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  1. LFG Grouping
  2. LFG Looking for People to play with!
  3. Clan Looking for Conquest Buddies
  4. Clan Clan looking for more members, any skill level!
  5. LFG Solo and Mid Looking Competitive team NA
  6. LFG [Xbox] Gamertags
  7. LFG Returning Player and Twitch Streamer Looking for CLAN
  8. LFG Looking for people to play with
  9. LFG looking for people to play with.
  10. Clan looking for recruits for TowerHunger
  11. LFG Starting up a new competitive team (Try-outs)
  12. Clan LF Leauge Clan
  13. LFG ADC Looking 4 PPL to play with + Clan
  14. LFG ADC looking for a support
  15. LFG LFG custom game.
  16. Clan Team Anticlimactic is recruiting
  17. Clan Mid LF NA Team
  18. Looking forward to build/join (to) a team for competitive!!
  19. Clan [EU][NA] Splash Gaming - Recruiting all types of players!
  20. LFG Looking for people to play with
  21. LFG Looking for chill people for Joust
  22. LFG Smitebox little helper
  23. LFG Anyone wanna play?
  24. LFG Mentor thread
  25. LFG A !!NEW!! community
  26. LFG Looking for people with mic and no party chat ( Joust/Siege/Conquest )
  27. LFG 2 friends looking for a clan (UK)
  28. LFG experienced pc player on Xboxone
  29. LFG Looking for skilled gamers to SMITE with
  30. LFG Lfg :) self explanatory
  31. LFG (EU) Looking players to play
  32. LFG Lfg
  33. LFG LFT Team Plat II ADC
  34. LFG LFM PC experience please!
  35. looking for xbox1 players
  36. LFG looking for xbox1 players
  37. LFG Looking for a skilled Aphrodite
  38. Clan GitSmited | NOW RECRUITING! | Arena / All Gamemodes!
  39. LFG Looking for UK players!
  40. LFG Chaac N Awe is Looking to fill it's second roster!
  41. LFG Howdy!
  42. LFG LF competitive solo lane for premade/tournaments
  43. Clan Trying out ADC's and Solo Laners for Primary Chaac and Awe Roster
  44. LFG Looking for some ppl
  45. Clan Veteran player LFM
  46. LFG LFG Dailies
  47. LFG LFT Team Semi Pro ADC
  48. LFG HELP: New to Smite not to MOBAS
  49. LFG Looking for people to play with
  50. LFG need people with mic
  51. LFG LF 2 peopele who can play mostly everything
  52. LFG Looking for Germans X1 Gamers
  53. LFG LFG Nontoxic players
  54. LFG Looking for some chilled People to play and learn with
  55. LFG experienced pc player on Xboxone
  56. Clan Assault Team
  57. Clan (NA) Prepared To Win is looking for a dedicated solo, jungler, and support!
  58. LFG Fourth Rome Gaming
  59. LFG LF adc to try out a rush tactic (EU)
  60. Clan Starting a NEW Clan
  61. LFG Mid looking for Team
  62. LFG EU Newb
  63. LFG LF good players for casual/competitive
  64. LFG Platinum League Of Legends Player - Looking to make the transition to Smite.
  65. LFG Looking for others to play with :)
  66. LFG need players for conquest
  67. LFG Pl esl team
  68. LFG [EU] LF Players to form a Competitive Team with
  69. Clan [zG] Zealot Gaming - Multigaming, International Community Recruiting for Smite EU/NA
  70. LFG Getting tired of being just a random
  71. Clan LFM experienced players.
  72. LFG Need players for Siege
  73. LFG Looking for some people to play with mics
  74. LFG Competitive support player LFG
  75. LFG LF xbox players for inhouse games
  76. Clan [NA] Veteran Player LF A Real Clan / LF Another Experienced Player To Duo With
  77. LFG Looking for some good players to play with---message ll Gods ll---
  78. LFG Looking for a team
  79. LFG Need group to play some conquest or siege or joust hit me up. GT: L1L GabeLLa L9L
  80. Clan [EU] Starting a new Clan
  81. Clan Starting a new clan ( McDonaldsWiFi)
  82. LFG LFT Team Plat II ADC/Jungler
  83. Clan Creating Multiple Teams
  84. LFG LFG Xbox Beta
