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  1. About the pause "glitch" abuse
  2. Over 2 weeks, no Fix
  3. Crash Dialog
  4. Grim Weaver Voicelines
  5. Morrigan phantom charges Isis passive.
  6. Missing FWOTD Clash Cutesy chests.
  7. Leaderboards bug?
  8. Please someone help me!
  9. souless machine sol
  10. Valley of Victory win counter
  11. Valley of Victory Penta Kill Bug
  12. Clash Teleport Bug (PS4)
  13. [[critical b report]] moving mouse drasticaly affects fps it plumets , video evidence
  14. CRAZY BUG | 2 users in 1? Wth?
  15. Please some help me with this!
  16. I can't get my reward of the spring split quest PS4
  17. AMC left bees behind him after his hive was destroyed
  18. free gems option on smitegame.com doesnt work anymore
  19. 12 Minute wait EVERYTIME.
  20. Apophis Acid bug
  21. teleport + skip screen
  22. PTS Issues Thread for 4.4 - Hunting Season - Updated for Round 2!
  23. EAC Kicking me out
  24. duplicate god?
  25. God Leadboards
  26. Medusa immune to Anhur Imaple during her dash?
  27. Disconnecting causes 30 min ban
  28. Zhong Kui bug in damage calculations
  29. EasyAntiCheat System: Couldn't start the game !
  30. No god on god selection, given deserter.
  31. Death's toll
  32. Quetzakukulkan VP
  33. Leaving queue while accept kicks in
  34. FPS drop on medium-high-end PC and I'm not sure why.
  35. Osiris stun
  36. Problem ! can't connect to the game using a custom config file.
  37. WUkong Passive Bug
  38. Skadi's Kaldr stays somewhere else.
  39. Problem with X
  40. (s4 Ticket) Completed Quest, But didn't get any FP?
  41. Osiris Judgement Tether
  42. Friend Can only play arena games (All else crashes on leading)
  43. stalker skin
  44. Smite Disconnect Bugs
  45. Loading login Panel bug
  46. Installing the game
  47. EasyAntiCheat crashing my game.
  48. Bug with Anubis Passive Meter- Adventure Mode
  49. Play button grayed out not working
  50. Clash - Apophis
  51. Does anyone know how to fix the greyed out play button?
  52. Ares spectral sword voice pack
  53. Player disconnected/waiting for game data problem
  54. Morrigan mystic mail bug
  55. Not being able to mouse press abilities or Auto attack if aiming directly down!
  56. Ides of March Voice Price
  57. Buffs/Gold fury not spawning
  58. Loki charms bundle
  59. Having Issues through Steam yo
  60. Gems price problem.
  61. Zhong Kui Patch 4.4
  62. Deserter Penalty When Leaving Queue as it Joins Match (PS4)
  63. cernunnos can't dash through Fire Giant
  64. Kuzenbo bug with phoenix
  65. Stuck on 'waiting for game data' screen
  66. Spring Holiday Chest Bug
  67. Can't unlock Gold Vault Skins
  68. I can not enable skin in the golden vault
  69. Match history is empty and quest progress is stuck
  70. Skadi's Kaldr Bugs in the fountain (arena)
  71. Rewatching matches problem
  72. Underworld Arena Gives Incorrect Number of Worshipers
  73. error issue
  74. Stone of Gia
  75. Borderless window/task bar bottom of screen
  76. cernunnos protections are broken
  77. Assault - Teleport Relic
  78. In match lobby Cernunnos' art card problem
  79. Freya,Anhur,Cupid,Thanatos glitches
  80. Chang'e bunny stucked (underworld arena)
  81. I can not link my Smite account to my PS4 account
  82. game is not starting....
  83. Won ranked match, got deleted from history, no TP awarded.
  84. Did not receive credit for last match.
  85. "This game was not properly authenticated at launch time"
  86. Screen freeze on role selection
  87. Match Lobby Icon Bug
  88. Underworld Arena Bug
  89. Vgs problem
  90. Peanut Labs problems: says gems are credited, no gems seen (screenshots)
  91. Purchasing Chronos' Pendant with Jade Rabbit does not give you the passive.
  92. Stuck with basic autoattacking after using the Morrigan ultimate
  93. I found a really annoying bug :/
  94. Duel bug crashing and completing the game after a death.
  95. Celtic Pantheon Symbol for Odyssey Frame
  96. Hi rez not working
  97. Soul eater old passive
  98. Chang'e courier broken - new underworld arena
  99. Cernunnos god info has xbalanque portrait in match lobby
  100. Thanatos Death Scythe bug
  101. Cernunnos ult polymorphs gods into textureless pigs
  102. Invisible nameplate
  103. Bastet Cats And Sprint, Proper interaction?
  104. Kaldir is once again broken. Again.
  105. Medusa ultimate
  106. key bindings stoped working.
