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  1. isis and Tyr cleaning up
  2. Does this have to be a replay?
  3. [Arena] Kali Penta + 2
  4. 2v3 GF steal + triple kill
  5. DMBrandon initiation with Bastet, Perfect Aegis into game win.
  6. Bakasura surviving the unsurvivable.
  7. Zeus holds off 3 Mages + Thanatos clean sweeps them
  8. 2 v 4 assault
  9. Anubis Pentakill Ranked 1vs5
  10. Tyr + Athena Ult for triple kill under tower & Apollo 1v4 quadra + FG steal.(Ranked
  11. athena saved odin ( preemtive strike blocks the neith ultimate)
  12. 1v4 Chaac Clean Up
  13. A teamfight happens, and we're initiated against. We have a 2v5 team fight.
  14. Happy Easter 2014!
  15. PENTAAAA PENTAAAAAA! Apollo in leagues conquest!
  16. 1v2 Artemis kill after KK ult
  17. Bastet Assault Penta
  18. 1v4 Agni in League Conquest
  19. When in doubt Jukes it out!
  20. Blue buff secured! kill Secured! some ymir action!
  21. Scylla Kitting action
  22. Hades 1v3 conquest
  23. Perfect Teamfight Synergy= Enemy Team Melted
  24. 4v5 Assault Double Penta kill Zues WIN!
  25. Incredible Thanatos bait into ult.
  26. Zeus - Dive tower, juke 2 ultimates, get 3 kills on low hp
  27. Anhur Pillar of Fate save.
  28. Level 1 double kill in duo with insane body blocking
  29. Anubis 1V5 penta kill while on 5% hp the whole time
  30. Apollo vs. Geb, AO Kuang and Neith escape.
  31. Poseidon VS. Nemisis
  32. Scylla Triple Kill
  33. WOW!!2 FG steals Janus ult perfect set up
  34. Loki-Athena FG steal!
  35. Chronos solo titan
  36. athena + apollo vs kumba + scylla and then baka
  37. Geb saves the day!
  38. Massive Sprawling Team Fight
  39. Ymir will escape from you and call you george.
  40. 3v4 All good things are three
  41. Mercury Quadra, and Vulcan Triple
  42. Thanatos pro round
  43. My cupid penta kills
  44. FG Steal
  45. Janus sniping
  46. Awesome game winning arena kill
  47. awesome escape and team support
  48. irongames tournament highlights
  49. Rama gets a PENTAKILL!
  50. Ra'Merica Snipes!
  51. Me using Vulcan
  52. Losing the team fight, but winning the game. - Ymir
  53. Artemis 1v3 Gets 2 kills and lives
  54. Kumba ulted their hog out of the the fire giant pit to secure the fire giant.
  55. Ne Zha Is OP
  56. AFK Quadra Kill as Zeus
  57. Ra fighting off invade solo lane
  58. Nice Early Fight for the GF! BodyBlock and more!
  59. about a two minute in double kill survived with 17 hp
  60. Ares Assault with low HP
  61. Chronos , Ra and Scylla quadra kills Sobek Smashing face!
  62. Ullr Pentakill Arena
  63. Bastet vs Tyr
  64. Rama Penta kill Assault
  65. Janus double kill
  66. Insane comeback
  67. Janus Assault Colateral
  68. 4V5 League, Early game leaver and we won
  69. Early Game Fight and Close Escape From Thanatos Ult
  70. The Siege Wambo Combo.
  71. Fenrir in Siege Quadra
  72. Poseidon turns the gold fury loss into a deicide.
  73. Scylla dont give a crap, Thors here to show you why.
  74. Thor thanatos ult dodge
  75. Penta Kill Thanatos!
  76. Double fail
  77. ra dodging
  78. Isis journey to diamond!
  79. Thanatos; Stealing FG and Winning
  80. Anhur blue buff turn around
  81. Defending FG And Quadra Kill!
  82. 106906039 zeus 5 penta ! 18second
  83. Thanatos Quadra kill during fire giant ambush
  84. Zeus penta kill and wins team Assualt match
  85. Ymir saves freya
  86. Janus triple ult - quadra kill to win the game!
  87. New Streamer in bound!
  88. Low life, no mana
  89. My top two so far
  90. Kulkulkan Near Death Escape
  91. athena saved mercury from death
  92. Poseidon escapes death by Geb and Nem
  93. Hel and Nemesis Dominate solo lane 2 v 4 with Help from Isis
  94. Kali and the team - Penta kill
  95. We have to defend the base ! (both team)
  96. Hades counter gank + triple kill
  97. Chronos and Athena FG Steal
  98. "Top 5 play" in french
  99. League Rama Quadra kill
  100. Hun Batz Quadra FG steal
  101. triple kill and gf steal
  102. Team battle death match
  103. Ah Muzen cab Assault Match!
  104. He Bo amazing kill + escape (Arena)
  105. Poseidon quadra wreck (assault)
  106. bakasura penta kill in pre-made
  107. Anhur steals speed buff then gets a double kill
  108. Arena Team Wipe Out
  109. Kumba steals Fire Giant in critical moment.
  110. quadrakill with Zhong kui
  111. Amazing jukes with Apollo
  112. Herc double jukes for days.
  113. Thor + Scylla = OP
  114. scylla quadra
  115. Chang'e keeps fighting outnumbered getting some great kills in assault.
  116. Hun batz quadra
  117. Agni quadra during retreat
  118. Red Team Clean Up and GF Steal | Spot on Ults
  119. Unkillable Hercules, Survives after all teammates are dead in a 1v4 / Conquest
  120. 4 v 1 ganking jukes
  121. Isis 2 quad game a bit to coocky D:
  122. 1 v 5 Thanatos titan defence, turnaround and win
  123. Arena 3 v 5 Wonderful ANUBIS.!
  124. almost penta kill with than
  125. Masters ranked 1v2 gold fury and takes gold
  126. Joust wreckage Isis op 15-1-6 127187023
  127. Change stun everyone!!!
  128. a quarter of dumb luck and 3 quarter skills
  129. Ymir defends the titan not once, but twice from the enemy team...solo 76 -73 finish
  130. Poseidon solo Quadra kill and GF steal
  131. Baka Penta turn around at fire giant.
  132. Isis: Trip Kill, almost-dead Wukong Kill, and Cupid in-tower kill
  133. Zeus Penta and Ares escapes Ao Kuang
  134. Fenrir Jungle Perfect Game
  135. Game winnign penta kill.... never chase kills
  136. Thanatos: Diacine and also mid lane quad kill
  137. Ra and Chronos
  138. ymir and janus league conquest
  139. Apollo crazy double(League)
  140. Ra Suriving Two ULTs While Being Tower Dive
  141. Ymir