  85. LFG Looking for lvl25+ conquest players
  86. LFG Looking for group to have some fun
  87. LFG looking for more people to play on xbox
  88. LFG Looking For lively Chat for Stream :3 Giveaways are happening!
  89. LFG Carry LF Pro Support for league conquest duo que
  90. Clan Team Unofficial clan
  91. LFG looking for a team
  92. Clan Tactical Gaming is now recruiting!
  93. LFG In Search of conquest league partner !
  94. Clan Looking for a team
  95. LFG new to xbox one and SMITE... could use some friends...
  96. Clan ODDESSY looking for experienced competitive players
  97. LFG Experienced player looking for people to play with
  98. LFG People to DUO Ranked With
  99. LFG lookin for group
  100. LFG Looking for more to run CONQUEST with.
  101. LFG Looking for people to duo with
  102. LFG I want to play professionally!
  103. LFG Looking for players
  104. LFG LF Casual Arena Team
  105. LFG Casual arena play
  106. LFG Joust or Seige
  107. LFG Looking for Group or Players with Mic's
  108. LFG Looking for Good Teammates
  109. LFG League Conqiest duo que thread !
  110. LFG New to Smite on Xbox One in the UK. Need some people to play with
  111. LFG Need MICS (communication) add my gt Syndetic Chaos
  112. LFG Looking for 3 good players to play conquest with and must have mics and b from the UK
  113. LFG Arena Party on XB1
  114. LFG Looking for MLG Player & Tournament Players
  115. LFG Looking for some friends to play any smite game mode.
  116. LFG Looking for two players who know how to play conquest
  117. Making a clan?
  118. LFG Let's play
  119. LFG Need 4 players to run arena you must be good
  120. LFG Needs some smite players
  121. LFG LF players who want to play competitively
  122. LFG Smite
  123. Clan Looking for Competitive players
  124. LFG LF Adult Players with Mics
  125. LFG Looking for players to play with
  126. LFG Let's play joust or arena!
  127. LFG Add me
  128. LFG Looking for a group
  129. Clan OFF Clan looking for 40+ y/o Smite players !
  130. LFG Looking for a few like minds.
  131. LFG Serious support player looking for team and scrims
  132. LFG Looking for some communcative, easy going players to get into Smite
  133. LFG Looking for people to play with.
  134. LFG Noob
  135. Clan Looking for solo and Jungler msg AO Dorado
  136. LFG Mage/Ass LFG Conquest!
  137. LFG Arena Group Need 4 Message For Inv (Experienced Only)
  138. LFG I'm looking to start a competitive Smite team.
  139. LFG LFG anything and everything
  140. LFG looking for players
  141. LFG looking for casual or league team
  142. LFG support lfg
  143. LFG Looking For Team to grind to 30 with XB1
  144. LFG Arena/ Looking For Experienced Support Player
  145. LFG Looking for competitive group, team, or clan. lvl30 2diamond 41unlocked
  146. LFG ADC or jungle, needs some homies
  147. LFG Looking for people to play with.
  148. LFG Arena Tko need 3-4
  149. LFG LFG Good SUPP and MID
  150. LFG Arena fun
  151. LFG Looking for 3 - more decent players.
  152. LFG old xbox smite player coming back
  153. LFG LF Casual Adult players (NA)
  154. LFG LF Dutch players or players who don't mind kinda bad english.
  155. LFG Casual Smite Players
  156. LFG LF players who want to play competitively
  157. LFG playing now
  158. LFG Looking for a team to play with all morning.
  159. Clan LF Clan
  160. Clan Holaaa!! me gustaria formar un clan o unirme a uno ya creado (Esp-Eng) (xbox One)
  161. LFG LF teammates and people to learn from
  162. LFG Looking for experienced players
  163. LFG LFG people who dont feed pls :(
  164. Clan looking to play
  165. LFG lookin to to play if you have a mic add me
  166. Clan Looking for the new gen team to be the noobs of the year (with Mics to have fun)
