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  1. PS4 No Clan Quest Rewards_Week Two
  2. PS4 Freezing in Call your role
  3. No 50 gem or fwotd quest this morning
  4. No 50 gem reward for FWOTD
  5. Xbox One Artio Stance-Change Bug- Unable to use Abilities or In-hands.
  6. My game don't login
  7. PS4 No 4.20 update?
  8. Kicked out 15 seconds after logging in
  9. PS4 Unable to stay logged in
  10. PS4 Login failed (Post 4.20 update)
  11. PS4 New build.
  12. PS4 Exterme lag
  13. Can't log in
  14. PS4 Can't log in
  15. PS4 still can't log in
  16. PS4 Login error
  17. Ps4 Clan and roster have disappeared.
  18. Xbox One Kreygasm Jump Stamp
  19. PS4 Clan tab removed/dissappeared
  20. Clan disparu
  21. PS4 Freezing during Assault or any gods pre chosen games
  22. Loading into the Game Glitch, other glitches
  23. Loading Frames
  24. Multi Queue doesn't work
  25. Xbox One Ultimate God Pack revoked
  26. Da Ji deactivated?
  27. Amaterasu - Ultimate Glitch - PS4
  28. PS4 change back to standard announcer pack
  29. Ao Kuang animation glitch [ps4]
  30. Can't access Hercopolis adventure on Xbox
  31. Xbox One X2 Fantasy Points for 01/11-05/11 Not Applied
  32. PS4 He Bo voice error
  33. PS4 Discordia issue
  34. PS4 Unable to enter Gold Chamber
  35. Error in a purchase
  36. Zhong Kui ult not working on hercopolis adventure
  37. Gem bug
  38. Ra’s Ult is Invisble and Silent When Behind a Wall
  39. Random auto VGS
  40. Gold Vault Glitch
  41. Weird Bug Xbox
  42. Match disconnect
  43. Ranked Match Instability-like Problems
  44. PS4 Announcer Pack
  45. PS4 Team boosters not showing when used
  46. Artio archivement bug
  47. Smite force closes every time
  48. Xbox One [BUG List] - v. 4.21.4421.0
  49. After a surrender vote I can’t use abilities
  50. 3 Day Booster Bug
  51. PS4 Gold Key Bug
  52. Xbox One Unable to change things to default on Xbox One.
  53. Lag issues in game PS4
  54. PS4 Game stuck when Kali spawns at the time of checking death recap
  55. Xbox One unable to play ai when i have a deserter penalty
  56. Help me pls
  57. PS4 Couldn't Open Chest/Lost Chest
  58. Help me pls
  59. Not receiving clan honor properly
  60. Unable to connect to Server
  61. Xbox One locked multiplayer
  62. Ps4 Ranked bug
  63. Game freeze bug and jungle practice bug
  64. Ps4 Hercules statue
  65. Super chill announcer pack
  66. Season 2 loading frame broken
  67. PS4 Metal Carnage Fenrir basic attacks visual bug
  68. Xbox One Top stats not working correctly
  69. Comms muting is all or nothing (for real this time)
  70. PS4 MAX out in game award and trophy bugged Update
  71. An Issue with XBOX 1 Hercopolis rewards
  72. Anubis is non-existent
  73. Muting Voice Chat mutes VGS too???
  74. PS4 Thanatos/Discordia Bug
  75. No anubis
  76. Season 2 Epic Frame missing.
  77. XBOX Muting teammates doesn't do anything
  78. PS4 Game Crashing When Selecting Character
  79. Xbox One - Shadows over Hercopolis Bug, store is empty
  80. PS4 Deserter Penalty Bug
  81. Game Crashes and Name Not Appearing
  82. Xbox One Kali Can become unplayable
  83. Xbox One Disconecting from games and unable to cast abilities
  84. Constant crashing
  85. Ps4
  86. Что с подбором?
