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  1. The Morrigan is useless during any connection issues
  2. Permanent CC Immunity
  3. 5.4 Achilles Combat Dodge Bug
  4. Can't buy gems
  5. Ides of march Bug
  6. Jing Wei Not Making Any Walking Sounds
  7. 5.4 lanucher bug
  8. 5.4 update broken
  9. Can't leave jungle practice
  10. 'X' not working in VGS, working in chat box and other games.
  11. Multi-Queue({none})
  12. In can't join any queue in 5.4, I can't play Smite anymore
  13. Season 5 Spring reward
  14. "Teleporting" lag
  15. Ready window bug - Bug at 00:35 - Hi-Rez fix this please
  16. VGS and Sounds Stop Working!!
  17. The PM notification splash shows escaped character code
  18. Achilles can execute two targets at once
  19. Achilles after dash spear throw buff can be removed by silence
  20. Adventure Group Voice Chat Does Not Work, But Teamvoice Unexpectedly Does
  21. Queue Cancel Timing Issue can lead to invisible accept dialog
  22. Sound is off? Behind but in front, abilities randomly going off?
  23. 5wins and 5L cant be bronze 4
  24. Thorns not visible in Ne Zha ult
  25. Anubis T5 skin demonic pact has bugged special emote and ultimate
  26. Match Accept Option Not Showing Up Glitch
  27. Ranked Conquest killed FG got launched to skybox
  28. I've been experiencing this glitch for a while now, can we finally get this fixed?
  29. Hachiman ult bug for me at least
  30. Can't accept matches when using emotes in God preview screen
  31. No Q-Accept after q-pop
  32. boot options and login rewards
  33. Two-Factor Authentication Codes not Being Sent
  34. Impossible to click on "Accept" Button
  35. Easy anti cheat
  36. spectator ui bug
  37. Achilles ult killed Kali in her ult?
  38. Legendary god pack not on sale?
  39. strange lag and lost TP and abusive reports
  40. i cant play with da ji. crash game
  41. Lobby Bug
  42. Bugs before entering a lobby
  43. Smite stuck with no buttons working.
  44. Prerequisites installing issues.
  45. BUG with "Milestone Rewards"
  46. Vulcan turret invisible (spanish)
  47. Anubis T5
  48. Voice Pack sale bug
  49. Achillies dash delay bug.
  50. Skybox/ UI glitch after tabbing out
  51. Amaterasu Immune to Xing Tian's ULT
  52. Smite PTS 5.5
  53. Game crash but chat, menu, and camera still active for both sides
  54. Missing reward for 3 FWOTD's (BDay event)
  55. I did 4 first wins of the days and got no gems
  56. Gem Storm
  57. (PC, 5.5) Erlang Shen using old progression
  58. Not able to view enemy's items as Sun Wukong (Duel)
  59. Todays event for 90 gems doesn't work i just finished and alot others say same thing.
  60. Gem Storm even is not working :(
  61. "Referrer cannot be added for accounts greater than 10 days old." wrong
  62. Cutesy Avatar Chest Bug
  63. Custom Build Getting Erased
  64. Day Birthday challenges reward bug
  65. 5.5 Bugs
  66. I still don't have my NRG Loading Frame
  67. I can't post messages
  68. Emote Nemesis Skin Elegant Special 2 doesn't work
  69. Jandroid Janus wrong price in the store
  70. New lvl system: bug with the rewards
  71. Bug new ATH esport in Joust
  72. 5.5 bugs thread
  73. New lvl up reward BUG
  74. (PC) Known Issues for Update 5.5 - Time to Party
  75. Kicked out of Conquest Match - Not in History
  76. Fire Lord Ne Zha is no longer purchasable with gems.
  77. "ACCEPT" button pop up bug
  78. Nemesis Elegant
  79. Bots Not Spawning In Co-op Practice VS AI.
  80. 200 gems of reward level
  81. Elegant Nemesis Special emote missing
  82. All 10 fox chests no fox
  83. No AI gods appearing in tutorials
  84. New lvl 30 rewards with the new patch doesn't work properly bugs alot for old players
  85. 2nd and 3rd tutorials not spawning enemies
  86. Random Game Crash
  87. 'X' not working in VGS, working in chat box and other games.
