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  1. LFG Looking for consistent Players
  2. LFG Casual Groups :)
  3. LFG Looking for Smite party
  4. Clan Looking for players or looking for a group
  5. LFG LFG Ranked Conq/Joust Gold+
  6. Clan LF Clan Ranked Joust/Conq
  7. LFG looking for people to play with
  8. LFG Competitive everyday player
  9. LFG Seeking Casual Regular Players
  10. LFG Competitive jouster looking for team
  11. Clan Looking for a group/clan who needs new players
  12. LFG LF friends
  13. LFG ppl to play ranked conquest
  14. LFG Looking for Female Xbox smite players for casuals
  15. Clan Im looking for smite players to join xgn
  16. Clan Xiled Gaming Recruiting!
  17. LFG Ranked smite on Xbox one
  18. LFG Looking to help
  19. LFG Looking for Conquest team
  21. LFG LF Ranked Players
  22. LFG LF: group
  23. LFG EU Smite team looking for Players
  24. Clan New player looking for clan!
  25. LFG Experienced team is looking for adc and support player
  26. LFG The Race to Skadi Rank X
  27. LFG New Smite Account
  28. LFG Looking for Fire Group...
  29. LFG Road to grandmasters
  30. LFG Looking for active players/teams!
  31. LFG LF more people to play with
  32. LFG help or be helped
  33. LFG New Player to the game, Trying to gain more knowledge and get better at the game
  34. LFG Looking for Chill legends to play
  35. LFG Experienced team is looking for support and solo lane player
  36. LFG Looking to join a team or find players to play ranked with
  37. LFG lonely fish looking for other fish to play with
  38. LFG Wanna learn more about smite!!
  39. Clan Looking for new members
  40. LFG I need people tp play ranked with
  41. LFG [EU] LFG, Casual or Competitive
  42. LFG Hey
  43. LFG Tired of losing, want to grind fp
  44. Clan Look for good players for (Squad Up)
  45. LFG NA Xbox Looking for a team
  46. LFG Looking for more conquest players
  47. LFG Newer Player LFG
  48. Clan LF third member for dedicated ranked 3v3 team
  49. LFG Need players for Arena bonus round
  50. LFG Building Rookie Team
  51. LFG Looking for Teammates!
  52. Clan Recruiting New Competitive EU Conquest Clan
  53. LFG Gamertag-sesoconqueso
  54. LFG Hey looking for a clan of 3s or 5s for ranked
  55. LFG Anyone want to Party Up for double everything today?
  56. LFG Double weekend lets team up?
  57. LFG Ranked joust need 2 players
  58. LFG LF People to grind Double xp/ws Msg Mxscle on xbl (18+ please)
  59. LFG Party up weekend
  60. LFG LFG for double everything event
  61. LFG Bonus round.
  62. LFG 2 players for ranked 3v3
  63. LFG Lfg or clan to play with
  64. LFG Looking for other players.
  65. LFG LFG Trying to start or join a group
  66. LFG Looking for a third in ranked conquest
  67. LFG Lfg 4 ranked matches
  68. LFG LFG to party up with!
  69. LFG Grinding dub everything Msg Mxscle on xbl
  70. LFG Party weekend
  71. LFG party up weekend + arena
  72. LFG looking for party
  73. LFG LFG For The Party Up Weekend - Messege My Xbox Gamertag For An Invite - or invite me
  74. LFG new team looking for scrims
  75. Clan LF a support EU competative
  76. LFG LF Good people to grind with Msg Mxscle on xbl
  77. LFG Xbox one noob :(
  78. Clan Trying to make new competitive team
  79. Clan Free Agent Carry/Mid role player
  80. LFG LF Xbox one Conquest team
  81. LFG Need people to play with.
  82. LFG Lonely
  83. LFG Looking for good people
  84. LFG Looking for people to play with.
  85. LFG Probably better than you
  86. LFG Looking for EU players
