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  1. Chat/Quick chat suggestion
  2. Clans
  3. conquest roles
  4. Please revert the change to controller option 3 - LB + Left Stick + Rb is a nightmare
  5. In Game Party chat
  6. color blind mode
  7. Theater Mode
  8. Show teamates type of god on select screen
  9. Thanks hirez
  10. Account and VGS
  11. Auto level skills
  12. God Builder Custom
  13. God Builder port over.
  14. Joust ranked
  15. A few things here that would help.
  16. Restricted Camera Pitch
  17. Feedback of in-game issues and a suggestion.
  18. Different sensitivity for look and aim
  19. Weekend events every weekend or at least monthly weekend event.
  20. SMITE SmartGlass
  21. hel makes me lag
  22. Curse Apollo code redeem on Xbox?
  23. Stats bar
  24. Season Ticket 2015
  25. Xbox Bugs: Needs fixing, looked into 09/01/15
  26. hou yi hitbox
  27. feedback in a sense
  28. Hel heal bug
  29. SMITE XBox web page bug
  30. Xbox One Matchmaking Question
  31. VGS Mute
  32. Some General Feedback
  33. Xbox One Why have towers at all?
  34. Xbox Offline appearing online through clan roster
  35. Auto-Attack-Canceling, Instant-Casting, Quick-Casting.....
  36. Turkish Interface
  37. PS4 Console UI/HUD Setup Suggestion.
  38. Quite a few gods really need nerf
  39. Deserter
  40. How about make it possible to link the accounts instead of forcing us to restart?
  41. Xbox One punishment needs to be more harsh!
  42. Pc casting options
  43. PS4 PS4 to PC Porting?
  44. Smite Compatible with usb keyboard and mouse?
  45. PS4 Are you kidding me Hi rez?
  46. Xbox One Xbox Ganesha and Hachiman silence Bug
  47. Assult suggestion
  48. PS4 Deutsch hoffe intressiert euch auch mal für den deutsprachigen raum
  49. PS4 See no Changes!
  50. PS4 PS4 Avatars