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  1. LFG Looking for people to play with
  2. LFG jung/mid/support LFC must play conquest
  3. Clan Nos Gaming - Xbox One
  4. LFG Twitch
  5. LFG New to game!
  6. Clan Looking for some people to join my clan
  7. LFG Looking for a group of plat/diamond conquest players
  8. Clan Looking for players, new or old to play with and join our clan if you like
  9. Clan Greetings, Paladins!
  10. LFG Joust
  11. Clan Looking for active players to join my clan
  12. LFG Looking to party up or join a clan
  13. Clan Looking for officers to start Smite Division
  14. LFG LF4M for Full Conquest
  15. Clan Join Clan - DeathSquad...we are pretty decent and play daily..
  16. Clan XGC Replacements looking for members
  17. LFG LF Chill Players
  18. LFG Conquest Practice
  19. LFG Squad up and chill with
  21. Clan Smite Love? We invite everyone in the international clan HARDCORE
  22. LFG Looking for conquest mentor
  23. LFG Looking for people to join me on YouTube and Twitch!
  24. Clan Looking for clan??? Tired playing alone??
  25. Clan Total Nubs recruiting for more! All welcome!
  26. Clan Ecstasy gaming ( XTC ) looking for carry and solo
  27. LFG Tired of Solo Queing
  28. Clan LF members
  29. Clan Tha Dirty Dozen
  30. LFG LFM to possible start ranked Conquest team
  31. Clan Competitive Smite Club - Xbox One Social Club
  32. Clan Searching for New Clan Members - DeathSquad
  33. Clan Xbox NA LFM
  34. Clan Ranked conquest tired of queuing up solo
  35. LFG Grim Apocalypse (Xbox One)
  36. LFG Grim Apocalypse (Xbox One)
  37. LFG Chill, somewhat competitive people
  38. Clan Clan Looking for Active Players
  39. LFG New player here, looking for others to play with!
  40. LFG Looking for Group/Clan!
  41. LFG Lfg and clan
  42. LFG Looking for somebody for double exp event.
  43. Clan Mastery X Clan! (MASTX)
  44. LFG looking for casual players who still like to win
  45. Clan Looking for a competitive clan
  46. Clan Seeking Clan Members for my clan - DeathSquad...I look forward to playing with you.
  47. LFG LoL player NEEDING to talk
  48. LFG looking for people to play with
  49. LFG Looking for Xing Tian Mountain Group
  50. LFG Looking for clan/ others to play with
  51. LFG Xing Tian Mountain team
  52. LFG Looking for people to play with
  53. LFG LFG Casual Adult players (NA)
  54. LFG [UK] Support main looking for group
  55. Clan Looking for a clan
  56. LFG looking for Arena Players
  57. Clan Anyone needing a Teacher, a Clanmate, or a Competitive Player?
  58. Clan Do you need a clan or friends to play with?
  59. Clan Competitive clan looking for people
  60. LFG Looking for people to play in a group with
  61. LFG Looking for People to Play With
  62. LFG I would like to play Smite with some ppl
  63. LFG looking for groups to play ranked
  64. Clan Help?
  65. LFG Mid/solo player looking for a serious team for comp
  66. Clan Metamorphosis Clan Recruting [Semi Competitive] [All Welcome]
  67. LFG Looking for jungle/conq group.
  68. LFG looking for a conquest clan or group
  69. LFG who wants to play with me
  70. Clan New Clan Recruitment (Team Denton)
  71. LFG Looking for a competitive Conquest group
  72. LFG Xian Tian's Mountain Team
  73. LFG Xian Tian's Team
  74. gamertag
  75. LFG Looking to create a group for conquest
  76. LFG Looking to create a casual/ranked conquest group
  77. LFG Solo Queue Killing You?
  78. LFG Looking for ppl to play with
  79. LFG Ranked Conquest
  80. Clan PFTS clan open joining!
  81. LFG LF Xing Tian's Mountain Wave 25
  82. LFG Gold Player for Ranked
  83. LFG Looking for some friends to enjoy the game with (Xbox one)