  87. LFG Lfg
  88. Clan Need players
  89. LFG jungle/mid lookin for team
  90. LFG Xbox One Arena Players
  91. LFG Casual Ppl
  92. Clan Omni Gaming looking for players!
  93. LFG Looking for ranked 3v3
  94. LFG Looking for Ppl to play Rank With
  95. LFG NA Xbox
  96. LFG looking for 2-4; WITH MIC. (arena, joust, clash- preferred)
  97. Clan Team Armadillo eSports - MLG
  98. LFG Looking for casuals
  99. LFG Looking for a group to kill time with
  100. LFG Looking for people, Casual or competitive
  101. Clan Group looking for more players
  102. LFG Looking for good players for ranked Add Balloon Factory
  103. LFG LF Good Players (I play Arena,Joust,Clash,Seige most), NO ASSAULT. Msg Mxscle
  104. LFG late night player lfg
  105. Clan Need mid and carry elo 2700 and up
  106. LFG Looking for more people to play with
  107. Clan Recruiting members for Dire Legion Gaming
  108. LFG Looking for helpful players in Smite to group up with
  109. LFG Looking for Comp. Joust Teamates
  110. LFG Wins & Fun
  111. Clan 3v3 Joust Teamates?
  112. LFG Looking for players
  113. LFG Looking for conquest group
  114. Clan Hold A to trade god in assault
  115. LFG Casual joust or conquest
  116. LFG Need people
  117. LFG Grinding right now.
  118. Clan XBOX NA Looking for members
  119. LFG Need people that get on every day
  120. LFG Looking to improve
  121. Clan Looking for 2 players for competitive smite team
  122. LFG Need one for Ranked Joust
  123. Clan Looking for serious clan or group so I can grow as a player.
  124. LFG Let's get this party started.
  125. LFG Looking for people to play with.
  126. LFG [XB1] Looking to add some peeps
  127. LFG Need a group people to play with
  128. LFG Support player
  129. LFG Looking for people to play.
  130. Clan Looking for a clan to join
  131. LFG Looking for 1 teammate for ranked
  132. Clan looking for either team or clan.
  133. LFG only rank 13 just looking for some stoner friends
  134. Clan Looking for a competitive team *JUNGLER*
  135. Clan Mettle Gaming
  136. LFG Over 2k hours played! Looking for players
  137. LFG Party-Up Weekend
  138. LFG Looking for joust team
  139. LFG Party Up
  140. LFG Party up weekend [XBO]
  141. LFG Party up weekend
  142. LFG Looking for a regular group to play with
  143. Clan want to start a clan/team
  144. LFG Party up weekend [XBO]
  145. LFG Looking for party to level up some gods
  146. Clan Looking to take advantage of Double XP Weekend?
  147. LFG 70+ gods mastered. Looking for some decent teammates
  148. LFG Looking to take advantage of Double XP Weekend?
  149. LFG Party Up Weekend
  150. LFG Looking for people to play with for double xp
  151. LFG Looking for people to play with on a daily basis.
  152. Clan Jungler looking for team (NA)
  153. LFG NEED 2 PLAYERS for ranked Joust in silver 5 and need good players
  154. LFG Grouping Up
  155. LFG double xp
  156. LFG LF Ranked Teammates
  157. LFG Just looking for people to play with
  158. LFG Looking for People to play with
  159. LFG tired of playing with randos
  160. LFG Need Help Learning.
  161. Clan New Clan Being Formed!!
  162. LFG Gold Mid/Support LFG for ranked
  163. Clan Competitive Team Looking for Jungler
  164. LFG LFG (EU) To play mostly ranked conquest
  165. LFG Anything but Conquest
  166. LFG looking for one more person for joust
  167. LFG Looking for 3 others for casuals
  168. LFG Let's get winning
  169. LFG NA- Competitive Jungler Looking for Serious Team
  170. Clan Revolution of Gaming
