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  1. LFG looking for a group that wants to play
  2. LFG Mitspieler gesucht Smite [PS4] +18
  3. LFG Looking for English speaking players
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  5. Clan Tactical Gaming is Recruiting 16+
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  7. Clan Saqs
  8. LFG Please help Hi-Rez
  9. LFG je cherche des joueur francais sur ps4
  10. LFG Experienced and non-experienced players
  11. LFG Seige
  12. LFG Tactical Gaming
  13. Clan Fever Clan- A multi-gaming community looking for Smite players on PlayStation 4.
  14. LFG Oceanic servers please
  15. LFG howdy
  16. LFG Australian Players to team up with
  17. LFG Anyone for Arena/Joust?
  18. Clan 24 hour stream
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  22. LFG PRo team in need of 1
  23. LFG Turkish Team
  24. LFG looking for coach
  25. LFG Looking for friendly PS4 smite players
  26. LFG Looking for people to play with
  27. LFG Looking for competitive team hopefully pro (PS4)
  28. LFG Looking for more fun people to play with
  29. Clan Clan Recruitment
  30. Clan LFG People to play with....
  31. LFG Looking for players for Competitive Team (EU)
  32. LFG Looking for more friends to play with
  33. LFG Looking for Exp or Non Exp players
  34. LFG Looking for serious players
  35. LFG LF Experienced Players
  36. Clan Diamond 3 Ex-PC Gamer (Jungle main)
  37. LFG ps4, looking for people/group play to win and dominate! add me
  38. LFG Looking for clan/group to play with, i play to win!! ps4 !
  39. LFG PS4 Beta Key wont work
  40. Clan The Divine Conglomerate
  41. LFG I'm a Main Support LFG / Team that i can communicate with or adc with me
  42. LFG LF Teams to scrim against
  43. LFG Anyone care to group up for conquest?
  44. Clan NightShadows Gaming
  45. LFG LF players
  46. LFG Looking for other players that want to improve
  47. LFG Looking for a couple semi-serious players to fill out our group
  48. LFG Looking for regular players
  49. LFG LF italian players
  50. Clan NightShadows Gaming New gaming community
  51. Clan Established Clan Looking for Smite Players!
  52. LFG LFG - Germany or English speaking people
  53. LFG Casual player since PC Beta lfg
  54. Clan Hello From DOM
  55. LFG Offering to help out anyone wanting to learn console Smite/ Smite in general
  56. LFG Looking For 3rd for Ranked Joust
  57. Clan Recruiting skilled players!
  58. LFG Let's play together!
  59. LFG Mute player looking for EU players
  60. LFG EU - looking for friends
  61. LFG PS4 NA Server
  62. Clan Team Exist Now looking for competitive players! (PS4/NA)
  63. LFG Smite Ps4
  64. Clan [EU] Cerberus eSports now recruiting!
  65. LFG JeeTheOG
  66. LFG LFG/LFM PS4 Arizona/west coast players
  67. LFG Support LFG or Clan.NA server
  68. LFG Let's play PS4
  69. LFG Lf experianced players for ranked
  70. LFG New player looking to learn
  71. LFG Ranked team needs mage or hunter
  72. LFG (Eu) Im looking for active ppl to play
  73. LFG *Smite Bosses* LFM
  74. LFG Looking for Conquest group!
  75. LFG Solo laner looking for competitive group NA
  76. LFG Need joust and conquest group
  77. LFG Looking for skilled group/team for ranked EU
  78. LFG [EU] Skilled Ex-PC player LF active+good conq group/team.
  79. Clan [EU] Looking for active and skilled jungler for our ranked conq group
  80. LFG People to play and chill with
  81. LFG Looking for players with a mic.
  82. LFG PS4 smite group
  83. Clan Looking for a fifth player for conquest premade and other modes.
  84. LFG Looking for a clan/party
  85. LFG Need a joust group.
  86. LFG Looking for more players to play ranked conquest with. NA and Mics
  87. Clan Looking to get a decent team together for Ps4.
