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  1. I really need help please!
  2. Xbox Key
  3. loging in
  4. Beta out yet?
  5. account linking?
  6. Able to still register and participate in beta?
  7. Can't play smite, different version?
  8. Pax Skins
  9. Horrible lag Xbox 1
  10. General lag while playing Smite Alpha
  11. Alpha Keys
  12. That lag though
  13. Logging In
  14. Cant Reedme my Keys
  15. Sever just go down?
  16. Streaming Smite with the Twitch app
  17. Can't connect to severs
  18. smite xbox one
  19. Account Migration
  20. Item store interface idea
  21. cant unblock
  22. Are the servers down?
  23. Keeping all the Stuff that you earnd on Xbox even when you log in with you pc acc. ?
  24. Game installed on friends profile and wont install for me
  25. Gem Weekend Bug!
  26. Are the servers down
  27. How do you buy more gods/costumes (X1)?
  28. Preferred Region Change
  29. "Low Network Performance" issue
  30. The games seems glitchy/laggy
  31. Twitch streaming not after recent update!!!!!
  32. Xbox elo
  33. God Pack on Xbox One
  34. Mic doesn't work
  35. FPS issues
  36. Won't let me queue for arena
  37. Smite Xbox One sound cutting out randiomly
  38. Not being able to log in
  39. Icons
  40. Issue with game launching (XBOX ONE)
  41. can't access Xbox smite portal
  42. Account Linking Update
  43. Skins
  44. Skin Code Redemption
  45. Can't Sign In!?
  46. Silend Hornet AMC i got 20 wins
  47. Can't Queue For Any Versus Mode
  48. Can I have some attention please? Just a little bit
  49. Didn't get the 'Triumph & Agni' skin.
  50. Ultimate God Pack - PC to Xbox Merge issues
  51. Skin codes not working
  52. Account Merge Problem
  53. Ultimate God Pack Merging Issues
  54. deranked in league due to queue time freeze
  55. It wont let me log in to smite for xbox one
  56. Promotional skin codes too short?
  57. Cheating Already? No Way to Report
  58. question about merging pc with xbox with season ticket
  59. Making me select active controller.
  60. Xbox Lags When I Play Smite? Help?
  61. Can't use Active Items in many occasions - LB, LT button related function
  62. Transfer god pack from XBox to PC account
  63. Gem Purchases
  64. Account Merging Question
  65. Merged my PC account with Xbox 1 only transferred Some Gods
  66. Conquest bs
  67. Account Merge question
  68. I have a serious login problems.
  69. Loading Frame Stats
  70. Firework emote
  71. Account merge issues
  72. How do I unlink my Xbox1 account from my PC SMITE acct?
  73. Unable to play any matches - stuck in a match that never loaded
  74. Summer of Smite free chest help
  75. Voice Pack explanation please
  76. How do I redeem the free skin codes on Xbox one ?
  77. Xbox One free skin codes not working
  78. Can't login
  79. Season ticket issues
  80. Season Ticket 2015 - no rewards
  81. Xbox One Season Ticket not rewarding retroactive fantasy points
  82. Loki's Voice Pack buy again?? Really??
  83. Whats the point in season ticket if its all already done!
  84. Retroactive FP
  85. Very long update
  86. No experience after a game
  87. So i need to merge but....
  88. Season Ticket Still Not Giving FP after Hot Fix
  89. Loki voice pack gitched.
  90. No retro points from season ticket.
  91. Can't get Artemis and Ra skin
  92. Did not receive Retroactive FP
  93. Xbox connection problems
  94. Convention Tyr skin code not working
  95. Can't load in past card screen
  96. Bought ultimate God 4 days ago and still dont have them!!!!!!!
  97. Unable to Connect to Server
  98. Sylvanus is missing
  99. How to go back to Skin Voices...
  100. FP for Oceania and Brazil Pro not showing up
  101. the bugs in league
  102. Will Sock Puppetyr ever be available on Xbox?
  103. Thanatos Skin Bug
  104. Kali Crimson Death Skin Bug
  105. Xbox problem with Ultimate God Pack
  106. Ultimate God Pack = "Bundle only"
  107. Accepting match bug. Lost my goodwill.
  108. Didn't receive item from chests
  109. Protective Stone (how to place?)
  110. Transferring Accounts
  111. Help help help
  112. Account Merging
  113. Account merger didn't work for the xbox side
  114. Control issues
  115. account merge
  116. Jack the reaper and Archos
  117. Severe frame drops/jumpy lag (game breaking and unplayable)
  118. Can't Get The Nu Wa Skin
  119. Loki Voice Pack Issue
  120. I want my account Xbox merged with my PC
  121. Servers down?
  122. Artemis Skin
  123. Merged Account
  124. God pack and multi accounts
  125. Can't activate my Codes from CURSE
  126. Merge + Codes transfer
  127. Season Ticket Issue
  128. Redeeming codes not working
