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  1. Transcendence is now TOO EXPENSIVE
  2. Aegis, fix it please.
  3. Eye of Providence
  4. BlueStone pendant.
  5. How soon before "The Crusher" is removed from the game?
  6. Shield of the Underworld
  7. Golden Bow Suggestion (Viability)
  8. How to Retool Critical Chance
  9. Bluestone Pendant... For Mages?
  10. Using pots with full hp/mana
  11. Why was the crusher removed from joust?
  12. Hydras Lament changes
  13. plz bring back the old items.
  14. Soul Eater fills a niche that does not exist.
  15. Bring back midas boots
  16. Magi's Blessing
  17. Another COG in the Machine Patch - ITEM FEEDBACK - 3/18
  18. Building Medusa and Hydra's Lament
  19. Heavy hammer is overpowered.
  20. "Just get beads"
  21. bancroft's talon - is it OK?
  22. Sovereignty - Short Description Typo
  23. Add Mongolian flag as Player icon please!
  24. Crit Chance Reduction
  25. Witchblde ?
  26. The cost of tier 1 Book of Thoth and Warlock Sash
  27. Potion of Might
  28. On Item Restrictions
  29. Lifesteal on Magical gods vs lifesteal on Physical gods
  30. Spear of valor/Sword of strength
  31. Qin'Sais nerf
  32. How does Ichaival work?
  33. Spear of the Magus
  34. Why I May Stop Playing Smite
  35. Starting items
  36. Boots look too similar for colorblind players.
  37. Hou Yi Animated Icon
  38. Was the nerf on Devourer's Gauntlet worth it?
  39. Gem of Isolation
  40. More attack speed items for mages?
  41. Does shield of the underworld work on executes?
  42. Change Asi's passive to trigger on attacks
  43. Achilles Spear unfair buff
  44. Warrior's tabi
  45. ITEM SUGGESTION: Monk Sandals (Attack speed magic boots)
  46. Class restricted items
  47. Hydra's Lament on Mercury, Polynomicon on Ao Kuang
  48. Shield of the underworld
  49. Physical ethereal staff
  50. We need physical defense items with magical power
  51. Something needs to be done about the useless items in the game
  52. Beads of purification
  53. leagues 1v1. Shield of the underworld OP?
  54. Shield of Regrowth
  55. a little buff for reinforced greaves
  56. Curiosity Chest
  57. Incorrect description for creepier curse.
  58. Mail of Renewal
  59. Make Bluestone Pendant available in Assault again.
  60. Feedback on Item Changes
  61. Item selection
  62. Shield of the Underworld
  63. Few changes to items and new suggestions
  64. Pronouncing Hide of the "Nemean" Lion
  65. Does Frostbound, Witchblade, Ichaival, Midgardian mail stack?
  66. Removed items
  67. P
  68. Shield of Regrowth, what is this buff? Heartseeker, what is this nerf?
  69. Critical Item Overhaul
  70. I would want Qin's Sais back in the meta
  71. Opinion on the new nerfs on items for hunters
  72. Item changes I want to see
  73. Transcendence
  74. Global Fireworks
  75. Greater providence
  76. A thought on Balancing Hunters (Aka Crits)
  77. Give Dynasty Plate Helm a tier 3
  78. [Item Suggestion] Theseus Blade
  79. Asi vs. Soul Eater
  80. There should be a defensive life steal item
  81. Crowd control reduction stat
  82. An excellent idea for a mage only item
  83. Fixing Crits/Lifesteal
  84. A slight nerf to Midgardian and Mystical mail?
  85. Frostbound Hammer (just a little thing)
  86. Magi's Blessing still over-preforming: Nerf by removing from game!
  87. Is HoG even worth getting?
  88. Changing Bloodforge and Odysseu's Bow.
  89. Nerfing Curse ( The Active )
  90. New mage stacking item idea
  91. Hearthseeker's death
  92. Frostbound Hammer should be available to magical gods as well imo
  93. We need more magic defense items
  94. Weakening Curse HUD Tweak
  95. Witchblade and Runic Shield consistency?
  96. The Rising Dawn ITEM FEEDBACK
  97. Why is shield of the underworld allowed in joust 1v1 when crusher isint?
  98. Aura Stacking - Really?
  99. New item?
  100. The New Runic Shield
  101. Transcendence
  102. Item/Class Locking.
  103. New items
  104. For Season 3 - Get Rid of Boots
  105. Soul Eater does not change
  106. Fix cc removal for assault and arena modes
  107. Heartward Amulet in Conquest
  108. Malice buff????
  109. New Starter Item(Magical)
  110. Physical gods need their own Soul Stone
  111. Mercury weapon ( Hermes Caduceus )
  112. Hermes Winged Sandals item idea !!
  113. Updated Gem of Isolation
  114. "New" Bluestone Pendant
  115. Making Enfeebling Curse as good as Weaking Curse
  116. True Dmg for Telkhines Ring and Odysseus Bow
  117. Blink everywhere
  118. Shoes of Focus change.
  119. please remove mail of removal from joust
  120. One does not simply 1v1 a Hunter...
  121. Sigil of the Protector. New Item
  122. Bluestone pendant needs a small tweak IMO
  123. Should they nerf greater blink?
  124. Heartseeker - as it should be
  125. Chronos' Pendant Nerf
  126. Physical Gods need a mana option other than Trans.
  127. bluestone silly???
