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  1. Harajuku neith bunny missing on the 3rd abilitie
  2. Kaiju Sobek voice pack doesn't seem right?
  3. Excalibur's for BUGs Hunting!
  4. Scylla lose animation
  5. Khepri can't pull a throwing Sobek
  6. Insane Lag
  7. Kaiju sobek no sound on first ability
  8. issues launching getting in to a game or during gameplay
  9. Leona Nemesis Targeter issue
  10. Cursor not appearing
  11. Double Ymir co-op
  12. Amaterasu ult bug or just wrong tooltip?
  13. Amaterasu's 1 (Divine Presence) proccs Talaria Boots near enemies
  14. Random TP loss?
  15. can't queue anymore
  16. ANOTHER 240 minute deserter! These DC's can't be my fault!!!! Help me!
  17. crazy server lagg
  18. disconnect from chat finnish game but still deserter
  19. posted this on help and support but here as well since it is a bug HiRezlauncher.exe.
  20. Thor wall ability lag spike
  21. Achievement tab
  22. I can't start the game. Please help!
  23. Incomplete Description
  24. Hel causeing Frame Drops
  25. Shell 2 Broken
  26. Downloading in background problem
  27. Skin that's "On Sale" isn't actually on Sale
  28. SMITE IS SO BUGGED! Deserter overload
  29. crashing 1 out of 5 games why
  30. The aura from Sun Wukong's passive
  31. Kumba ult inside of Odin ult
  32. Not showing number in party on System Tab
  33. Nemisis Ult not going off sometimes
  34. Hun Batz and Ao Kuang bug
  35. Nemesis Passive Bug
  36. Aphro's link
  37. Shell rank 2 isn't working
  38. Artemis Permanent Spawn-in Animation
  39. can someone help pls
  40. Skin glitch for the Swagni skin
  41. Nox silencing Kumbha ult
  42. Stuck at loading screen every now and then, without the ability to pass it.
  43. Ravana's ult bug
  44. Smite xbox 2.20 ravana fire giant bug
  45. Arena's Bug - Loki can steal buffs before it spawns
  46. Audiovisual bug - Sylvanus and Geb
  47. Missing Kumba
  48. Game breaking bug
  49. So this is a thing smite doesnt let you back into games
  50. Freya's Ultimate is unintentionally affected by attack speed items w/PROOF!
  51. Match Details
  52. Ao Kuang Dragon Knight Execution
  53. Unable to connect to server
  54. Missing item, not able to buy Tier 3 Transcendence
  55. WTH is wrong with servers, so much lag? HI-REZ !!!
  56. Got Drop hacked out of a game forcing my team to go 4v5
  57. PTS Issues Thread for 3.1 - Season 3 Phase 1
  58. No Announcer Voice
  59. Well i cant hear music.
  60. Getting an unexpected dc right at the end of the game and deserter penalty
  61. Match Queue Pops, Cannot Enter Lobby, Gets Deserter
  63. PTS Issues Thread for 3.1 - Season 3 Phase 1 - UPDATE
  64. Bug on Amaterasu 1
  65. Season 3 Joust Bull Boss consistant crash.
  66. smite stuck at loading character screen
  67. Relic Selling Bug in Jungle Practice
  68. Nemesis Bug
  69. Rat's ULT has a bug that can be seen by other players in game.
  70. Ward Display Distance (Again)
  71. Wards in the well (Minor)
  72. FPS drop
  73. Cursor disappearing once in-game
  74. Getting locked out after finishing a game.
  75. laged and got deserter
  76. disconnect and then recconecting w/o alt-tab refresh, results in a deserter timer.
  77. Co-op AI's
  78. STUCK at the match loading screen
  79. SMITE Bugs Megathread [WIP]
  80. Dual-screen God selection bug.
  81. Server lag causing some characters to become unplayable
  82. Sometimes Can't Progress Past Loading Cards
  83. Khepri's Ultimate Fail to work
  84. Huge server lag, rebooted, couldn't get into the match again
  85. Where should I put this?
  86. Ao Kuang passive bugged
  87. Help for God-Mastery
  88. Game is almost unplayable as of late (Tried almost all solutions)
  89. I got a lose for your servers crashing.
  90. Janus file missing?
  91. Game is stuck at loading cards
  92. 3.1 PTS Patch Notes and Issues Thread - Phase 2 - Round 1!
  93. Achievement misspelled
  94. Poseidon whirlpool bug
  95. Bought items disappered from Inventory + unable to complete them
  96. Deserter for winning?
  97. Player status after a match which stops us from creating a party
  98. Geb wisp visual bug?
  99. Getting Dced at the end of the game...
  100. 3.1 PTS Patch Notes and Issues Thread - Phase 2 - Round 2!