  88. AutoReporter opens on each closing game
  89. Arena Training doesn't spawn gods on either side
  90. Need help with my account.
  91. Ward not spawning in clash
  92. Lv up reward "recall skin" bugged
  93. Level UP Rewards
  94. lvl up reward BUG
  95. Soul gem is missing. Again
  96. Achilles bug, permanent CC immunity.
  97. Error in New Player Experience Settings
  98. Leveling Up Rewards
  99. Unable to Tab (view builds) in duel
  100. Crash message upon exiting game
  101. Crash Dialog upon closing the game and on new rata skin
  102. i has a big problem in the smite tutorial
  103. Zeus [REDESIGN] in All out of arena
  104. Jungle Minions immune to my damage(game breaking bug)
  105. All-Out Arena Zeus [Redesign] Bug
  106. No recicibi todas las nuevas recompensas por subir de nivel en smite
  107. new Nemesis skin - VGX (Special 2) bug?
  108. The Free God chest should give something if you already have all the gods.
  109. Boots of talaria without description on the Brazilian server!
  110. Map Ping Bug
  111. Not sure if this is where I post this....(please read)
  112. Ao Kuang ult bug
  113. /reconnect not working for me
  114. Ranked Rewards Bug for the Split?!?!
  115. Un-castable autos/abilities, Delayed VGS, Delayed Kill/Objective Feed
  116. Sobek voice line missing
  117. Is this a bug with Kaldr + Skadi's ultimate?
  118. 100% replicable bug with the relic upgrade item store page
  119. Serqet 2 not activating
  120. New level up rewards bug
  121. Thoth gains Soul Gem stacks when walking through Glyph of Pain
  122. Game went down for an update?
  123. CanĀ“t Join nor Rejoin a Match I want to Play
  124. Matchmaking new players with experienced ones
  125. Chinese players need a stable server
  126. Problem with ichaival and silverbranch bow
  127. Game kicks out right when it's supposed to go into loading screen
  128. FPS Drops
  129. Cerebus stun not affected by diminishing returns and/or CCR
  130. Vulcan invisible Turret
  131. Ranked bug?
  132. Audio Settings Crash
  133. Desseter bug
  134. AA skill shot invciable
  135. Minimap Ping
  136. Kicked out of game, not let back in
  137. Speed buff immune/invincible
  138. Logging in to Account prompts me to make a New Player Name, Think my Player is gone.
  139. This is "MATCHMAKING"?
  140. spectator bug
  141. Mouse not work in the game
  142. A bug seen since season 5 begun.
  143. The game crash in the pick phase since new patch is on
  144. He Bo Voice Pack
  145. "Free God" coupon when having the God pack
  146. Smite keeps crashing over and over
  147. Keep getting stuck at end screen
  148. Known Issues for Update 5.6 - Inner Demon
  149. Disconnected from God Selection
  150. Bass Drop Janus Defeat Screen Audio Bug
  151. Trapped in game
  152. FPS drops
  153. Just vulcan invisible turret????
  154. Account stuck
  155. I think my rewards for leveling up are bugged
  156. Neith white appearence
  157. Cu Chulainn incorrect tool tip
  158. Scylla hounds missing
  159. I could not ban or select thoth in the Spanish version
  160. Ao Kuang doesn't get passive stacks in Adventure
  161. New level up rewards bug... Again
  162. I cant open chests from adventure
  163. NEW LEVEL UP REWARDS BUG... AGAIN ( an official answer?)
  164. Loading Frame
  165. Daji One thousand cripple bug
  166. Inner Demon Arena: No Scoreboard/Muting bug
  167. DC creates a new portrait
  168. Nox Dodgeball motd crash
  169. Cerberus Bugs
  170. 64-Bit Still Crashing When Alt-Tabbed Or Minimized