  88. LFG EU - LF active ranked conquest group/team GOLD 1+
  89. LFG Looking for a group to play ranked Conquest with
  90. LFG LFM PS4 for conquest, casual to start and ranked conquest
  91. LFG NA Player
  92. Clan [SQS] Solo Q Sucks - New Clan NA, looking for active players who are tired of solo q
  93. Clan Looking for Clan members. EU PS4
  94. Clan [BC] Band Camp looking for more members
  95. Clan Looking for loyalty!
  96. Clan Malevolence
  97. Clan Clan "Kaminari" LF Fun Europe players! NO LEVEL REQ!!!
  98. Clan [DANKi] Dank memes inc (fun, mature, and memes)
  99. Clan I am looking for an active clan with mics
  100. Clan President Trump is the clan name, come join and let's make America great again - NA
  101. Clan Need new member for clan
  102. Clan Clan recruiting active players
  103. Clan Cthulhu Crew (PS4)
  104. Clan Competitive clan! [mw420]
  105. Clan Anonymous Clan LFM
  106. Clan Come and join QueefBandits
  107. LFG conquest PS4
  108. Clan Twss
  109. Clan Wanting players to join clan
  110. Clan [U6LY] Ugly Inc
  111. Clan [LLUKS] moonless night Recruiting
  112. Clan Clan Shreks [X28] recruiting
  113. Clan Come Join the Madness that is [SH]Stellar Hounds
  114. Clan We want you!
  115. Clan [BKB]Blue Ki Blast Recruiting
  116. Clan Klan PLGRA - Polscy Grabarze
  117. Clan Looking for members for my clan The Unforgiving
  118. Clan (9O5) Competitive fun.
  119. LFG No discount in ps4 turkish store
  120. LFG Looking for all NONE TRASH Ps4 console players
  121. LFG can't find smite on ps4 playstore
  122. Clan New Clan
  123. Clan Join me clan ya smelly landlubber.
  124. Clan SameShtDifDay Recruiting
  125. Clan [EU] Cerberus eSports are recruiting decent players!
  126. LFG PS4 Early AM Party Up
  127. Clan Nightmare house recruitment!
  128. Clan [Darra] LFM active players for ranked teams [EU]
  129. Clan [PS4] Looking for Clanmates
  130. Clan Are you tired of playing alone? Want to join a clan and never que alone again?
  131. LFG Just looking to play games without a lot of randoms dragging me down PSN: T-Wolves99
  132. LFG My sister and me need friends !
  133. Clan TheHorizon LFM
  134. Clan Looking for positive, vocal and disciplined players.
  135. Clan Join Deity Gaming.
  136. Clan Tired of teammates auto-locking Loki? A PS4 Clan/LFM Thread
  137. LFG Ranked Conquest-Silver III
  138. Clan Come join the Vertical Smiles!
  139. Clan Join my Clan on PS4 looking for good members !
  140. Clan Come join Undead TeaParty Clan
  141. Clan Join Clan - Life is Good...we are pretty decent and play daily...
  142. Clan in Gold V looking for players
  143. LFG in Gold V looking for players ranked or casual
  144. Clan The Empyr !
  145. Clan Latx clan open
  146. LFG Fun Clan Looking for more members to start the Ranked Game whilst having Fun!
  147. Clan why does the ps4 get less stable with every patch
  148. Clan Searching for New Clan Members - Life is Good
  149. Clan Looking for an active clan or team for conquest
  150. LFG Twitch
  151. Clan I can't handle PUG's anymore. Any clans out there?
  152. Clan Tired of loosing? Join Weed Farmers TODAY!
  153. Clan Join Clan - Life is Good...we are pretty decent and play daily...
  154. Clan Tired of Playing Alone? Looking for Awesome People to Squad Up with? Look Here!!!
  155. LFG Looking For Teammates: Joust Ranked Team! (MUST HAVE 2,500+ 'Elo' score)
  156. LFG For casual play
  157. Clan NightShadows small clan looking for fun people
  158. LFG PS4-LFG teamplayer+ elo+ 18+
  159. LFG Mid player looking for good players on conquest
  160. Clan Armageddon [gedn]
  161. LFG wahts wrong with the ranked system?
  162. Clan Join Clan - Life is Good...we are pretty decent and play daily...
  163. LFG Looking for a competitive team