  129. account suspended
  130. Assualt Mode: no option to reroll anymore? (xbox one)
  131. Nu wa odessey skin
  132. PC to Xbox One
  133. Xbox One Invert Not Working
  134. Jack the reaper
  135. Refer-a-friend question for hirez
  136. Bought gems but did not get them :(
  137. Can't get rid of items in builder
  138. Patch 2.15 Installation Stopped at 80%
  139. Smite keeps disconnecting
  140. Smite gems.
  141. payed money no gems Xbox one
  142. Payed money no gems.
  143. Help please.
  144. Ah Puch Galactic Invader bundle
  145. My smite glitched out and now I have received a penalty
  146. Xbox One Gem Purchasing Workaround
  147. When will the Ah Puch Galactic Invader Bundle be removed from xbox?
  148. Having Trouble Redeeming Code
  149. Lost Gems
  150. Odyssey cost twice
  151. Unable to connect to server
  152. Reapening part two no chest roll
  153. Did not receive Odyssey Free Chest Roll Item
  154. odyssey announcer packs not showing as purchased
  155. Question about the season Ticket.
  156. didint get gems for first win of the day
  157. Random Disconnects
  158. Missing or Wrong Authentication
  159. Problem logging back into forum using xbox
  160. Skin transfer
  161. Account Merge Help
  162. Having trouble purchasing Gems
  163. Bugged-70 Gods mastered but acheivements says 69/70 and no Icon
  164. Inuki/Kephri voice pack not showing as bought
  165. Welcome Pack not working properly.
  166. Unable to sync previous data
  167. Bought the Shadow Tyr Skin and lost my gems..
  168. shadow of olympus achievements
  169. No SMITE on XBOX market place in Japan
  170. Convention Guan Yu for Xbox?
  171. Free Exclusive Skins
  172. New to Smite
  173. Unable to connect to server
  174. When does Chiron come out on xbox one ??
  175. Dubstep avatar not unlocked
  176. Game will not launch/open/start xbox one
  177. Skins
  178. PC link Xbox not working
  179. Xbox League Matchmaking help
  180. Disconnected from Xbox live every match
  181. No Bundle?
  182. suspended
  183. Ravana Odyssey skin bundle
  184. xbalanque season ticket skins and season ticket
  185. Merging accounts
  186. says I did not accept eula
  187. Convention Skin Codes
  188. screen borders to large
  189. Unlocked Sol with gems and no longer have her.
  190. 7 Days of Saturnalia
  191. What the heck is up with the servers?
  192. Smite Stolen money
  193. Merge account in new Xbox One
  194. Ah puch
  195. Teleporting... lag?
  196. Alienwared Ra skin
  197. Season Ticket bracket not updating
  198. Water Dancer Nu wa.
  199. Smite PC To Xbox one Link Ultimate God Pack
  200. Welcome god pack not working
  201. Gifting gems on xbox
  202. how to buy demonsoul ebonsoul bundle xbox?
  203. Banned for missing queue
  204. Xbox Refer a Friend
  205. PC transfer to Xbox?
  206. email address keeps deleting itself when i log off
  207. The league community is toxic.
  208. Nemesis Leona Skin Xbox Complications
  209. Choosing roles for xbox league
  210. Smite Xbox One Servers and Frame Rate drop
  211. No Gems for Event
  212. Hi-Rez Account not visible in Email
  213. Smite is taking down my internet connection.
  214. Removing my cellphone number
  215. Help, i connected the wrong pc account to my xbox =(
  216. Reporting Players.
  217. DCed Now can't select anything
  218. Cannot enter a queue.
  219. I bought the season pass on Xbox one last night. It won't let me choose any teams.
  220. Game totally non responsive upon Victory/Defeat
  221. 6 random gods locked and no masteries
  222. Can't upgrade abilities while running during combat?
  223. Mastery Award Issue
  224. Solid hornet
  225. unable to connect to server
  226. Smite must be fully installed to access this
  227. Code Showing Up As Invalid for PS4
  228. PS Founder's Pack
  229. Invitation
  230. Connect my PS4 Account with HiRez?
  231. Game not showing up anymore on Xbox?
  232. PS4 Gameplay Tutorial Problem
  233. Missing gems
  234. Xbox Gods are Gone
  235. Xbox One Didn't unlock achievement
  236. PS4 PS4 alpha key already used
  237. Friend never connects.
  238. PS4 Unfair deserter penalty in closed alpha (video included)
  239. Dr vanus skin
  240. PS4 Problem with creating a group (unknown error)
  241. PS4 Alpha - Frequently asked questions
  242. How do you make a clan?
  243. Merge/link accounts
  244. 2.21 broke my achievements, don't know what to do.
  245. PS4 Help i bought game but it will not download
  246. PS4 Can't buy Founders Pack
  247. PS4 Account link issue
  248. Turn off allied Ai for CO-OP
  249. PS4 No odin skin received for link account ps4
  250. PS4 Can't login with my PSN account