  84. LFG Casual Conquest Squad
  85. LFG Xbox alpha tester. Want fawendz.
  86. Clan Clan Mon Starz looking for members
  87. LFG Looking for people to play and enjoy the game with
  88. LFG Enough Randoms...
  89. LFG Need people to play ranked
  90. LFG Smite Janitors looking for tournament carry
  91. LFG LFG 2 players
  92. LFG Solo players must read!
  93. Clan (EU) Solo/Support Player looking for competitive
  94. Clan The Deserters are recruiting.
  95. LFG Support/Jungle player looking for team
  96. LFG Solo queuing sucks a bag of (_insert_colorful_word_here_)
  97. LFG Looking for Solo and Carry roles for a conquest team.
  98. LFG hi There Looking for any Team
  99. LFG Ppl to run with
  100. LFG LFG/Team - EU Experienced
  101. Clan Seeking a new clan to join...
  102. LFG Looking to tryout for a team
  103. LFG team looking for carry and mid
  104. LFG LG Group to play with
  105. LFG Looking for friends to play with.
  106. LFG Looking for mature people to play with
  107. LFG LFG/LFM Would love to play with people (XB1)
  108. LFG LFG Double Worshippers
  109. LFG Need People For Double Worshipers
  110. LFG Add me
  111. LFG Lfg
  112. LFG Looking for a face it team
  113. LFG Double exp team
  114. LFG QUEBECOIS come here
  115. Clan Ranked Conquest Limited to 2 player WTF
  116. Clan Looking for Active Players on Xbox One
  117. LFG Looking for a active casual/competitive group
  118. LFG New to the game and need friends!
  119. Clan Looking for New Clan Members!
  120. LFG looking for people to play with.
  121. LFG Bronze V ranked Joust
  122. LFG newbs hmu if u want sum pointers
  123. LFG Looking for players to play Ranked Joust
  124. LFG Goo Bats LFM
  125. LFG Ranked joust
  127. LFG Looking for ADC and Solo
  128. LFG Need help completing quest
  129. LFG Looking for serious players to form 5 man
  130. LFG New 3.22 patch is garbage !!!!!!!
  131. LFG New Fafnir's Wonderland is snow out stage is a waste.
  132. LFG Looking for group for conquest
  133. LFG LFG Joust
  134. LFG LFG Smurfing/Smufs (Read Below
  135. LFG Looking For Solo Laner
  136. Clan Looking to join a serious competitive team or to start one!
  137. Clan Competitive Joust/Duel Clan
  138. LFG In need of competitive Solo laner
  139. Clan KSI is recruiting casual players
  140. LFG Looking For Team Up For Odyssey Quest
  141. LFG Adc/Jungle LFT NA
  142. LFG Looking for decent players
  143. LFG Just looking for people to play casual conquest
  144. Clan Join Smite Schmucks club - Duel tournament this weekend.
  145. LFG Looking for active players.
  146. LFG Need Aphrodite main.
  147. Clan Startup team accepting applications
  148. Clan ADC looking for competitive team
  149. LFG Anyone play that lives in Oregon? Please read
  150. LFG Grim Team
  151. Clan TG Asakusa looking for three members (support, mid and solo)
  152. Clan Seeking Clan Members....XBOX1....Clan name DeathSquad
  153. LFG LF Competitive Smite Players
  154. LFG Smite Customs Lobby add TheChrisBloke to join
  155. Clan Casual small clan looking for active members to party up and have fun!
  156. LFG LFG is now OBSOLETE
  157. Clan Tg2g new clan
  158. LFG Looking for mid, Jungle and support players!!
  159. Esports: Future event team looking for 3v3 skrims & recruiting 2 for ranked conquest
  160. Clan Xbox na lfm
  161. Clan Team of 4 looking for committed jungler
  162. LFG Looking for a new group, can fill
  163. LFG LF: Party for Worshippers
  164. Clan need help on how to play smite? i can help!
  165. Clan Need smite friends
  166. LFG Anybody up for Arena?
  167. Clan War Eagle Gaming Community
