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  1. Welcome Australian Smiters
  2. Any guilds out in Oceania ?
  3. Action in the Oceania region
  4. AUS Server
  5. [AUS] Higher than normal ping
  6. {AU} Need to remake team
  7. Aussies in Conquest
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  9. Recruiting for Aussie clan
  10. A New Year, A New Game
  11. SMITE Oceania community Survey - your input wanted
  12. Oceanic Server Match Making
  13. Looking for buddies
  14. Looking for players that don't mind playing with a noob.
  15. Australian servers are a joke.
  16. me dieron 50 gemas en una partida pero no llegaron
  17. Hey guys SG is doing an article on the Oceanic streamers! Go check it out.
  18. Will there be a Korean server soon?
  19. cq map causes my smite client to crash everytime
  20. Need players
  21. New to Smite
  22. Deserter due to server crashes
  23. Don't forget to join/make a clan! #ハッピー
  24. Ranked Conquest dead?
  25. Why are OCE community so toxic?
  26. Queue times, feature needed for AUS server
  27. Season 4 Ranked conquest broken?
  28. Fellow Oceania Players (LFG LFF)
  29. Option of queuing in multiple regions
  30. Matches loading into servers from other regions?