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  1. LFG Looking for experienced joust players
  2. Looking for new people to play smite with!
  3. Clan We are recruiting!
  4. LFG Player looking for team for console CC coming up
  5. LFG Looking for a Team [NA] (EST)
  6. LFG Anyone Up To Party For 2x Worshippers?
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  8. Clan SULFR recruitments
  9. Clan 'Bucky Lastards' is Recruiting
  10. Clan Cthulhu Crew (PS4) Clan Recruiting
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  12. LFG Someone help I'm missing gems!
  13. LFG [EU] Still learning but looking for a nice players.
  14. LFG Looking for a group to play with. (NA PST)
  15. LFG LFG for players
  16. Clan Looking to build chemistry with a team? UDAC/THrd recruiting for PS4
  17. LFG Seeking Players
  18. LFG Looking for Mature smite players
  19. Clan No Mercy Ink
  20. LFG Starting a Tidal 6 team looking for members.
  21. LFG [Na] Looking for players
  22. LFG Eu new player
  23. Clan RoyalDignity
  24. LFG Looking for friends
  25. Clan Looking for people to join us at ragnar lodbrok
  26. LFG Looking to play
  27. LFG Looking for a serious and ACTIVE clan
  28. LFG Tydal 6 team looking for solo laner.
  29. LFG Ps4 link
  30. LFG Looking for a Team
  31. Clan LF active / friendly clan
  32. LFG looking to group up hmu
  33. Clan 70 mastery Support Player
  34. Clan Avatar
  35. LFG :D
  36. LFG Need a Squad for Ranked
  37. Clan Seeking new clan members - Clan name is Life is Good. LISG.
  38. Clan Need 3rd for ranked joust
  39. Clan Seeking Clan Members
  40. Clan Clan - Themed Group
  41. LFG Anyone doing placement matches?
  42. LFG Looking to join for ranked joust
  43. Clan Recruiting new members Aether Paradox (AEX)
  44. Clan LF Clan
  45. LFG Long shot LFG/CLAN
  46. Clan Looking for ranked
  47. Clan LF Clan
  48. LFG Florida people?
  49. LFG Looking for a mid, carry, and support.
  50. Clan Looking for a mid, carry, and support (Conquest)
  51. Clan Conquest ranked or competitive
  52. LFG Diamond 3/4 Need 3rd For R Joust. - DuKeY73218
  53. Clan Delta one
  54. LFG Looking for people
  55. LFG Come play!
  56. LFG 3rd person needed for ranked Joust.
  57. LFG Party Up Weekend
  58. LFG Looking for friendly adult players
  59. LFG Looking for ppl for normal worships 30xboosts
  60. LFG Looking For People To Play Smite With (PS4)
  61. LFG PS4 5v5 clan conquest
  62. Clan [4RCH]Archaic looking for friendly adults
  63. Clan Join HateCrew !!!!!!!!!!
  64. Clan DELTA ONE clan
  65. Clan Need memebers
  66. Clan Looking for EST clan to play with everyday
  67. Clan Group of people on everyday nearly anytime!
  68. LFG Wanna play?
  69. Clan Seeking new clan members. Join clan Life is Good.
  70. Clan New community
  71. Clan PS4 Clan looking for Clan vs Clan Scrims, casuals and COMPETITIVE
  72. LFG Looking for people !:)
  73. Clan 3v3 joust for fun
  74. Clan Looking for PS4 players
  75. LFG Ex-Xbox Player Now on Ps4
  76. LFG Smite ( Console ) Frame-rate Drops
  77. Clan LF Clan PS4
  78. Clan Looking for Players
  79. LFG Looking and I have weird times
  80. Clan Looking for players to join clan (BVZ)
  81. Clan Hate playing with randoms? Me too!
  82. Clan Tazland Clan
  83. Clan Ghosts of Valor (GoVlr)
  84. Clan we are looking for new members for our clan
  85. LFG In need of players that are good to have fun and grind to 30
  86. LFG *NEW* Players, Older crowd...
  87. Clan [Kanji] Stealth Brigade is recruiting active members!
  88. LFG I'm a Support Main LF A "Serious" Rank Team / Group to be Apart of!
  89. LFG Mastery Grind 5/26/-5/28
  90. LFG (NA) just looking for people to play with for the event
  91. LFG New player looking for other new players to play and learn
  92. LFG LFG I am Seriously In need of players that are good to have fun and rank up together!
  93. Clan Omniscient [iSCi] Is Actively LFM to Join
  94. Clan Kyoda of bushido (skype for business clan)
  95. Clan Seeking new clan members. Join clan Life is Good.
  96. Clan im bored and have no friends
  97. Clan Vapor Clan ready for new members
  98. Clan Looking For Ladies Of Smite On PS4
  99. Clan Florid clan looking for members
