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  1. Please don't delete custom item builds after updates
  2. Stack Selection In the God Builder
  3. Idea: upgradeable relics
  4. Buff Divine Ruin - garbage compared to brawlers
  5. Power Cooldown items
  6. Bring back Emfeeble
  7. Improved relics !
  8. Anti Basic attack items
  9. Introduction to a new system
  10. Anti-Lifesteal Item Idea
  11. Defense to Damage Conversion Item Idea.
  12. Frostbound Hammer Little change
  13. Nerf or Remove Fatalis, please.
  14. Magical Golden Bow
  15. Percentage Item Numbers.
  16. Soul Reaver changes...
  17. The Data mined 'Reliquary blade'
  18. Defense feels boring
  19. SJW: Smite Justice Warrior; Thoughts on hammers and shields.
  20. A couple little Item changes/ fixes
  21. Help the healers
  22. Anti-Poison Potion
  23. Mystical Mail's damage should scale with assists/kills/minion kills
  24. Emperor's Armor
  25. Tamer's cloak
  26. Lonely Wind Demon
  27. The Problem with Rage
  28. The Hammer Tree
  29. Steel Mail Buff
  30. The Problem with Shield Of Regrowth
  31. Critical hits. Plus idea for new crit item
  32. Merge Ichaival and Asi into one item with a unique upgrade path?
  33. soul reaver rework suggestion
  34. The problem with Rod of Asclepius
  35. Boot Changes
  36. Old CDR Please? :eek:
  37. Mid-Late game sustain potion
  38. Ancile Passive brainstorm
  39. Winged wand, please change it back to cooldown reduction
  40. Heartward Amulet Buff idea
  41. Making shield of regrowth a neutral item
  42. Modify Runeforged Hammer
  43. Warlocks Sash vs Ethereal Staff
  44. Stacks per "time" ?
  45. Physical pen is to powefull !
  46. Spear of magus is still 40 Magical Power
  47. The Crusher
  48. quick! soul reaver buff?
  49. New "counter healer" item concept
  50. Is Poison Star Too Strong?
  51. Counterbuilding
  52. Cost of Items: Physical (ADC) vs Magical (Mages/Guardians)
  53. Phantom animation
  54. Phantom change!(rework / remove?!!!!!!!!!BYEBYE ODIN META
  55. New relic, just an idea.
  56. Idea to change Scout relic
  57. Boots and others in 3.17 - Best changes for a long time!
  58. Future adjustments to cool down giving items
  59. Fatalys make the Hunters Over Power to starter players
  60. About reinforced greaves/shoes
  61. Odysseus's Bow is the New Golden Bow?
  62. Stacking Items, discuss balance and their effect on teamplay
  63. Mage CDR Items
  64. Fatalis should not work on ranged characters
  65. Can we have runeforge hammer and Spectral armor's old passives back?
  66. Hydra's Lament change?
  67. Bringing the ankh back!
  68. Golden Bow Come back? [IDEA]
  69. Reinforced Shoes Upcoming (Over)Nerf
  70. Please Buff Heart-Seeker
  71. They should get rid of Sanctuary and Purification
  72. New Physical Defense Item Suggestion
  73. We need more magic defense
  74. Nerfing Sanctuary Relic
  75. Protection buff pot in response for overnerfing reinforced boots.
  76. Actives or relics?
  77. Gem of Isolation just got buffed
  78. Physical cdr item request
  79. Nerfing Ritual Dagger?
  80. Grim's Bundle of (Possibly Broken) Thoughts on Items!
  81. Please fix the spanish translation for Runeforged Hammer
  82. isolation gem need changes
  83. New item ideas
  84. Warlock's Sash and Book of Thoth Review
  85. Runic Shield No longer Applies to Minions?
  86. Golden Bow, The return
  87. Sanctuary NEEDS to be changed
  88. Cooldown and why it should be changed on some items
  89. Two item questions
  90. How you could make Emperor's Armour awesome.
  91. I came up with the most broken item concept
  92. Suggestion: Duplicate relics
  93. Phantom relic visuals
  94. Sashes Sashes...
  95. Magical Crit Item?
  96. Magical Equivalent for Shield of Regrowth and Ancile.
  97. New Ancile Anti Cooldown discovered ?
  98. I'd be happy to see more items give CDR to encourage variations in builds.
  99. Idea for a Relic (this might be fun)
  100. New Spectral Armor passive and tweaks
  101. Can Hi Rez lower the cooldown time of Wrath please?
  102. Bead keys, bad to use, or i can change it?
  103. BUG in Pythagorean
  104. Suggestion of items for the next year
  105. New Active : Martyr
  106. Idea for a new item for physical that might bring back alot of out of meta assassins
  107. Fix your broken game with beads
  108. Boots of hermes
  109. We need more stats combinations!!
  110. Frostalis ADCs must come to an end
  111. More options in the settings menu
  112. Oni hunter's garb
  113. About 2 or more Stack Itens in a person
  114. Genji's Guard
  115. New Magical Deffense Item: Wizard's Curse Gauntlets
  116. New Critical Chance Item: Twin Blades
  117. Frostbound hammer/Gem of Isolation+ Hastened Fatalis should not stack its passives.
  118. NEEDED big change to relics for season 4
  119. Guardian Relic/item
  120. Make Frostbound Hammer Useful Just for Melee Gods
  121. Give Doom Orb more MP5
  122. [4.1 PTS] 400 Gold for the Chalice of the Oracle?