  171. LFG Need a group for joust or clash
  172. LFG Looking for new people to play casual with
  173. LFG Looking for good team mates trying to achive godlikes and more.
  174. LFG Amazing mid looking for a competitive clan
  175. LFG Looking for people to level up with
  176. LFG Looking for casuals/ sweatys to play joust with.
  177. LFG New guy looking for friends to play with
  178. LFG Main support lvl competitive team
  179. Clan Delusional Gamers -Now Recruiting-
  180. LFG Looking for a good 3rd
  181. LFG Looking for competitive team
  182. Clan Hunter lfg Clan/group
  183. Clan With Clans coming soon to Xbox One we looking to expand.
  184. LFG LF Xbox one Conquest team Mid Lane
  185. LFG Anyone looking for group?
  186. LFG Looking for new smite friends!
  187. Clan Looking for a clan, and/or friends to play with! :)
  188. Clan Looking for a clan to team up with
  189. LFG Looking for a third!
  190. Clan Looking for 2 Members
  191. LFG More people
  192. Clan Resurgent Gaming Invites You!
  193. Clan 2 players looking for clan (xbox)
  194. LFG Really Competative but also down for fun
  195. LFG Aussie players???
  196. LFG I like winning
  197. LFG Ranked joust need a team. Open to all modes
  198. LFG team
  199. LFG xbox one
  200. Clan Tactical Gaming looking for members.
  201. LFG NA main support lf team and more people to play ranked with
  202. LFG Looking for anyone to play casual conquest
  203. Clan XGC Adrenaline
  204. LFG Lf2
  205. Clan New Patch!!! CLANS!!!
  206. LFG Team try outs
  207. LFG Looking For People to Play Ranked With
  208. Clan [Mythical Gods] Casual Clan that wants to win and have some fun.
  209. Clan Started a new clan with some friends feel free to join
  210. Clan Nugget Squad Recruiting
  211. Clan Join Our Clan, The Big Dons
  212. Clan Archon Gaming recruiting adults age 20+
  213. Clan New Competitive but friendly clan (Ranked and other game modes)
  214. Clan The Throne Is Picking Up Players
  215. Clan Looking for clan to join
  216. Clan Knights of Ren looking for new members
  217. Clan Yo sup this is the leader of ReMix
  218. Clan Please help us level up!
  219. Clan Recruiting for Arcane Savages [ArSa]
  220. Clan Eastern Wind [WIND] Open for Members!
  221. Clan Earth Walkers [EWalk] seeking mellow players
  222. Clan Seeking Clan with good players
  223. Clan Boats N Hoes
  224. LFG Solo Lane and support try outs
  225. Clan Clan Invicta accepting applications
  226. LFG Enraged (clan) open to join
  227. Clan Join Our Clan, The Big Dons
  228. Clan CoCa Coheed clan
  229. Clan Looking for members
  230. Clan Knights of Ren please read
  231. Clan Come join The original Panic Nation
  232. Clan Social Clan "Society" Looking for members! Female Leader FTW.
  233. Clan Gettin Schwifty
  234. Clan Looking for a clan members
  235. LFG Anyone playing tonight?
  236. Clan Looking for new members to join the Soul Beavers, 21 & over casual gaming
  237. Clan Chivers that smite!
  238. Looking for players to join our clan
  239. Looking for people to join clan
  240. Clan Username needs you!
  241. Clan Xbox one smite clan
  242. Clan The Capitalist Army wants you!
  243. Clan JOIN OUR CLAN, The Big Dons
  244. Clan [TORP] Looking For Cool Members
  245. Clan WE HAVE A MIGHTY NEED! RagnaRockstars wants you!!!
  246. LFM to join clan read for details.
  247. Clan Looking for member for my clan deathonarrival
  248. Clan The Cobra Kai's need you!
  249. Clan United Gaymers is Looking for Members
  250. Clan Come And Join!!!