  167. LFG Would love to get into a group of consistent players
  168. LFG Lfg
  169. LFG Looking for some folks to show me the ropes
  170. LFG Starting a smite competitive looking for a support !
  171. LFG Help us noobs.
  172. LFG looking for people to play with
  173. LFG lfg mature adult players for semi competitive
  174. LFG lookin to play all night today people with mic only tho
  175. LFG Need good people to play smite with.
  176. LFG LF Casual players to competitive players to group with, Adult with mic
  177. LFG We are looking for 2-3 players that are casual-semi competitive to play with.
  178. LFG LF LGBT-Friendly Players
  179. LFG anyone up that wats to play???
  180. LFG Looking for Semi-experienced players
  181. LFG need some help lvl up and players want to help im lvl 13 rn
  182. LFG Semi-experienced players
  183. LFG Late night EU players
  184. LFG Brand new player looking for others to play
  185. LFG Looking for Poniters.
  186. LFG VIPR eSports Recruiting!
  187. LFG Looking for friends with some experience
  188. Clan Looking for a clan!
  189. LFG Who Would Like to Play?NHe
  190. LFG NA LFG. Just want to party up with people who know what theyre doing.
  191. LFG Anyone wanna party up?
  192. LFG Artemis. 3.8 KD, 80% win rate, looking for conquest team.
  193. LFG EU players
  194. LFG Coaches/Competitive players who can help me out.
  195. LFG I've played mobas for years and I'm getting into smite
  196. LFG Arena Grind
  197. LFG Gamertags
  198. LFG need more people for conquest
  199. LFG Looking for people to play with
  200. LFG LFG GT xTc Numnums
  201. LFG Players with Mics
  202. Clan LF3 Arena/Conquest Players.
  203. LFG UMG team/ wagers/ league
  204. LFG Looking for some fun people to play with.
  205. LFG players with mics
  206. LFG With mics
  207. LFG Good Player /w mic
  208. LFG looking for one more with mic
  209. Clan Recruiting
  210. LFG Looking for 3 players to play an EGL Tournament
  211. LFG Seeking a steady group of teammates
  212. LFG Players with mic and like having fun
  213. LFG Looking for casual people to play with
  214. LFG LFG/Clan
  215. LFG Looking for some smite players
  216. LFG Just Looking for some Friendly Mic Players.
  217. LFG Looking for smite players
  218. LFG Newer Smite Player Looking for a few consistent teammates
  219. LFG Xbox One Player
  220. LFG LF above average players w/ mics
  221. LFG LFG who know what they're doing
  222. LFG looking for my brethren
  223. LFG Need Experienced Players
  224. LFG Looking for decent players
  225. LFG looking for constant group to play with
  226. LFG Need People That Won't Disconnect Every Match
  227. LFG Need Experienced Players w/ Mics
  228. LFG Looking for some experienced players to do conquest and such
  229. LFG Fun/ skilled players
  230. LFG Looking for casual people to play with
  231. LFG USA Looking for People and Group
  232. LFG Chilled Layed Back Fun Smite Players?
  233. LFG Looking for a team
  234. LFG Seeking older/mature players
  235. LFG LF people who know what their doing to play conquest wit
  236. LFG Need one person to run some jousts with me and friend.
  237. LFG tried of playing solo
  238. LFG need a party with mics
  239. LFG UK gamers 21+
  240. LFG looking for ppl with mics to party with
  241. LFG HMU for some Smite
  242. Clan EU team looking looking for final player
  243. LFG Arena
  244. LFG Need another team to Scrim against
  245. LFG Average to Above average
  246. LFG EU - Looking for Smite Friends
  247. LFG Need more people to just play with
  248. LFG Looking for new friends to play smite.
  249. LFG LF serious clan or at least people to play with.
  250. LFG Looking to form EU group