  168. Clan Looking for Active members to join clan!
  169. LFG Looking For Mid and Jungle for competitive play.
  170. LFG Looking for a team, acting professional with a team oriented mindset
  171. Clan looking for more active members
  172. Clan LFC That accepts learning players and is active playing together
  173. LFG Cyber Phoenix Recruiting (Carry and Jungle)
  174. LFG Conquest
  175. LFG Smite Pro Team
  176. Clan Looking for members for the FSUDB clan!
  177. LFG looking to play clash; 18 or older
  178. LFG Need 2 for Ranked Joust
  179. Clan RoG Recruiting for Smite Brigade!
  180. LFG Looking for people for casual and ranked matches
  181. LFG Looking to play ranked conquest
  182. LFG Smite Customs Lobby EU add TheChrisBloke to join
  183. LFG Looking for casual group. New to Smite level 10.
  184. LFG LFG Conq Ranked/Casual
  185. LFG Plat mid/support LF clan
  186. Clan Smite Clan!
  187. LFG jungle main looking for full time conquest group
  188. Clan recruiting for xbox smite clan
  189. Clan Clan for fun
  190. LFG Looking for chill team mates
  191. LFG LFG to start playing ranked joust or conquest with
  192. LFG Mage Main looking for a Joust/Clash group
  193. LFG Looking for Mid and Duo Lane
  194. LFG Alt account.
  195. LFG Looking for a gold hunter
  196. Clan Pickle Disciples
  197. LFG jungler looking for solid team mates
  198. LFG Smite gamer couple looking for other smite gamer couples
  199. Clan Squirtle's Squad looking for members.
  200. Clan My Friend and I are looking to build a group of Smite players
  201. LFG I really want that sock puppetyr skin
  202. Clan ExiledGreatness
  203. LFG Ranked Platinum 3 looking for a 3rd
  204. LFG Ranked Conquest Plat/Diamond players
  205. LFG Stuck in Gold V
  206. LFG Just a girl looking for a duo partner
  207. LFG Looking for peeps to qualify in ranked joust
  208. Clan Looking for Active Clan/Players
  209. LFG Xbox with Mic Gamertag
  210. LFG Looking to group up with casual players
  211. LFG Diamond conquest LFG
  212. Looking for players to play with
  213. LFG Diamond 1 dueler seeks joust team to play with regularly
  214. Clan The night crew [TLNC]
  215. LFG Gold III ADC lookinf for team mates
  216. LFG Support Main Looking for a good team
  217. LFG Hunter/Mage looking for ranked team mates
  218. Clan Clan False Gods always looking for more mebers
  219. Clan LF Clan
  220. Clan Looking for a decent solo laner!!!
  221. Clan Looking for competitive Solo laner
  222. LFG Looking for ADC/Mid to run ranked. Mature player with good attitude ONLY
  223. LFG Looking for Mid and Duo Lane
  224. LFG PC Player looking for console clan
  225. LFG PC Player looking for console clan
  226. LFG Looking for good smite players
  227. LFG LF Good Smite players
  228. LFG Looking for people to play ranked with
  229. LFG Looking for people to play with
  230. Clan Big Bully Inc is recruiting
  231. LFG Just a bit of fun
  232. Clan Hellz Celestial Gaming
  233. LFG Free Agent
  234. LFG Need Mid and Solo
  235. LFG Lfg to get more Worshipers
  236. Clan Harbingers Of Creation
  237. LFG LFG Casual Clash player
  238. Clan BigExp recruiting
  239. Clan Mid and Support
  240. Clan Xiled Gaming is recruiting
  241. LFG Ranked Joust
  242. LFG New Player LF clan or 3v3 team mates
  243. LFG Tired of not everyone playing
  244. LFG Looking for individuals to play with
  245. LFG Plat 2 in joust looking for serious team.
  246. LFG gold 1 looking for gold 1 or high for ranked conquest
  247. LFG Ranked conquest opinion
  248. LFG Problems with my home lobby
  249. LFG Looking for Players
  250. Clan (NA) EanixGG looking for Xbox Clan Members!