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  1. Several annoying bugs in Sand And Skies patch
  2. I sent a 400 gems gift to my friend, my gems gone but he didn't get the gift!!
  3. God mod, no hitboxes, fountain bug
  4. Profile screen bug
  5. Game kicks me to lobby, freezes, or lags out
  6. Gold Glitch
  7. Horus ult interaction with Da Ji ult (and possibly other pull/fly/untargetable ults)
  8. Whatever relic is in my second slot I can not use.
  9. Unable to use chat + bellona bugged (after arhur ult?)
  10. Cannot Lock-In
  11. Names not showing on friends list
  12. Game crashing launching
  13. FPS keeps resetting
  14. My Friend can't unblock me.
  15. HUGE bug with Hou Yi : using his 3 makes the game crash sometimes
  16. Clan Search doesn't show anything.
  17. I choose PvP - and the game is ONLY and ALWAYS against bots
  18. Hourus Daji global fountain pull
  19. Matchamking bug
  20. Hera Divine Shroud
  21. King Arthur ult giving enemies immunity to damage
  22. Item based damage breaking Chiron ult
  23. Disconnecting player bug
  24. swindler tail
  25. Queue bug
  26. The Morrigan Bugs
  27. Hi-rez Literally seems to not care about it's community. I'm out.
  28. There goes my perfect Goodwill, again.
  29. Horus/Da Ji More this isn't fair play it is exploit.
  30. Silvanus Nature's Protection 25% chance stun doesn't work
  31. smite's friendlist is bugged and many more.
  32. Bastet dominatrix skin winning animation bug
  33. Ne Zha / Kumbha Ult Bug
  34. Horus ult + da ji ult bug
  35. Can't see or type in Lobby Chat.
  36. Skins/Newer Gods not playing proper Victory/Defeat animations/Other Issues
  37. Hera model glitch
  38. Why is Horus STILL designated a healer in Assault?
  39. Neo Olympia - PTS Issues Thread
  40. Hel new skin Pop Punk bugged (Ares chains don't display)
  41. Scylla ult Bug
  42. Achilles immune bug
  43. İnternet cut during que and Deserter
  44. Hera Ody Chest Bug
  45. Evolved items
  46. Crashed at God Select for Arena
  47. Is Set ult bugged?
  48. Covert Ops Bastet win screen bugged (Cat Doesn't show)
  49. Merlin inconsistent interaction with Soul Gem and Rod of Tahuti
  50. In Queue Bug
  51. Mage's Blessing does not work with Loki's decoy
  52. hera ult bug
  53. Thana ult
  54. Bug In Send Gifts
  55. Xbal/Da Ji interaction
  56. janus portal crippling bug
  57. Hi Rez STILL hasn't fixed Horus as a healer in Assault
  58. light effect with logitech keyboard bug
  59. Ranked gem rewards not dispensed
  60. Ratatoskr ult --> Game crash
  61. Wont let me play with other players!
  62. Morrigan Vs Kali Duel Bug
  63. Horus can't perform any actions after ulting
  64. Not earning worshippers after a game
  65. Friend crashes in parties
  66. Skadi pet emotes stopped displaying
  67. Diamond gods counter inaccurate
  68. Broken chat
  69. Chat user list empty
  70. No player by that name online bug
  71. Missing boosters indicator
  72. Bastet's cats are missing from her win screen
  73. Janus bug on Joust
  74. AI in assault is busted
  75. New Clash Changes Bug
  76. Accidentally Blocked Friend, and now I can't Un-Block. HELP! ;_;
  77. Play button to join queue does nothing...
  78. baned for 30 minutes
  79. VGS bug
  80. Ymir Ult does not cleanse certain CCs (Horrific Emblem Slow)
  81. Looks like "Rise of the Clones" achievement doesn't work
  82. New Set Skin Crashing Game
  83. Can't unlock the Kawaii Bundle
  84. Stuck in party when Entering Game, can't leave
  85. Deserter bug
  86. Renting/Locking-in bug
  87. Bug with animation when laughing
  88. Add a friend button on my own profile
  89. Gaming crashing upon entering main menu
  90. Match is in a bad state and will close - never closes.
  91. New Assault map is extremely buggy
  92. Permanent Set Sandstorm Bug
  93. My character keeps going around in circles
  94. Сan you justify the existence of a deserter over 120 minutes?
