamebreaking Jing Wei bug in arena
  57. Unable to accept match under certain circumstances
  58. Players skipping around running faster than possible?
  59. Popular items usually has blank page
  60. AMC Hives Not Placed But On Cooldown When CCed @ Same Time
  61. Logicool Gamepad F310 Settings
  62. Can't View Smite Profiles on X1
  63. Daily Login
  64. Enemy Surrenders Arena, I get deserter?
  65. The The Depths of Tartarus special event quest counts up in bot games
  66. Freya bug?
  67. Smite Music Theme
  68. Can'ts buy items in shop
  69. Odin's Ultimate Blocks Ah Puch's Ultimate
  70. PTS Issues Thread for 3.7 - Grim Weaver
  71. Jing Wei can be stuck in the air after ulting
  72. Minor Awilix Bug
  73. failed to initialize assembly file
  74. Hades skin crashes the game
  75. Kaldr cannot attack Siege and Assualt Pheonixes.
  76. Bonus round bugg
  77. Jing Wei bug
  78. cant see skins
  79. Skadi AA bug.
  80. Music Themes!
  81. Rama's attack speed ability giving wrong value
  82. Two minor bugs with Scylla
  83. Jing Wei AA Bug
  84. My Smite is really messed up.
  85. Loki Infiltrator Skin Bug
  86. Xbox linking issue
  87. kumbhakarna passive on arena bonus round glitch
  88. Teamed Up Plat Message ID Not Found
  89. Unbugged
  90. Order side top elo gold 2 against 3 pros.
  91. Only 1 weekly quest
  92. Low fps are back
  93. Janus Problems
  94. "Player Disconnected" and underworld quests
  95. Nox and Ymir bug
  96. Athena "Peacekeeper" and "Enforcer" Voice packs not working.
  97. Jing wei ult buggym ess
  98. Ah Muzen Cab's Honey
  99. Nu Wa VP
  100. Is Cabraken's Ultimate Bugged?
  101. Awilix Ability Bug in Arena
  102. Tyr Bug in Bonus Round
  103. Ranked Joust dosn't count Mastery Stats
  104. Steel Scarab Khepri Voice (mainly taunts / joke /laugh)
  105. Managed to end up stuck in base during bonus round
  106. Clan Admin Tab Glitch?
  107. ULtimate GOD PACK ISSUE
  108. Quest not progress for winning the FWOTD
  109. Escape mission bug
  110. Deserter for Water Juggle and First wins of the day not counting ?
  111. Not rewarding points
  112. Nox Limited Skin Defeat Screen bug
  113. I found a Jing Wei bug in the 3.7 Patch :D
  114. First win of the day 30 times quest bug
  115. Server crash (@ loading frames) + force quit = 30min deserter
  116. Lobby chat bug
  117. Exexution not working 2 scenarios
  118. Game stops responding at loading frames
  119. Ah Puch in Clash
  120. match que accept black screen
  121. Escape! quest + bug
  122. Escape Event Quest Bug, Again
  123. Sylvanus Attacking Phoenix
  124. Loading screen crashes
  125. Jing wei instantcasting ult not working
  126. No Lobby Chat After Games
  127. Nieth pirate skin sound bug
  128. Can't Get Past Tutorial
  129. Achievment system is broken.
  130. Problem textures
  131. Jing wei - major exploit
  132. Vulcan's ult can kill chang'e in the middle of her 2.
  133. I assume it's a bug
  134. Major AA bug - Can't AA after using abilities occasionally
  135. No quest progress OR season ticket points OR FWOTD
  136. Cant accept game because screen goes black
  137. Ratatoskr wall bug
  138. Achievements not counting??
  139. Lobby chat not appearing anymore
  140. Mercury Ultimate Bug
  141. HI-REZ PLZZZ Chat bug ( been happening to 80% of my friends)
  142. Nemesis' dash bug
  143. Amaterasu Sound Bug
  144. Two normal arena matches lost despite being well ahead of the enemy team/game freeze
  145. Jing Wei Double Passive Glitch/Bug
  146. Arachne -- Cocoon Bug
  147. Minor bug involving Skadi Rental.
  148. I dont know what you done Hi-res but Smite is a complete mess
  149. Ultimate God Pack bug!
  150. FWOTD no challange point, no bonus favor
  151. getting kicked from lobby
  152. I can't open Smite anymore
  153. Gods worhsipers lvl stuck
  154. He Bo's ultimate and Jing Wei's passive
  155. Arachne 3 bug.
  156. Aphrodite Super Speed Bug
  157. Aphro MOTD bug
