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  1. the xbox one controls scheme
  2. All Skins are 300-200 gems but poseidon skin is 600...
  3. 3v3 Experience
  4. Possible graphics bug
  5. Thor, Ymir wall glitch
  6. Horrible lag Xbox one
  7. Returned to Log in screen
  8. can't change region?
  9. Ability animation bug
  10. Tutorial: How to report a Bug Report for Smite on XBOX One or get Support.
  11. Athena Bug in Arena
  12. Skill Screen
  13. Inverted Look Option does not save.
  14. Chang'e frozen during Moonlit Waltz
  15. Can't go to home screen from game
  16. Frame drop and lag
  17. Grid view bug in item store.
  18. Mics
  19. Sound Muting
  20. Bakasura Hit Sounds
  21. jungle speed buff
  22. Can't buy items
  23. Save my options
  24. Bugs with Freya in Arena
  25. Couple of bugs i found
  26. Basic attack dmg value to towers mostly obscured
  27. Multiple Bugs
  28. thor spin
  29. Small Bug List
  30. feedback/bug report
  31. Serqet Ult Bug
  32. Bakasura skill targeter/sound bug
  33. Xbox One notifications & framerate drops
  34. Not sure if a bug or not
  35. Feedback for Smite
  36. Make the snapped 'Help' text bigger
  37. Ymir Wall Bug and Xbox Suspend Function
  38. Bugs i came across
  39. Consecutive logins reset
  40. Resuming Smite after standby
  41. Stuck in the Wall *VIDEO*
  42. Login Screen
  43. Possibly a bug
  44. Animations through walls
  45. Mastery bonus
  46. End of Battle Stuck, Game Mode Icons Pic Lock
  47. Game wont launch?
  48. God rentals on free weekend
  49. No gems for first win
  50. Games not launching
  51. Visual Cue's on bought skin not showing up
  52. Bakasura and Apollo
  53. ne zha
  54. Bugs I've came across.
  55. Bakasura Glitch
  56. Bugs/errors I've found
  57. Smite Suspend/Resume not functionIng well.
  58. Neither jump into pheonix
  59. Game frozen after "re queue"
  60. Game kick bug
  61. Twitch broadcast from xbox
  62. Smite Not Allowing "Xbox Record That" Or "Screenshot"
  63. Audio Problem
  64. Conquest issues (Chat/Store)
  65. Recent Matches and Current Worshipers
  66. i keep getting put in player 2 mode on my controller
  67. Cupid's Share the Love
  68. Bakasura feaster bunny
  69. Zeus animation
  70. Xbox Party/Game Chat issues.
  71. Phionex glitch
  72. Geb wall clip bug.
  73. Major bug with 4/14/15 Update
  74. Ares new skin on main menu
  75. Cant buy items from fountain
  76. Match/Join bug
  77. Only after the last update
  78. ymir x skin
  79. Neith Backflip Glitch
  80. Xbox Bakasura Issue
  81. Bug?
  82. Frame Drops
  83. Ao Kuang - Arena - 11 minute mark or so - unplayable
  84. raanked bug?
