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  1. Chiron Autos
  2. HiRez games not uninstalling correctly
  3. Skadis kaldr bugged in joust
  4. When i joined a match, i was still in main meny
  5. Bug Hera's Odyssey challenge
  6. Smite stack at "Waiting on game data"
  7. Bugged Season 2 loading frame ?
  8. 4k UI Issues
  9. Chat messages not showing up in game.
  10. Party joining bug
  11. Mmr dropping bug
  12. Gifts Bug
  13. Voices playing from multiple voice packs on same god / skin
  14. Gifting is bugged
  15. Bugged gifts
  16. Silver vs master (Duel mode)
  17. King Arthur OBVIOUS BUGS and suggestions
  18. Models getting stuck facing the wrong way.
  19. Assult Custom Game
  20. Pathetic work from Hi-Rez!
  21. Game crash on startup
  22. Enigma Chest booster missing after restart.
  23. God Builder not updating
  24. MOTD Lobby Bug
  25. Ticket Edge 2015 NOT WORKING
  26. Bugs present for a while in smite PC from Steam + patch 6.1 issues
  27. Arthur's stances change when using consumables
  28. God leaderboard rewards
  29. undefined season
  30. I have not received my Guan Yu skin despite having 80 ranked Conquest wins.
  31. King Arthur's potion bug
  32. Unplayable PC-Only Experience - Matchmaking Divides Users by PC-Only or Crossplay ON.
  33. Friend list auto scrolls to top
  34. Rank Previous history erased
  35. Just played a game with two Gods not able to take any damge.
  36. Party bug
  37. Every time i launch the game it crashes.
  38. Waiting for game data - game freeze
  39. Bug with party issues
  40. Where is Mercury?
  41. VXG random bug
  42. MOTD display
  43. Crossplay option
  44. Neith ult indicator didnt show up.
  45. Pick order bug
  46. Abyssal Warrior Sun Wukong Bug
  47. Merlin Game Start Bug
  48. I have to redownload 1.03 GB of data everytime i launch smite
  49. Not able to find match...
  50. Merlin bugs
  51. Playing Merlin Turns off Auto Skills Mid Match
  52. SMITE - The World Serpent Update PTS Issues Thread
  53. King Arthur enhanced Ultimate bugs
  54. Freya's new 1
  55. Error en la carga de mi cuenta
  56. Global Emote Random Selection Resets
  57. Smite x64 broken (Windows 7)
  58. Artio potion bug
  59. Version Mismatch
  60. Khumba+Ao
  61. infinite shift wukong skin plays the basic attack hit sound effect when you select it
  62. i have a bug with mi acount
  63. Chat not working/major lag since latest patch
  64. Winner chests missing?
  65. A disappearing list of friends
  66. Bug (daily bundle)
  67. Kaldr stuck in fountain. Casual Conquest
  68. Random Crash when Pele or Rajiin (for now) use some skin and voice pack.
  69. season 5 bugs,crashes and season ticket
  70. Can't buy gems in smite store ?
  71. Some King Arthur bugs/inconsistencies.
  72. I want my ranked tps back.
  73. Cannot use Free Voice Pack Coupon
  74. 2 bugs
  75. Bug o hacks ¿Ç
  76. Motd
  77. Game freezes when I try to buy items in Clash
  78. Morrigan bugs still present
  79. The moment even Smite launcher is Garbage
  80. Big Merlin bug. His fire and ice do not proc tahuti but arcane stance does
  81. Process Hacker
  82. I am missing skins on PC that I have on Xbox.
  83. violation detected error
  84. HUGE BUG, Invincibility/no regen on base/unavailable shop/
  85. Unable to auto attack
  86. Kuzenbo bug
  87. Epic Season 2 Loading Frame
  88. I've been in the "Highest priority queue" forever
  89. Ranked Queue: Deserter Bug?
  90. SMITE Community Issues Trello Board
  91. Issue with party invites with the World Serpent Update + Jormungandr camera problem
  92. PC only que is broken
  93. Jormungandr Submerge Bug
  94. Possible Jormungandr Sumberge bug?
  95. Jormungandr damage taken every second after Merlin hit in Arena, even out of combat
  96. Skin Change
  97. Jormungandr Submerge visible
  98. Jing Wei bug
  99. Lobby Chat Down Always
  100. Custom builder bug
  101. Victory Screen Bug
  102. Missing 3x event..
  103. Deserter bug
  104. Error/Bug
  105. Archon Thanatos - two holes on his back
  106. A bug with Smite gems purchases, not able to buy
  107. Party bug
  108. Clan bug
  109. Arena and Assault - Infinite "The system could not find a match for you"
  110. Pc only que is broken!
  111. ping issues
  112. Avatar for god masteries not updating, and list of diamond gods not updating
  113. Apparently Ao Kuang doesn't like to eat the baby.
  114. smite keeps crashing?