  100. LFG Looking for ONLY Serious Rank Smite Players to Team up with PM for more info
  101. Clan Omniscient [iSCi] Active/Serious/Fun/Social - Rank Clan Recruiting [Must Have Mic]
  102. Clan Organization Staff Recruitment
  103. LFG Hard trials of hercules
  104. Clan Lfm
  105. Clan Chicken Boizz
  106. Clan LF clan
  107. Clan Harbingers of Creation Multi Platform Gaming Community Is Recruiting!
  108. Clan DOM Clan Recruitment Thread! Seeking all SMITE Players
  109. Clan EYEGAH, the clan to be in!
  110. LFG Decent player looking for serious/experienced group.
  111. LFG Looking for clan or conquest team
  112. Clan LFM for Conquest (Casual)
  113. Clan Looking for a clan
  114. LFG Looking for Team
  115. Clan Looking for active members
  116. LFG Aphrodite Support/Jungle
  117. LFG Casual/Competitive
  118. Clan dongods Clan is open
  119. Clan Clan ps4 ita
  120. Clan Looking for an active clan, need to play with micers only?!
  121. LFG Looking for Clan
  122. LFG Need Very active clan.
  123. LFG Looking for group CrossFace _hc
  124. Clan LF CLAN thqat plays together
  125. Clan PS4- New clan "Team Elevate"
  126. Clan Lfc
  127. Clan Looking for clan
  128. LFG Death to randoms & the surrender apocalypse !!
  129. LFG looking for Adventure group
  130. LFG Any of you fags don't surrender after Draugr?
  131. Clan Looking for new smite crew
  132. Clan New clan looking for members
  133. LFG Getting back into Smite, need group
  134. Clan Looking for clan
  135. LFG Guessing the PS4 forums are dead
  136. Clan A Guild called Runtz for people with lives.
  137. LFG Somewhat new to Smite.. would enjoy some people to play with.
  138. LFG Looking for players
  139. LFG looking for group
  140. Clan Group LF Conquest Mids or Carries
  141. Clan New Clan Seeking North American Smite Players - All Accepted
  142. LFG Can we link pc to ps4 or not?
  143. LFG LFG PSN johnybrovo2007 Adventure mode NA server
  144. Clan LF Clan
  145. Clan [PS4][NA] Join Chronic Emesis Non-Toxic Discord
  146. Clan [PS4] Looking For new members
  147. Clan Looking for a good duo partner for ranked
  148. LFG Looking for players willing to help
  149. LFG Ranked joust buddies
  150. LFG LF Friends
  151. LFG Returning for S5
  152. Clan LF CLan
  153. Clan Recruiting for Clan (Six Hour Gods)
  154. LFG Looking for ranked joust buddies
  155. LFG I need people who know what they are doing, PUG's are killing me over here!
  156. LFG Troll report
  157. LFG Looking for friends
  158. Clan Clan LFM
  159. LFG Achievement hunting: Furious speed group
  160. LFG From Xbox
  161. LFG How do you add friends in PS4 games?
  162. LFG Looking for fellow smite players
  163. LFG LFG/Clan Very High Skilled Player (PS4)
  164. Clan Scrubs Nations wants you!
  165. LFG Do you even smite?
  166. LFG EU Player - Just want to enjoy playing in a team
  167. LFG Achievement hunting with friends
  168. LFG Looking for 1 for ranked joust
  169. Clan Matchmaking
  170. Clan Clan Ganjamanen [G420] rekrutiert neue deutschsprachige Smiter
  171. Clan Ps4 inhouses (Clan Vs Clan) Scrims
  172. LFG Ps4 Console inhouse & (Clan Vs Clan) Scrims
  173. LFG Mid/jungle for PS4 open qualifiers
  174. Clan Recruiting
  175. LFG New experienced player
  176. Clan Arena group looking for more players
  177. LFG PS4 team looking for competitive players to compete in PS4 SML/SPL/CCL!
  178. LFG Assault
  179. LFG Bug hades ability ps4
  180. LFG Looking for Friends to do (Ranked or Casual) Joust, Conquest (just not arena)
  181. Clan Looking for members family enviorment, non toxic player base, willing to help newbies
  182. LFG Lfg
  183. Clan Tier 1 Esports Looking to Pick Up a Team
  184. Clan Smite PS4 missing Loki in god selection
  185. LFG Looking for players
  186. Clan [Siic] Sick Gamers
  187. LFG Looking to learn.
  188. LFG [URGENT] BUG: Game Auto-Surrendered during a 1v1 duel
  189. Clan Looking to recruit (the47)
  190. Clan Everything except ranked/competitive (EU)
  191. LFG LF new friends and clan to play ranked and casual (any mode)
  192. LFG Looking to get a rank team together
  193. LFG Selection issue
  194. Clan Winter Clan is recruiting!