  85. Number of gods unlocked bug?
  86. Ability builder keeps getting reset after patchs
  87. Frame rate dropping when in battle / Party Invites
  88. Item Builder Bug!
  89. VGS/POI Bug
  90. Deserter when u cancel a queue...
  91. Kali - Lash - the way it travels is wrong
  92. Janus Special Emote "Dance" Not Working
  93. Cannot accept matches after entering Codes in the market place.
  94. Deserter penalty for connection loss.
  95. Accept button problem
  96. Diamonds are forever achievement and award not unlock
  97. Kali Crimson Death skin bug
  98. After-game screen bug
  99. lag nonstop lagging
  100. Linked Accounts Not Working
  101. Linked account problem (Ultimate god pack)
  102. Season ticket isnt giving me rewards!!!!
  103. bought season ticket with 1k FP, and only have 1k FP?? wut
  104. gems missing from marketplace
  105. skins disappeared
  106. missing xp
  107. Not receiving experience.
  108. Ravana 10 Hand Shadow Fist [BUG]
  109. Please help....
  110. Stuff that still needs to be fixed as of the most recent update.
  111. Worshippers Not tracking correctly
  112. Xbox Bugs that require attention
  113. Sylvanus' Ult Breaking The Game?
  114. Can't surrender
  115. Unable to purchase Items
  116. Final Form....
  117. In-Game Friends List & Spectating
  118. fire work emote not working
  119. Medusa's Ultimate is Currently Bugged
  120. Pick/Ban bug - a ban gets skipped
  121. Invisible Chang'e
  122. Ward the Fire Giant incorrect audio
  123. kicked out of game
  124. God mastery won't level up/progress
  125. League placement not working
  126. Bellona Showing Hou Yi skins and sporting his voice pack picture.
  127. Awilix/Nox Bug
  128. Did not receive Retroactive FP
  129. some of the gods emotes
  130. Season Ticket Issues
  131. xbox bug: odin joust heartseeker
  132. Need Help With Game Breaking Conquest Bug
  133. Keys not responding in match
  134. Fix Planned Ravana's 3
  135. Did not receive the right amount of tribute points
  136. Sentry Ward Issue?
  137. Fix Planned Fix Scylla animation and Ult description
  138. Known Bug Sylvanus not in God line up
  139. Xbox problem with Ultimate God Pack
  140. Loki's voice pack
  141. Account merging ( Pc to One )
  142. Didn't get anything from Season ticket chets roll
  143. Season Ticket FP Not Being Given for non-SPL Matches
  144. Known Bug Wrong VGS Sound Clips Playing
  145. Osiris Tower Dive Bug Report
  146. Invisibility bug
  147. Fix Planned Ullr stance switching induces lag?
  148. Able to Move but no buttons
  149. Is there a glitch with the xbox daily reward system,
  150. Whole teams get booted from League Conquest matches
  151. Sylvanus Still Crashing Games?
  152. Game breaking bug - Requires console restart
  153. Lose Connection to Server at Login/Character Selection
  154. Couple of bugs
  155. Everything Wrong With the Xbox 1 Version Right Now.
  156. sylvanus
  157. Avatar
  158. Strange server side lag? Also unable to buy things unless you leave altar first bug.
  159. Assault game not allowing purchase in middle of match
  160. XB1 - Not able to purchase items or upgrade skills
  161. Chinese God Sale Week-End: Recolored skin no longer available
  162. He Bo ult bug
  163. start up bug
  164. No extra gems
  165. Ultimate God Pack Bug, Needs fix
  166. As of "Indomitable Spirit" patch, framerate drop returns
  167. Assault reroll does not work
  168. Ra in Jungle Practice bug
  169. Assault items showing as banned but not
  170. Social Media Smite Skin Codes Not Working
  171. Can someone explain to me why my ability set ups keep getting wiped?
  172. Sylvanus still crashing my games.
  173. Seige Juggerbug
  174. frozen game
  175. Nu wa crashing games like Sylvanus was
  176. Skin buying bug
  177. Free MOTD Skin frozen forced buy glitch
  178. Nu Wa 'Water dancer' skin code not working
  179. will not go inverted aim
  180. Can't remove items from build editor
  181. Inverted bug still not fixed or addressed?
  182. Athena Ult, went in "Limbo"
  183. Invert not working
  184. Inverted Aim Bug
  185. Inverted Aim not working
  186. Look inversion bug fix for Xbox preview members
  187. Unable to change region
  188. Unable to leave ability menu
  189. Invisible Kumbakarna Glitch
  190. Medusa ultimate working on people facing the totally opposite direction
  191. Smite restart plus deserter penalty
  192. Can no longer turn off auto level/build in game
  193. iDusa unpurchasable
  194. Stuck on victory screen
  195. look inversion bug
  196. Deserter.
  197. Game freezing
  198. Zeus' chain lightning has a delay
  199. Region Changing
  200. Controller Bug
  201. Odyssey charge twice
  202. Game Freezes and closes?
  203. losing tribute points in causals
  204. No announcer pack, not even default.
  205. Bought Odyssey item, but still not showing that I have it.
  206. achievement bug with Neith
  207. achievements unlocking again
  208. Duplicate Item out of free Odyssey Chest
  209. God Mastery Avatar
  210. Crashing at battle details screen
  211. Sun wukong 72 transformations
  212. Odyssey Anouncer Pack Bug
  213. Conquest Practice glitch that I can't describe and makes no sense, see video(s)
  214. Odin ring disappearing?
  215. Hades Shroud of Darkness not working.
  216. Unable to buy or sell items
  217. Ah Muzen Cab, Siege, Crashing Game
  218. Welcome Pack didn't give me Anubis VoicePack
  219. DidnĀ“t get my conquest gold icon.
  220. season ticket UI dates all fubar
  221. Cant log in
  222. Bug buffs jungler
  223. Sorry Duplicated post by myself and dont know how to delete.
  224. Item builder consumable slots
  225. Jokes are different to others.
  226. Invisible Sun Wukong and Jungle Creeps
  227. Mercury's passive doesn't build up when you jump while walking
  228. Renting Ravana Cost me 5500 favor
  229. Actives don't activate
  230. Unable to buy welcome pack
  231. Bass drop icon not in store
  232. Ares Laugh Emote NOT Working
  233. No Ba5s drop avatar
  234. No Furiona?
  235. Leagues
  236. Disconnected from Xbox live every match
  237. Neith Weave glitch
  238. Question about Ymir's Frost Breath
  239. Sobek missing voice?
  240. Solar Blessing Achievement
  241. Chiron taking my smite favor but not unlocking.
  242. Update broke controller layout?
  243. Players from past game stay on leaderboard
  244. Constant lag since recent patch.
  245. no gems after first win and no discount on xbox
  246. VGS mixing is very inconsistent
  247. Unable to connect to servers
  248. Deserter For Practice
  249. Frame rate Dropping/Graphics Stutter Since Last Patch
  250. No new Khepri/Thor Skin