  115. Artemis trap + left click results in an auto attack
  116. I Can not Link My Steam Account.
  117. Seam in new Chang'e Skin
  118. Merlin's Radiate (Fire Stance 1) Tooltip (or ability) Incorrect
  119. pack of small bugs
  120. Archangel Chernobog VGS
  121. Deserter bug
  122. Buff icons not updating properly
  123. i have a bug in my acolades
  124. Smite guru party bug
  125. Kicked out of Ranked Match and lost TP
  126. Where are my skins?
  127. Current/Known Issues Found so Far
  128. SMITE Darkness Falls PTS Issues Thread
  129. Merlin Steam Achievement "Infused With Power" description
  130. Can't leave my clan
  131. Stance switching bug
  132. T1-2 Items disappear and cannot finish T3 without buying full item
  133. bellona t5 skin bug
  134. kali get bugged at morrigan ult
  135. Neith Ulti-ing NuWa right before NuWa Ultimate
  136. Nemesis second dash is canceled mid-/within-dash on timeout/cooldown
  137. Merlin infinity tick dmg
  138. Nox shadow lock on Chreno 3
  139. Loading cards haven't been showing properly for like a year now
  140. how to fix the endless disconnect bug
  141. Games are just dropping
  142. Jormungundr Assault bug
  143. can't pick thoth in ranked conquest
  144. Casuals match system fails to find me a match
  145. Telling me I have to unlock diamond skin again
  146. item builder & autobuy/autolevel
  147. Fix merlin!!!!!! Auto skill turns off still!!!!!!!
  148. Matchmaking bug with report system
  149. Runeforged not working w/ Tyr ult
  150. Pretty Bad Artio Bug
  151. Chat issues
  152. Nox+Merlin Bug
  153. Sea Maiden Medusa statue bug?
  154. Not the correct number of diamonds. (Small bug?)
  155. Tiny Vamana display bug (god info screen)
  156. Daily connection reward bug
  157. Updated on April the 2nd 2019, Daily rewards
  158. Daily Login Reward Reset, But Not UI
  159. Mixer Bug
  160. Loading frame broken
  161. Council of the Gods Bundle
  162. Co-op Match Rewards Bugged
  163. Item Store doesn't close when rebound away from "i"
  164. The morrigan miguardian mail bug
  165. "Play" Button not working in launcher.
  166. In-game Bug - God Out-of-Sync with game
  167. Ranked is bugged, God Leaderboard Reward Bugged as well.
  168. No partys
  169. Level-up Bonus bug
  170. Store no longer has redeem code option
  171. cambio de día
  172. Launching Match Game Crash
  173. Can't see Abilities and Aim Help
  174. Bug with maximum rank for season
  175. login prize reseting everyday
  176. SPL 2016 Frame not lighting up upon load
  177. Battle pass chests crashes game
  178. Daily Login bug
  179. Game crashes if you load into god select on rewards menu
  180. battle pass reward chests causing crashes
  181. Getting this error when trying to install standalone smite launcher
  182. Crash when opening Champions Chest
  183. Xing Tian is missing
  184. Game says I'm in a que when I'm not
  185. Amuzen Cab Assualt Bee hive
  186. Mixer Points not accumulating.
  187. Smite "compensation" for Daily Rewards bug
  188. Chests bugged
  189. Blank Gods Selection screen, twice
  190. erro de atualização de pat5
  191. problem with load game
  192. Problem with chat in-game and chat in lobby
  193. Ice Queen Aphrodite Skin Particle Bugged
  194. Season 6 spring split
  195. Level 30 reward dont received
  196. More in the launcher but could't find a better place to put it.
  197. Lobby Chat Issues
  198. Khepri Ultimate Glitch
  199. Stuck on victory screen
  200. Game stuttering
  201. Yet another The Morigian Bug/Exploit.
  202. One more problem with timer
  203. Easy Anti Cheat Trouble?
  204. Jing Wei 1 bug
  205. New Player Experience
  206. Default Voice Pack won't load in most gods
  207. Game is closing to desktop right after getting to game menu
  208. Game closes as i open it
  209. Game Crashed When Buying Dialy Bundle
  210. Smite is crush when i try buy a daily bundle
  211. Jing Wei graphic bugs with dx11
  212. Audio bug, present since season 3
  213. SMITE - Sands & Skies PTS Issues Thread
  214. Week quest rewards
  215. Got 24hr Deserter for no reason
  216. Valkyrie's Rage Thanatos
  217. Heretic Cernunnos voicelines
  218. Merlin's Flicker Immune to Poseidon Cripple
  219. Fix the god damned chat bug!
  220. Heartward Amulet description
  221. Chat Bug+ Not Receiving ranked MMR
  222. Horus 1 with Crusher/Souleater
  223. Aphrodite freezes game
  224. NeZha Ult Bug.
  225. The Morrigan does not gain access to Kumbha passive
  226. I can't finish say hello quest
  227. Morrigan
  228. Hi-Rez... Fix your chat function in game
  229. showing 0/75 wins in rank rewards
  230. Achievements earned on Xbox not transferring to Steam achievements
  231. Booster gone after match cancelled?
  232. Game crashes while Logging in
  233. 6.5 Update Issues
  234. Horus in Arena - Crashes
  235. The game ticket has disappeared!
  236. chat still bugged
  237. Allied AI needs major work
  238. Bug with bonus for getting the level
  239. When I click at the edge of the screen, game window switches to Windows (frequent bug
  240. King Arthur
  241. Bug!! Picking Xingtian Ranked. Crash.
  242. Arachne "Recent Damage Dealt" Icon Bug
  243. Twitch Prime - Gladiator Thor / My bundle does not appear in the game
  244. Some old and some new bugs that need a little attention
  245. Error Spam Popup
  246. Horus counts as a healer in Assault
  247. Set's "Sandstorm" ability can cause a damaging dot that lasts forever or until death!
  248. Skadi dog Kaldr sometimes gets stuck
  249. No Worshipers available
  250. Photobomb Cabrakan