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  2. I'll bite first.
  3. Hi!
  4. I call shotgun.
  5. So I just found this section...
  6. Why the hell not?
  7. I guess I'll give it a go
  8. A little about myself...
  9. I Always Lose
  10. Meet KingScuba
  11. Hello ~
  12. Dammu, The God of Nothing
  13. A horde of wild Abras has appeared!
  14. A horde of wild Zubats has appeared!
  15. ah, that's unfair
  16. A horde of wild Vupix has appeared!
  17. Your name and one thing about you
  18. A horde of wild Pancham has appeared!
  19. A horde of wild Absol have appeared!
  20. Well...
  21. The man (boy actually) behind Alprazolamum.
  22. Ohaio!!
  23. Harro! Good day to you.
  24. Nice to meet you all!
  25. Well, here goes...
  26. I guess it's my turn
  27. Oh hey there's a section here for intros.
  28. You remind me of the bae !
  29. Boring
  30. Well-- Hello!
  31. Hopping on the bandwagon
  32. Hi there!
  33. Uh...Hi?
  34. Weeeelll I guess it's ok...
  35. Hi everyone.
  36. Hi from Norway
  37. Hello from Italy
  38. Introducing Valentines in Bulgaria
  39. Hey hey
  40. Ohai.
  41. Howdy!
  42. Hello
  43. I'll make you rage...
  44. Hi Guys.
  45. New Player here - I'd like your input!
  46. Hi boyz hehe
  47. New Terrible Player
  48. New, terrible, lonely player
  49. Smashing my head against a wall
  50. Hello Everyone ^,^
  51. MarjuGarzet, or Welcome to the game
  52. Heyo
  53. [54339] TheSpaceNewt
  54. New player looking for friends!
  55. New player LF Team lvl 16
  56. New Player looking for friendly people
  57. Hi!
  58. Hey everyone :D
  59. Not that terrible player!
  60. Obligatory Intro Thread
  61. Hey! New to the game
  62. Newbie Here!
  63. Old Player, First introduction
  64. BaggyMomJeans Hello Smite Community
  65. "Hello Everyone LucaYasha Here!"
  66. Introduction time it is i guess :)
  67. sup
  68. Heya
  69. New to MOBAs looking for some friends :)
  70. I'm new, please be nice to me!!
  71. Hey, Fellow Smite Players!
  72. New player!
  73. Better late than never
  74. Hey there Smite community?
  75. Hi
  76. fRagd Here!
  77. hello
  78. Hi guys!
  79. Kappa
  80. New and Streaming!!!
  81. Not exactly new
  82. The One and Only Leader of the Light.
  83. New moba Noob :D
  84. About time I get around to this
  85. Required Thread is Required
  86. Need some friends, haha!
  87. I come from a game elsewhere
  88. Hi everyone this is arka222
  89. Elendur aka sTeVe-
  90. new and Streaming!
  91. New streamer!
  92. Its not about the beauty..But the booty!
  93. Dududududmmmdumdumdum
  94. I should have done this so long ago.
  95. Musician, teacher, GAMER!
  96. Holla Holla
  97. New to forums.
  98. New to MOBAs, new to the forum!
  99. Really should have registered a while ago.
  100. Please please some non-cancerous players send me a friend request!
  101. Hello!
  102. Hiii! New to the game/forums.
  103. Goldschuss is here
  104. looking for people that don't mind playing with a new player
  105. New to Smite, looking for friendly people to play with
  106. What's up?
  107. Smite User Community question
  108. indroduction
  109. Need Casters?
  110. Looking for some friends :D
  111. Looking for player in England
  112. Newbie from north!
  113. Lf clan/people to play with
  114. Weird Dutch Guy
  115. Stop by the stream if you like.
  116. One of the best games i've played in the last 3 years
  117. TheSephiroth is here lets have some fun
  118. New to the forums
  119. Hello Mates
  120. Hello from Canada everyone!
  121. Newbie in love!
  122. Hi, I'm Antimatter. I am a masters level jungle and I livestream :P
  123. Hi im pikkypik
  124. Hey there.
  125. new on the forum!
  126. Curious people want to click this
  127. Deraged, a Norwegian Viking
  128. A couple of newbies (and streamers!) saying hi :D
  129. Hello.
  130. Hellooooo! its Corraidhin!!
  131. Hello I am Tract!
  132. Greeting all and thank you!
  133. New to Smite and MOBA's in general
  134. Not that new but still a newbie
  135. new streamer looking to entertain you!