  171. Steam doesn't show you're playing smite
  172. Reconnect fkng bug
  173. Kinookami_PC_The servers are not responding properly since patch 5.6
  174. [[ critical ]] new match making evidence
  175. Multi-queue
  176. FInal Boss thanatos invisible 1 animation
  177. Skin/vp coupons (visually?) not working after 5.6 released
  178. Loading frame mastery level
  179. Chat bug
  180. Tyr Stance Glitch.
  181. Smite crashing, not starting up
  182. THOTH BUG!!!! HE KEEPS DOUBLing his 2 skill
  183. Are the discount coupons bugged atm?
  184. no puedo ingresar al juego
  185. Invicible Skills
  186. BUG (New reward system)
  187. RGB Fusion registers as Game Security Violation
  188. Limited Aphrodite Skin bug "Violet Sorceress"
  189. Tyr Fearless (his 1) Not Applying Second Hit
  190. Hide God Stats isn't hiding stats
  191. Nox -Madame Darkness- skin not showing on match waiting screen
  192. Hachiman ult misses
  193. This is getting annoying every single year!!
  194. Adventure mode bug
  195. Correct season ticket picks are awarding the wrong amount of FP
  196. Weird alert after match
  197. jungle immune in match.
  198. Seige is missing the icons for the towers.
  199. Had an error ingame but I was still able to play.
  200. Arena Tutorial Bug
  201. Fix the damn ping glitch!!!
  202. Nox selection clipping through platform
  203. Tyr lost all abilities and basics
  204. Attackers blessing
  205. Sol's Stellar Burst inconsistency/bug
  206. Buying with Fantasy Points is not working
  207. Erlang Shen's dog procs a lower power Odysseus Bow
  208. Known Issues for PTS Update 5.7 - Drop the Beat #1
  209. Phoenix would not target me.
  210. I can't equip my season ticket frame.
  211. Can't Join the matches
  212. [[ critical ]] absolutely fair!
  213. Melee minion(s) not taking aggro on Nike when met near blue buff camp wall
  214. popping a booster in lobby sometimes gets rid of lobby chat room
  215. [Bug] God Lobby censored in spectate mode
  216. Ne Zha ult does not have CC immunity on landing
  217. Bug with turret of vulcan
  218. Cernunnos 2nd Spell
  219. Raijin Thunder Crash cancels out Da Ji Tricker Spirit
  220. 3rd Win for Enigma Never counted
  221. Search match bug
  222. Freya's Passive icon above on HUD shows incorrect ammount of lifesteal
  223. Issue with Queue Popping and Deserter
  224. Reconnect at Login
  225. Refereal Rewards still not working
  226. My clan is next to doomed!
  227. Clan Leadership stolen.
  228. Thanatos Bug
  229. Ranked Global Emote not unlocking
  230. PC SMITE Update requires 3 gigs of space (or more in some cases) to download???!!
  231. Death Stamp Chests Not Showing
  232. Pinging unwillingly with side mouse buttons
  233. Rank problem
  234. Diamond god count down to 1 since update, more.
  235. Skin discounts aren't applicable for Ravana Ravin skin
  236. Deserter Bug, Match failed to load
  237. Rewards not entirely working
  238. 5.7- Drop the Beat - Update Notes
  239. Application has been blocked from accessing Graphics hardware?
  240. Hide god stats on loading frame bug
  241. Jing Wei Passive
  242. Audio Issues
  243. Minor League Voting blocked
  244. Claimed Loading Frame but not appearing
  245. I can't complete the tutorial
  246. So huh, where's my Storm Kata?
  247. [[ critical ]] this just HAS to STOP , when are you going to fix this ?
  248. Can't select god due/Glitched lobby
  249. The thing you said you'd patch last year STILL ISN'T PATCHED
  250. Amaterasu Permanent CC Immune bug (lasts until death)