  128. A Suggestion to Avoid Conquest Balance to Affect Other Game Modes.
  129. Eye of Providence(Active)- Rework
  130. Crit Tree Changes
  131. Is Frostbound too strong?
  132. New item Wrath of Heaven you got yo see this!!
  133. Active that cripples
  134. Should an active be able to give you this?(Beads/Aegis discussion)
  135. Rat, MORE accrons
  136. Should Spirit Robe get a slight buff?
  137. Cloak of Hope
  138. All items for all gods?
  139. What do you think of a new physical item which contains attack speed and crit chance.
  140. Bumba's mask mana regen
  141. Immune to cripples item
  142. Aura item that increases allies power
  143. What if HoG was a ground target?
  144. More magical protection + CDR items?
  145. Solution to balance out Boots.
  146. BoV Mag.P Equivalent
  147. Doom orb needs it's passive buffed
  148. Ancile, Mail of Renewal and Runeforged Hammer
  149. Heartseeker and Doom Orb.
  150. Ninja Tabi
  151. Japanese themed items
  152. witchblade
  153. HoG Modification
  154. Ultimate Voice Pack
  155. Mage CDR + Penetration Items
  156. Hydra changed to flat % of physical power.
  157. Rod of Asclepius
  158. Fatalis needs to go
  159. Item ideas for season 3 (P1 - new branches)
  160. Shield of Regrowth
  161. Item ideas for season 3 (P2 - new trees)
  162. Suggestion for a Purification Beads Nerf
  163. New Items !
  164. new icon, new flags
  165. Crowd Control Reduction Items (Twist)
  166. Hunter Nerf
  167. Qinn Sai!!
  168. Critical Hit Items
  169. Concerning Purification Beads
  170. Defense Disarm !
  171. Suggestion for the Relic System
  172. Items Suggestion/feedback
  173. Heartseeker tree (PTS)
  174. Scout relic
  175. Wrath relic
  176. Ward Stone glitch?
  177. Power Potions in Season 3
  178. Change Relics for Season 3
  179. Greater Purification Beads, Age-Old Issue
  180. Item Idea: Refresh Most Recently Cast Basic Ability
  181. Description's items issues
  182. Relic Idea
  183. Defense is useless in season 3
  184. Get rid of those little bars on relics.
  185. Sprint: Make everyone zip around and let nothing ever be hit
  186. Forgot to update Adventurer's Blade (T2 Winged Blade)
  187. chose à changer Saison 3
  188. Sunder - Improvements
  189. you ruined the game with so many stupid changes!
  190. Mantle of Discord vs. Magi's Blessing
  191. Bulwark of hope
  192. Cooldown reduction
  193. Purification Changes (Which NEED to be done.)
  194. Speer of Magus.
  195. Suggested relic changes
  196. Boots
  197. What is the point of warriors now?
  198. Can ability scaling be displayed with the bonus power accumulated from HS/Soulstone?
  199. Mantle of Discord
  200. Concept Art on God Antey (unique mechanics).
  201. Archon Skin Comeback
  202. Winged Blade
  203. Combat Blink
  204. Slight rework to Aegis.
  205. Minor qol buff for Soul Eater
  206. samll buff for sov and hearth?
  207. Attack speed should get heavy nerfs
  208. Bluestone
  209. Each class (hunter, mage, assassin, etc) should have its own items
  210. Healing Items as Category
  211. Does Heartseeker Need A Buff?
  212. Crit chance cap
  213. Fatalis needs to be nerfed.
  214. Winged Blade and Cripples.
  215. Could we get an item like Shifters' Shield for magical type Gods pleas ?
  216. New Items
  217. Aegis
  218. More in game avatars of skins?
  219. Mage items and survivability
  220. Auto buy
  221. Increase CC, Keep CC, Decrease CC
  222. Lob Shot
  223. Actives -> Relics | Counter Build -> Auto Counter Build?
  224. Shifter's Shield
  225. Oddesyus' bow hitting Firegiant and his fire Babies
  226. Genji's Guard Were have you been?!
  227. Ap and AD items
  228. New Consumables
  229. New spectral armor and the warding relic
  230. Bumba's Mask and Fixing the Jungle
  231. Hastened fatalis in Duel
  232. Void Shield?
  233. Divine Ruin
  234. Post-nerf Golden bow.
  235. Magic protection and Pen broken?
  236. Celestial legion helm
  237. Runic Shield
  238. lifesteal options
  239. Surtur's Sword Please
  240. Defenses Physical and Magical Increase
  241. Golden Bow
  242. Starter Items/Relics/Consumables
  243. New Bloodforge
  244. Item Inconsistency
  245. More unique Item passives
  246. Anti-Lifesteal Armor?
  247. Auto build
  248. Why Does Bloodforge get so much power?
  249. Still pissed about witchblade 1 year later
  250. A thought on Sovereignty and Heartward Amulet.