  107. Game Crash bug and Kaldr stuck and Server crash
  108. Ranked System Bug
  109. Worshipper Bug?
  110. Kali console bug 4.3
  111. Chang'e passive doesnt work
  112. Valley of Victory stuck
  113. Deserter after someone else left match lobby
  114. Red Camp Bug
  115. EAC Crashing then kicking me out of game, happens once every 10 or so games.
  116. Easy Anti Cheat Error 1450 - Start Service Failed
  117. Turn back time with bugs
  118. Sobek Voice pack bug
  119. Birthday worshipper bug
  120. Account HACKED and banned: Receives no help.
  121. [bug] cabrakan - Seismic Crush
  122. Worshippers x 3 ?????
  123. Permanent Poison on Clash Map
  124. Janus Portal bug in Conquest
  125. Athena bug in Arena
  126. Morrigan bug, dodged Nu Wa ultimate, no damage taken
  127. Connection Issues
  128. Worship Booster Bug
  129. Kuzenbos push doesnt give him tower kills without dmg
  130. Kuz can push people out of Odin rings
  131. FPS drops and Chang'es rabbit
  132. Dc Problems
  133. Athena gets stuck on her own minions
  134. Smite giving me unfair deserter penalty
  135. Bug Report Skadi Arena
  136. Morrigan don't receive any xp/gold in Ult/Transformation
  137. Ratatoskr's branches are rendered on Rama's ultimate location, making it invisible
  138. Is there any dev wanting to express a fix to the EAC problem?
  139. Not gaining any worshippers
  140. Gothic Chest Not Costing Gems
  141. Not gaining any worshippers
  142. Server down
  143. Undo button removed items and gold used to buy them.
  144. Bugged Awilix Achievement
  145. Chang'E jade rabbit armor color?
  146. Chang'e able to be hit while in Moonlit Waltz (2) by Zhong Kui's Expose Evil (1)
  147. God Mastery Rank being set back to 0
  148. Duel - Red Buff
  149. skadi's dog stuck
  150. Chang'e passive doesn't work in Arena
  151. Smite not loading after launcher runs
  152. Gems missing
  153. Skadi's wolfie getting stuck
  154. Cernunnos and items/voice packs not unlocking
  155. 182 worshippers missing!
  156. Xbox bug
  157. Yet another The Morrigan bug
  158. Bugs at russian version Smite
  159. Gods bug, having to re-buy gods you owned already.
  160. Morrigan ladder ranked conquest bug
  161. Unfair disconnection cause of your " anticheat "
  162. XB1 - duel rewarding no TP
  163. God Pack not working
  164. Constant Crashes
  165. Skadi in arena
  166. Can't buy gems
  167. Artemis boar stun.
  168. Authenticate and Update service not working still
  169. PTS Issues Thread for 4.5 - Celestial Voyage!
  170. I just won a siege mode and didnt get "First win" reward
  171. Visual Bug on Osiris/Cernunnos
  172. God lobby bug
  173. Game Down
  174. Did not recieve enigma chest after first win
  175. Didn't recieved enigma chest after first win of the day
  176. Rabbit does not go to the base
  177. JT-6000 Skin Screen
  178. Accept table bug
  179. Anhur Start Slayer skin visual bug
  180. relic upgrading
  181. Cernunnos's Lobby picture
  182. enigma chest bug
  183. Bonus Victory in Arena Bug
  184. Clash- Floating in air
  185. Menus overlaping
  186. Fullscreen alt+tab bug
  187. Clash bug with stucking in a wall after xing tian ult.
  188. cernunnos jungle practice
  189. Hun Batz Ult Bug
  190. Season ticket not letting me vote
  191. Game randomly ending after lag spike?
  192. Kaldr Bug for Skadi
  193. Chang'e Rabbit Arena
  194. Why wont Smite give me my reward from a quest?
  195. Bug issue not resolved for 4+ months
  196. No reward for completing Spring ticket quest
  197. SKADI - ARENA - Wolf Bug, When y fix it??!
  198. Purchase malfunction
  199. Community Skin Contest not updated on website.
  200. Cutesy Chest gave me icon I already have
  201. Khepri Passive + Book of the Dead
  202. Can't enter ranked
  203. Cutesy Ah muzen cab Avatar always new
  204. Kaldr Glitches with Skadi Leaving Base
  205. Bastet golden and legendary mastery skins not textured
  206. UI scaling resetting between matches
  207. Nemesis Tooltip
  208. Crash on loading screen.
  209. Avatar flag, The Netherlands
  210. Easy AntiCheat: Connection Interupted
  211. Heaven's Rave Zeus Audio Bug
  212. Getting deserter for someone else leaving queue
  213. Sobek Voice Pack Mixed With Default Voice Pack
  214. Thoth ult description (and in game) bug
  215. enigma chest birthday week march 24th
  216. A perfect system deserters on smite
  217. Nemesis bug with her new dash!
  218. Issue with khepri ultimate and hell when she changes stance.
  219. Kuku Kukulkan fails to show auto attacks.
  220. This game lacks meatballs since it has spaghetti borrowed from riot games
  221. Undefined Home Screen
  222. 2 Glitches fix please
  223. Audio Device doesn't update
  224. Cursor Glitch
  225. Cannot Log In To Smite
  226. Issue with Teamspeak and SMITE
  227. Problems with Aou's ult and killrewards
  228. MOTDS are not updated when new, applicable gods are released.
  229. Launcher doesn't let you enter the game when it pops up
  230. Screen going up
  231. Match continues after leaving the matchmaking lobby
  232. ?int?gfxtranslation.seasonalevent.craft_failure?
  233. Season ticket, schedule, standings...
  234. Skadi bug
  235. Server unavailable
  236. Gauntlet of Thebes: Passive Tool tip and "Cernunnos"
  237. Celestial Voyage screen bug causing deserter
  238. EAC Connection Interrupted
  239. Got deserter for not leaving
  240. 30 min deserter for queue up bug(Xbox one)
  241. The Morrigan Leaderboard
  242. Bug with Khepri Ultimate
  243. Cutesy Unicorn Avater bugged / not received. (Screens included.)
  244. Cernunnos Ultimate
  245. He Bo voice pack
  246. Disappearing Kaldr
  247. Poseidon ult acts as execute
  248. Hud scaling will not save?
  249. Jing Wei 1 still bugged in 4.5
  250. Thoth's Star Scribe visual bug