  136. I am a Chinese players,Hope you forgive me!
  137. Hey Everyone!!! Just Downloaded!!! Excited to play!
  138. Been here all along, just saying 'Peekaboo'.
  139. Looking for anyone who wants to help me play
  140. Hello
  141. New Smite streamer!
  142. Yo! :)
  143. New guy here
  144. Looking for people to play with (not a newbie haha)
  145. Hello! ^.^
  146. Kfire, the last fire bender
  147. intrudoction and very important request to Hi-REZ
  148. Hey everyone!!
  149. Hey !
  150. Smite Lietuva 2015
  151. Bork like Smite! Both on PC and Xbox!
  152. Hey Guys :D Wanted to play something new
  153. Hey guys :3
  154. Welcome to smite!
  155. Not new. But looking for people to play with!
  156. New, and hoping for some good God recommendations-Less Fast Twitch More Strategy Gods
  157. Kinda new?
  158. Looking for some new players to play with !!
  159. Introducing Myself
  160. New Forum Member, Becoming More Active
  161. Hello Everyone!
  162. Total noob looking for people to play with and learn
  163. New to MOBA's and searching mates/trainers (EU)
  164. New Streamer! RoamingRazza on Twitch :D
  165. Spittaz Looking for Group of People to Play With
  166. New player here, Learning smite! come show some love <3
  167. Long time Streamer and Smite player, but no audience.
  168. New (But not that new) player looking for people to join with!
  169. RTS Player To Finally Find His MOBA Of Choice
  170. Really new, got some questions.
  171. First time MOBA gamer looking for welcoming groups (US EAST,ATL)
  172. Generic New Guy Post
  173. Introducing as a Pagan, looking for friends #thesetears
  174. New Smite Streamer!
  175. Deimosaries BROFORCE
  176. Casual newbie looking for people to learn and play with
  177. New Member to the Smite Community
  178. New(ish) to smite looking for a group to play with
  179. still learning but not inexperienced
  180. New to Smite, super novice moba player but looking to get better and compete!
  181. Matthewmaster Aka Mathias :)
  182. Newish to smite
  183. Im Bacc
  184. Newish to Smite
  185. Finally an online game i can love!
  186. HIya
  187. New to Forum, VVGH.
  188. Looking for some cool peeps
  189. Bring the old nu wa back!
  190. Hi! I am new to Smite Forum. But I love being a Goddess!
  191. Hi, I'm new!
  192. Yo
  193. Hi! I'm the new SMITE Xbox Community Manager! :)
  194. Hey! New smite streamer!
  195. no randoms plz
  196. Hi. I'm new here
  197. introducing myself
  198. Hello ! SMITE_PL
  199. New and old Players welcome
  200. Hi! im RobinBoy and this is my brand new Loki montage on yt! :3 check it out ;)
  201. New to the Forum not to the game.
  202. Been gone for a year,coming back!
  203. Hey everyone!
  204. Hi, guys
  205. Hey there
  206. Smite Montages
  207. New to SMITE, always been a God though
  208. New to smite have some questions
  209. Who want to play :)
  210. Hello everyone!!
  211. Hello there :)
  212. competitive player new to smite
  213. Peaking my head in once more.
  214. Veteran Beta Player Willing to Help
  215. Incögnito and my Twitch Stream!
  216. belonna is op
  217. Looking for Refer Friend!! :) ^^
  218. Looking for a team
  219. Looking for a new god to play need help
  220. Just wondering
  221. New Player, Just Had A Fun Time
  222. Hello dear SMITE players!
  223. Sean here! (:
  224. Hello Everyone, New to Smite and just looking for some friends
  225. Looking for Nice Players!!
  226. League player
  227. Looking for members
  228. Hi
  229. Introducing Myself!
  230. Hi I am new
  231. Hi!
  232. Hey Peeps. TripleCharged Here
  233. I have... questions.
  234. I'm a Smelly Chicken. Love me.
  235. Carrotsniffer69 here xD
  236. Old Player...
  237. Spiltpaw Is Here!
  238. Dreiii here, i was a player back in beta.
  239. Introducing myself.
  240. Hi guys, Hope i have some ideas u like
  241. RashiiiPoo Hello Smite Community
  242. [vvgh]
  243. Transfer account to xbox one
  244. Hi all .....super new
  245. Xbalanquers Conquer
  246. They call me Katsu..Or Ray is just fine.
  247. Is Archon thantos still avalaible to get?
  248. Hello! I make stupid YouTube vidyas...
  249. Zanza Awakens! <3
  250. Just another rage thread from another noob