  95. Getting main menu'd bug/glitch
  96. Issue with Battle for Olympus rolls using gems but not unlocking skins
  97. Bugged Lobby
  98. Why is Ao Kuang instantly throwing away the remaining dragons?
  99. Chronos pendant, medusa ult and artemis ult
  100. Massive DC waves these past few days
  101. Fountain not returning mana bug
  102. Patch update to 6.6.5467.1 hangs at 72.5% with 0 MB left
  103. Set sandstorm bug
  104. Freya Bug
  105. Ao Kuang phase through player wall bug
  106. Pre-game God Select Search Reset Bug
  107. Archangel Chernobog voicepack
  108. Casting Bugs (Two bugs... Jumping and wall targeting)
  109. Erlang No Shield Cancel Bug
  110. Worshippers not updating
  111. Fullscreen Bug
  112. Ruler of the Heavens - PTS Issues Thread
  113. WIndow Borderless Notification Crash
  114. Smite game won't let me play at all and it is glitched
  116. Ranked bug in lobby
  117. Stuck inside clan
  118. When clicking que popup smite ceases to exist
  119. Easy anti-cheat false positive
  120. Smite client crashing
  121. Horus Diamond Skin Visual Error
  122. Lobby bugged when picking gods
  123. Crashing every time
  124. "Auto skills" option unchecks itself
  125. Ao kuang's 2 , throwing dragons is forced instant cast.
  126. Set sandstorm stayed on me long after the ability ended; killed me
  127. Unknown Deserter???
  128. Failed to lunch game while downloading?!!
  129. Wind Demon passive doesn't affect Silverbranch passive
  130. Game still has 64bit issues, chat/clan/friends list iassues
  131. morrigan bugg
  132. Keybind Fails When Relaunching Game
  133. Co-op Assault Friendly AI broken
  134. Horus breaks AutoSkill/Autoitem
  135. game cuts off after olorun patch
  136. Defeat/Victory screen offset
  137. Merlin's blizzard does stop doing tick dmg when leaving hit zone
  138. Worshipper Menu
  139. Profile Bug
  140. Bug with Da Ji voiceline using 2 in her "Death Lotus" skin
  141. battle boosters you loose all battle points for game,even quest points
  142. Baron samedi announcer pack bug
  143. Can ban god I've selected
  144. Cant cast ult till i rebind it
  145. Undoing upgrading a relic started the cooldown of said relic.
  146. Odd damage seen happening
  147. Elements missing on Star Force Neith skin
  148. Every game mode but conquest ALWAYS kicks me to main menu before the game
  149. Ratatoskr's basic attack are slower after his 2 and his 3 but not his 1 or his 4.
  150. Can't select Set
  151. In two matches at the same time.
  152. Olorund Ult and Interaction with Stone of Binding
  153. kicked out to lobby
  154. Horus stuck in the air
  155. Japanese Loading Frame Level 28 reward
  156. Weird bug after selecting god
  157. Just got 10 min deserter from being disconnected while picking a god
  158. does not start heading
  159. Desertor for 1430 mins
  160. Serqet Dealing Infinite Tick Damage
  161. Merlin 1 Bug
  162. Unalbe to purchase last item from Electro Raver chest
  163. Spinning as soon as game starts
  164. Loadout keeps resetting
  165. Smite Jungle Practice Odin Armor Bug
  166. The Morrigan loses potions when ulting
  167. Game is in x2 speed can't play properly
  168. Season 6 Mid-Season Update PTS Issues Thread
  169. He bo 3 does not proc Stone of Gaia
  170. Party Icon Not Functions As Intended
  171. Hera Argus 3 bug?
  172. Spectator Bugs
  173. Aphrodites voice pack is super low!
  174. Group/queue problems
  175. Return to selection screen
  176. Automatic walking backward
  177. Baron Samedi not ranged/Merlin tooltip strange
  178. Potions and elixirs not activating
  179. Da Ji's One Thousand Cuts is blocking Horus' Fracture
  180. Profil is broken
  181. Drop Down Selector Glitch
  182. bugged animations
  183. NA server might have issues
  184. Strange black box
  185. Beads don't stop baron ult
  186. Black box on screen when playing bastet
  187. In game mute button does not work
  188. Report button does not work
  189. Lock-In god sound playing at inappropriate times
  190. Some abilities, targeters and other effects are invisible
  191. Game shuts down if you click on you have an invite notification outside of game
  192. Profanity filter always on
  193. Kumbha passive in Olorun ult crashes the server
  194. Chiron auto-items are not updated when returning to the fountain
  195. Client never starts after update
  196. Constantly sent to homescreen
  197. Report button doesn't work
  198. Name was changed to something i didnt change it to
  199. Battle point team booster
  200. Jing wei pheonix victory screen bug
  201. Some Olorun's ult interactions make you go to main screen (match dissapears)
  202. Constantly warping around
  203. Crash Bug
  204. Olorun Fail-not interaction
  205. Cannot buy gems: redirected to HiRez's website instead of a XSolla interface
  206. Getting kicked out of match and unable to log back in
  207. Deserter penalty while in queue
  208. MOTD Infinite Bans Bug
  209. FIX MOTD - 8/02/2019 (*Infinite Bans)
  210. Bad name index - Crash after startup at loading new skins
  211. Crash on skin loading - Xablanque mesh size error
  212. Whats causing my game to be unstable, 64bit/DX11/High+ Texture settings
  213. Skin selection only takes effect when selecting before locking in
  214. The report button no longer disables after reporting
  215. The report reason category selection was changed to an awful forward/back navigation
  216. The chat disappears if not active (faster? right away?)
  217. Isis Staff of Myrddin
  218. Random keypresses not registering after playing a match.
  219. Bug prevented me from playing.
  220. SMITE - Queen of the Underworld PTS Issues Thread
  221. Chat Broken: Please Fix
  222. Chat timestamps auto-adjust after match
  223. Can't pm or block people
  224. Hera can get free shields
  225. Ra Snow Strix Skin causing crashes?
  226. game shop bug
  227. Awilix and loki ult bug and profile bug
  228. Gem Shop Bug
  229. Chronos pendent bug
  230. Horus Skills Bug
  231. Morrigan/Kali Ultimate Glitch
  232. Erlang shen
  233. Ares visual bug + no data in worshipers window
  234. Olorun Ult Cancels Zeus detonate charge
  235. Smite Freezing After Latest Windows Update - August 12, 2019
  236. Smite Error Pad on PC
  237. Kukulkan T5 after match commendation problem
  238. If Persephone harvests a skull too fast, she can't place another one in the same spot
  239. Horus Protector's Surge stuck on walls
  240. God Loading screen connection issue
  241. Persephones Ultimate
  242. Bad_module_info
  243. Loadouts sometimes reset
  244. Persephone
  245. Post-match commendation screen: stuck
  246. Profile: Worshippers has been broken for a good long while now
  247. Controllers not working after patch
  248. Problems with SMITE anticheat and Logitech Gaming Software
  249. Critical bug: Horus cannot use his 3 to phase through terrain anymore
  250. Joust Map Boundaries