  123. Ethereal Staff Triggers PTS
  124. Heartseeker Passive Triggers PTS
  125. Healing warriors Were greatly benefited,this is a problem
  126. Rage S4 passive
  127. Last Masamune Changes
  128. Let us take a moment of silence for Masamune passive.
  129. Fix the New Soul Eater
  130. Rangda's Mask
  131. Etheral Staff
  132. New Rage
  133. Starters Slot
  134. Old Celestial Legion Helmet
  135. Bubma's Mask
  136. Can Hastened Fatalis be removed?
  137. Crit Chance and removal of RNG
  138. Thoughts on the difference between Physical and Magical Items (Lifesteal and Power)
  139. Talaria Boots and Travelers Passive needs this modification.
  140. New crit item idea
  141. Booster Improvements.
  142. The Shuriken Crit Tree needs it's attack speed removed.
  143. Lotus Crown + Celestial Legion Helm
  144. Rangda's Mask Y/N?
  145. Soul Eater
  146. Chronos pendant sell bug
  147. What we dont need [very important]
  148. Rangda's Mask bug
  149. Poisoned star is too good for ADCs.
  150. New Physical boots or a rework?
  151. Frostalis
  152. Shuriken Tree Issues & Ideas.
  153. Rage... Needs a New Passive already... The current one sux
  154. Shield of Regrowth
  155. new relic pick up buff
  156. item antiheal cap
  157. Support Is so Weak in Season 4
  158. blink with 72 sec cd.
  159. The new heartseeker...
  160. Change how Aegis Amulet works & give Horrific Emblem a different upgrade effect
  161. Chalices Fix
  162. Frostbound hammer buff
  163. Why S4 Rage is bad
  164. Shield of regrowth & Sol
  165. Fatalis is becoming annoying
  166. Double Starter Items
  167. Rune-Forged Hammer
  168. Suggestion: Passive Change to Spectral Armor
  169. I have a question 'bout Hide of the Nemean Lion.
  170. List with every Smite Item and Discussion on Items' Gold Cost
  171. How long can you tolerate outage of towers and phoenixes in the map duel 3 on 3?
  172. Frostbound hammer needs to be removed for hunters
  173. The Worst Items [ in my opinion ] right now and how to balance them !
  174. The most mandatory set of item's in game.
  175. Guardian Item Idea: Mitigation stat tree.
  176. So about the incoming Spear of the Magus..
  177. sanctuary and oddy bow rework
  178. Transcendence gives too much power
  179. Item nerfs (gods too)!warning gets a bit ranty...!(and lots of run on sentences...)
  180. About Sanctuary ...
  181. Gladiator's Shield Ideas
  182. Nerf Gem of Isolation
  183. Aegis needs to be removed
  184. Encourage Supports: Another New Mask - Rangdas Mask Rework?
  185. eliminar aegis
  186. About 4.7 update change to "Rage"
  187. Stone of Gaia Bugged
  188. No Items Balanced
  189. Idea on new way to balance items
  190. dev gloves stacking buff
  191. Cloak of Concentration
  192. Gauntlet of Thebes
  193. Health Items
  194. Bracers of undoing buff proposal and the flaws behind it currently.
  195. Bracer of Undoing
  196. Hastened Fatalis
  197. Magical Attack Speed & Physical CDR Boots
  198. Titan's Bane and Warrior's Bane, Obsidian Shard and Spell Focus
  199. Sprint
  200. Relics.
  201. sunder discussion
  202. Relic Upgrades & More
  203. @ Ichimarou
  204. Dynasty plate helm
  205. swift wing
  206. Nerf Bancrofts
  207. Frostbound Hammer needs to be removed from the item pool for hunters
  208. Etheral Staff.
  209. Bumbas
  210. Emperors Armor
  211. Some Item Change Ideas
  212. Golden bow/ Melee crit tree
  213. Items in different modes
  214. Relics Art
  215. Relic Idea: Coin of Blight
  216. Soul Eater Rework Idea
  217. Boots/Shoes Changes
  218. Poisoned Star Price Drop
  219. New Witch Blade
  220. runic mail
  221. Bring back fatalis now
  222. remove bow from melee
  223. Void Shield Buff
  224. More Exclusive Items
  225. Atalanta's Bow
  226. Physical bruiser options
  227. Hi rez please fiz soul eater
  228. hastened fatalis
  229. New Item- power blades
  230. Relic Idea: Transmutator/Transistor
  231. Hand of Gods
  232. Mercury's staff
  233. Pandoras box
  234. Hastened armor
  235. Meditation Upgrade
  236. Cost reductions
  237. Relic Proposition
  238. nu wa 2 proc Shaman's Ring without hitting target
  239. Helm of Darkness
  240. New item- Power Blades (4th) Charge type
  241. Doom Orb ( I bet you did not remember that item )
  242. Telkhines Ring
  243. Half-Baked Thought: Sovereignty, Thebes, and Heartward.
  244. Have a relic that doesnt allow other relics to be activated or just take out relics
  245. Aegis Counter!
  246. New Relic: Lawsuit!
  247. Changes to Item that I feel will be construction for the all levels of play
  248. Midgardian Mail
  249. Relic Ideas!
  250. Relic Dagger needs something more