  101. Cursor locked so I can't access the store to buy items
  102. Deserter bug need fixing asap!
  103. Season 2 Ra Divine Light Bug
  104. PTS Bug: Missing gods and lower level
  105. If you change your queue quickly it does not requeue properly
  106. Dont load into game, kicked to lobby cant rejoin
  107. Soul reaver proc
  108. Ragnarok Thor/Amaterasu bugs
  109. Someone didn't join ranked queue, put me back into queue, then dim screen
  110. Bug Ultimate Neith Map joust on PTS
  111. Chiron ult + Khepri ult = no rez
  112. Player Disconected
  113. Thanatos + phoenix
  114. Here are 2 little bugs i found.
  115. Broken link
  116. Ao's execute.
  117. Bugs for Phase 3 of the 3.1 PTS
  118. Jungle Practice Buffs
  119. Nu Wa infinite cc immunity
  120. PTS Loading frame rewards bug
  121. Co-op bots have duplicate picks
  122. banned 2 times for no reason
  123. buy someting but didnt got it
  124. Can't attack, but I still won
  125. Ares glitch in todays MOTD (all out assault)
  126. Game Freezes Up on Kaiju Splash Screen
  127. Hackers
  128. Chiron Ultimate - Killed by dead enemy after killing the same person during ultimate
  129. Small bug - Tyr Ultimate crystal
  130. Ra speed debuff bug
  131. Any way to force default audio device for Smite? (BUG)
  132. Smite discriminating Video cards
  133. Problem with installing in windows 10
  134. Got stuck at the Victory screen from the end of a match, was given Deserter status.
  135. Ragnarok Thor - Lag Inducing! D: 2.0
  136. New 3.1 patch doesn't have new achievements on Steam "achievement" list.
  137. Smite is out of date waiting on a new version
  138. Quest "House of Maya" (play 3 mayan gods) not updated after playing mayan gods inMOTD
  139. Got kicked out of a Clash match and cannot rejoin it at all or join a new match
  140. Doom Orb available in Assault and Ancile is not?
  141. Bug
  142. Anubis Grasping Hands - FPS Problem
  143. ARENA - Tickets and big minion progress overlapping
  144. Small gods
  145. Daily Quest Fearless Protector not updating after playing a game as a Guardian
  146. Adventure's Blade
  147. Fire Giant creeps bug
  148. Ares Ult Cooldown Typo?
  149. Runeforged Hammer Passive not working?
  150. God Builder still says Active and not Relics
  151. Customized S3 UI in arena bug: the ticket counter and the Siege orbs overlap
  152. Background Audio Issues
  153. Not Recording Wins
  154. Mouse stuck in player camera at start of a match.
  155. I can't play SMITE after season 3 patch because of this error.
  156. Arena score being covered up
  157. New joust map- people dont spawn on their images in base
  158. End of match (at least arena) accolade list has no tooltip
  159. Constant crash upon clicking on Tyr's god page!!
  160. Issues with the steam version login and Smite's minimize button after S3 patch
  161. Teleport in combat, season 3
  162. Chaac + Blink
  163. Xian Tian ultimate bug
  164. Chaac became stuck in a wall in Arena
  165. Neith skins voice
  166. Smite Do Not Disturb mode is Not working
  167. Can you guys please take a look at the brazilian servers?
  168. Leagues Joust Desc is Wrong
  169. Lag bugg that needs fixing asap
  170. Daily Quests messed up
  171. Ancile and Aegis Relic are bugged
  172. Draft Pick bug
  173. Motd bug
  174. Crashing with factory overclocked video cards
  175. Ranked Joust bug
  176. Arachne heartseeker bug
  177. God builder overlook
  178. Login failed "Invalid credentials"
  179. duel
  180. 1v1 Counter-picking bug -- Wasn't this fix due yesterday?
  181. Smite causing my internet to crash.
  182. can't get past launcher on steam - smite
  183. Ravana's Prana Onslaught is still 95%!
  184. Clan Chest Button Bugged
  185. Jungle Practice - Bug Ra
  186. Bug au démarrage de SMITE
  187. Unable to change to requested map site
  188. Bakasura - Eat Minion
  189. Compilation of bugs I found throughout playing Smite.
  190. Heartseeker
  191. Teleport
  192. Ne Zha Ult Not Applying Damage Properly?
  193. Desertor issue
  194. Ne Zha ult flip bug
  195. Deserter penalty over and over and over
  196. Season 3 NEW Daily Quest BUG
  197. hebo vp incorrect
  198. home screen would not load images!
  199. Rising Dawn bug
  200. Is no one going to mention Party up week is broken?
  201. Cannot join games due to server glitch?
  202. Bug
  203. Critical Chance bug
  204. Qualifiers broken
  205. Deserter Penalty Glitch?
  206. Smite crashes
  207. Alt-tab Black screen
  208. Gengi's Gard tooltip display error
  209. Attacks from gods animation accuration!!
  210. Daily quest
  211. Anhur Enfeeble bug
  212. Validating is stuck at 0%
  213. Fire Giant's Magma Blast slow icon has not been changed to S3 icon
  214. Xing Tian Ultimate Bug
  215. Athena getting stuck in air
  216. TEXT Bug in Clan Store
  217. Chiron ult bug?
  218. Ranked: Joust games do not appear in your History.
  219. An old "Locked in" animation bug
  220. Weekly quest doesn't restart.
  221. 'Alt+Tab' game disconnect bug
  222. I clicked Accept to the que and got 2 mins deserter.
  223. Kind Of Lobby Lag \ Connection Problems .
  224. Ragnarok Force X - Visual Bug with Ultimate
  225. [Not A Bug]Titan got killed with all 3 Phoenixes up.
  226. Smite Daily Quest Bug =(
  227. Odysseu's bow description wrong (or description right and item bugged)
  228. Disconnects
  229. Khepri abduct bug?!?!
  230. Hearseeker bug on arachne
  231. Chiron Training Exercise debuff icon has not been changed for S3
  232. Order phoenix and Neith ultimates
  233. Nemesis Bug
  234. Borderless window
  235. 3.2 Rolling Thunder PTS Issues Thread
  236. Unable to rejoin a match after disconnect
  237. Animation Glitch w/ Raijin
  238. Deserter 120 mins, Because someone didn't connect while loading
  239. Quests wont restart
  240. Unable to move forward
  241. Not Loading into Match After God Selection
  242. Nemesis instakill bug w/ Runeforged Hammer
  243. Disconnected middle of game, came back to this
  244. Not getting gems for 3 Daily Wins
  245. Disconnected from game
  246. Pythagorem's Piece CR?
  247. Joust Phoenix Respawn Timer Inaccurate
  248. Joust Titan Bug
  249. Sol Polaris Sale bug
  250. He Bo Voice Pack issues