  158. This patch is plagued with tons of crash bugs or is it just windows 10?
  159. Fire Elementals and Geb's Roll
  160. Steam Achievements not working
  161. Just got deserter for being unable to see the ACCEPT button...
  162. Clan Store Chest
  163. Fantasy Point Missing
  164. Lag when sound plays
  165. Get your shit together Hi-Rez
  166. Xing Tian Ult Bug
  167. Guan's passive bug
  168. Nox shadow step is bugged with athena
  169. Jing Wei "Persistent Gust" Does ZERO Damage When Jumped Into
  170. Soul Stone procs twice on Janus
  171. Bug, on Potions and relics on start.
  172. Khepri Avatar bug (no pun intended)
  173. Gamebreaking fire elementals
  174. Ranked Victories Don't Carry Over On Loading Screen Card
  175. GG Global Emote's Visuals are Disjointed
  176. Mail of Renewal and Sylvanus
  177. Critical Jingwei Bug +in-game fix
  178. 2.V.2017 motd bugged , 0 % chance finishing match
  179. New Athena Only Clash Crash
  180. You is Rockstar crashes
  181. Bakasura bug
  182. Mail of renewal proccing off of Ah Puch's minions
  183. Mail of Renewal still doesn't proc from destroying towers
  184. Intense lag, and rubberbanding.
  185. Osiris spirit form persists permanently
  186. Game didn't go to god select. Deserter as result.
  187. [Xbox ] Item dissappearing in match
  188. bug report
  189. Lost connection to lobby and chat servers, match win did not result in quest progress
  190. PTS Issues Thread for 3.8 - The Perfect Storm
  191. Chiron 2 marker visual bug.
  192. Susano third ability bug?
  193. Very odd raijin bug
  194. Quest didn't advance
  195. PTS Issues Thread for 3.8 - The Perfect Storm - Round 2!
  196. Log in bug
  197. Kaldr vs Isis
  198. Xing tian's 1 on pts
  199. Major bug about the promo site
  200. bugged chest roles?
  201. Cant get in smite tried everything
  202. lag when the game start
  203. I have a quite awful problem with the installer. I need help.
  204. MOTD "Infinite Assault" description is wrong
  205. Rama ult bug
  206. High Seas Sobek
  207. Yo I need an answer right now man (MSG ID 24506)
  208. Sol's 3.
  209. Achievements problem
  210. Ra slow not wearing off (Infinite Assault)
  211. Serqet - Demonsoul - Combra's Kiss - Wrong color O_O
  212. Arena underworld event, could move before it started
  213. Victory banner taking several minutes to go away
  214. Jing Wei Ult from Fountain on Assault INSTANT DEATH
  215. Nox's Shadow Step scaling bug
  216. Please fix the accept button issue
  217. Game Minimizing Bug?
  218. Awilix Bug?
  219. Random crashes on newest patch
  220. Weird Buglike thing on Loki
  221. Nox + Jing Wei Passive Bug
  222. The Social media skins, they never work
  223. Nu Wa Aurum skin BUG
  224. Issues with the Hi-Rez Diagnostic tool
  225. Can't unbox the extra chests I got this patch
  226. Season ticket bug
  227. Matches do not show in history, nor it add god kills/assists to god stats in history
  228. Jing Wei Ultimate bug
  229. 2x Lobby
  230. Can we get a single patch without issues? Is it possible?
  231. Ranked Conquest Lobby Freezing
  232. Jing Wei Falling Glitch
  233. All stacks from Cabrakan's 2 lost if the 2 cast is interrupted
  234. 3.8 Season Ticket Glitch
  235. Merc passiv when jumping.
  236. Skadi's tool tip on Kaldr is wrong
  237. Arachne/Loki + Heartseeker Bug (Video included)
  238. Jing Wei Bugs/Lobby bug
  239. Susanoo Bug - Can Jet Stream into towers and phoenixes
  240. Glitched Jing Wei Ultimate
  241. Double End Game Lobby in chat box.
  242. Practice Match Weird Bug
  243. Susano Jet Stream teleport bug
  244. My game keeps crashing when I try to go in game! Please help!
  245. Bug with Ratatoskr's killing dart
  246. Susanoo Jet Stream damage bug
  247. Susano Storm Kata bug
  248. Susano Storm Kata[Dash] vs Loki Ultimate
  249. Teamed Up achievement (gold) display bug
  250. Hydra's Lamnent Doesn't Work With Skadi's Second Ability