  164. LFG CDC_Ebola coming up
  165. Clan Looking for more members for RBS
  166. Clan Recruiting new and active players!
  167. Clan Mandingo Party Recruitment
  168. LFG LF a group
  169. Clan Seeking Clan Members for my clan - Life is Good...I look forward to playing with you.
  170. LFG I need competitive team mate or clan
  171. Clan Looking for Conquest teammates
  172. LFG Looking for people to play with
  173. LFG Clash and Joust Casual
  174. LFG New people to play with.
  175. Clan Do you need a clan or friends to play with?
  176. LFG Looking for new friends to play casual with (experienced or non-experienced)
  177. LFG Looking for PS4 conquest Team
  178. LFG Casual/Ranked Partner. High ELO
  179. LFG Experience players to group with
  180. Clan [lluks] moonless night
  181. LFG Looking for casual players, and mentors.
  182. LFG Need friends/entertainers!
  183. LFG Looking for a conquest team
  184. LFG LF players for ranked
  185. LFG LFG Xing Tians Mountain PS4
  186. LFG Lfg competitive ps4
  187. LFG Teammates for Conquest
  188. LFG Putting Team together
  189. LFG Casual LFG
  190. Clan Looking for new members
  191. Clan Polska Za Granica PZG
  192. LFG NEITH main LF Joust team
  193. LFG looking for conquest team EU
  194. Clan Looking for active members for clan, mainly Joust
  195. Clan Epitaph NA
  196. Clan DOM Clan Recruitment
  197. LFG Looking for 3k+
  198. LFG Looking for a clan that actually plays together and has plans of getting serious
  199. Clan The Few [Few]
  200. Clan Recruiting for clan Drakekinggon
  201. LFG People to play with on Casual/Ranked
  202. Clan The Few [Updated]
  203. LFG looking for new european people to play with
  204. LFG Suport Main Here!
  205. Clan Team Cerberus now recruiting (again)!
  206. LFG Looking to have a crew to Smite with
  207. Clan DiamondX clan recruiting
  208. LFG Anyone wanna on PS4 wanna play 2 quick Arena matches for the Odyssey quest?
  209. LFG Copying and linking
  210. LFG LFG for Odyssey
  211. LFG Need Solo/Mid/Support players
  212. LFG Looking for conquest players
  213. Clan Minion Equality. (EU)
  214. LFG LF Team for Ranked Joust
  215. LFG Kill Fire Giant
  216. LFG need someone for odddesy quest 2 quick games
  217. LFG LFG Odyssey Quest - 2 Games in a Party
  218. LFG Masters/Am Pro looking for clan/team
  219. Clan Looking for a new clan
  220. LFG Casual Evening Players wanted.
  221. LFG Looking for group that wants to get serious
  222. LFG Ex-console player looking for group
  223. LFG Ranked joust.
  224. Clan New clan looking for members!
  225. LFG Looking for Smite friends!
  226. LFG Looking for an experienced smite player.
  227. Clan Dire Legion (PC/Ps4)
  228. LFG Anyone who wants to win
  229. Clan Join GetShreked.
  230. Clan Varsity; looking for members
  231. Clan Looking for experienced players
  232. LFG Looking for experienced players who're 18 or older with mics
  233. Clan [hama] now holding tryouts
  234. LFG Add me need more friends
  235. Clan Looking for clan or group
  236. LFG new and willing train towards SPL
  237. LFG Want people to play with.
  238. Clan Still looking for new recurits!
  239. Clan NightShadows
  240. LFG looking for group
  241. Clan Anyone looking for a mid lane??
  242. Clan Looking for a good team.
  243. LFG [EU] mute guy looking to team up for ranked conq.
  244. Clan DOM Clan Recruitment Thread! Seeking all SMITE Players
  245. LFG Looking For A Competitive Group
  246. LFG LFM Players to Play With!!
  247. LFG looking for 2 people to run jousts with til 2k elo
  248. Clan Decided To Start Up A Clan
  249. LFG Coach looking to start a team. Will welcome and develop new players.
  250. LFG Looking for people to climb Joust Ranked ladder with.