  87. Globally known as. Killing around lag frame rate.
  88. PS4 Couldn't turn, screen rapidly jumping, stuck in spawn.
  89. Xbox One Me desconecta del juego y no puedo jugar
  90. Runeforged hammer and void shield not working properly on tyr
  91. In game character glitched out
  92. Xbox One !game unplayable! Crashing skipping freezing
  93. DC after character select, & i won a fucking deserter debuff, FIX THE FUCKING BUG!
  94. Ps4 adventure bug in boiler room
  95. Xbox One Match Loading screen bug
  96. PS4 Frostfire patch PS4 Pro loud issue
  97. Hachimans eagle eye bugged
  98. Sobek pluck, Vulcan interaction
  99. Xbox One Deserter Penalty
  100. Bug
  101. PS4 Voice pack glitch
  102. PS4 Adventure Mode, Quest Reward Bug
  103. Xbox One Ranked Bug
  104. Xbox One New bug (Nuevo Bug)
  105. PS4 Loading Screen Bug
  106. PS4 HELP Gem Sale not properly functioning
  107. Xbox One An error with the odisey
  108. Xbox One Ullr T5 skin bug
  109. PS4 Server keeps kicking me and glitching
  110. Xbox One Ranked Smite Bug
  111. Xbox One Ranked Wins Not Being Counted
  112. Hachiman
  113. God Ability Issue: Xing Tian
  114. Game Completely Unplayable
  115. Xbox One we cant start games
  116. Xbox One Smite is bugged
  117. Login bug
  118. God pick-Game Crash
  119. PS4 Camera is Flipping Out and Won't Stop Moving Forward
  120. Ps4 clan honor / level wont raise.
  121. PS4 cam problem
  122. PS4 Spanish Ps plus pack doesn't work well
  123. God selection bug
  124. Xbox Top Right launch window not loading offers.
  125. In-game features wont load
  126. Xbox One Code Issue
  127. Xbox: Not loading into a match
  128. PS4 VGS & some minor animations busted?
  129. Perdición de odin
  130. Xbox One Please Help (Technical Issue)
  131. This penalty needs to end
  132. PS4 Speed camp gate (arena)
  133. Controller sensitivity
  134. Gems
  135. Storm Tech Chaac sound bug
  136. Hachiman Eagle Eye Nerfed?
  137. Camera glitch
  138. PS4 Ranked not working
  139. PS4 Error timeout when in match loading screen
  140. Xbox One Ragnarok Event not letting you buy next level up after completion of quests
  141. God Pack not loading
  142. Missing Gems I Paid For
  143. Ranked Joust PS4
  144. Formato invalido
  145. Camera Glitch FIXED!
  146. PS4 Clan Quests not working
  147. Xbox One Players exploiting abilities to counter Ares' ult
  148. Ranked god picking/banning bug
  149. Xbox One After game menu not letting you review stats or reque...
  150. PS4 stone of Gaia passive
  151. Disconnect glitch
  152. Role call bug
  153. Xbox One Getting deserter penalty for no reason
  154. Joust Ranked no character point gain!
  155. Xbox bug vgs/locale
  156. Announcer changes after disconnect
  157. Xbox Ranked Rewards Bugged
  158. Xbox One Exclusive skins unlocked for free?
  159. I got to play with a skin I don’t have unlocked yet
  160. Loki teleporting to enemy he ulted
  161. Gameplay broken after 5.1 (PS4)
  162. Xbox One Season 5 Fantasy Points not accumulating during matches!
  163. Xbox One All custom item builds disappeared!
  164. Free Exclusive Skin Unlocks on PS4?
  165. PS4 - T1 of Devo Gloves tree not working for some gods
  166. PS4 Camera Glitch making it impossible to play game
  167. xbox Not loading into a match
  168. Xbox One Still no ranked skin.
  169. Ps4 ranked ques
  170. The Morrigan, Ultimate Issue
  171. PS4 Character keeps moving on their own, it's been doing this for 2 months now
  172. Kali passive selection
  173. Chang’e needs chang’ed
  174. Xbox enemy team appearing as duplicate of allies
  175. Can't view ranked screen without game crashing.
  176. What about rewards?
  177. PS4 Bug on the Icon gods list
  178. ChrEm Not Receiving Clan Honor on PS4
  179. Ability to use skins not unlocked
  180. PlayStation 4 Season Split not working
  181. QoL Console - Self-stims not be Instant Cast - Savage Plus
  182. Using skins that are not owned
  183. PS4 Unable to buy season ticket 2018 PS4
  184. Da Ji ult early cancel
  185. PS4 I tried to mute opponents but..
  186. PS4 - Ranked Loki Scoreboard Glitch
  187. PS4 - Odin mountain man skin
  188. Xbox 1 no tribute points
  189. Match start up
  190. Xbox One The game haven't sound when I login & the screen is distorted
  191. PS4 2018 Feb 20 Just updated to Patch 5.2 - Legend of the Foxes, matchmaking is messed up
  192. PS4 Xing Tian jump bug
  193. Legend of the fox frozen ending (can't relog)
  194. Xbox One Legend of the Fox...chests won't open.
  195. PS4 Weird End Screen "Issue"
  196. Adventures no chest ;(
  197. Xbox One Rare Daji Ultimate bug
  198. Adventure chest bug.
  199. Can't choose God
  200. PS4 Cu Chulainn's Transformation Delayed When at Max Rage
  201. Visual
  202. [Xbox & PS4] Adventure Mode - Legend of the Foxes - Compiled Bug List
  203. Awilix unstoppable move
  204. PS4 Abilities not working while moving
  205. PS4 L2 controls
  206. Xbox One Cannot Load Into Games.
  207. Loading frame ps4 - Epic season 2015
  208. Xbox One Win but no credit
  209. PS4 - Weird HUD bug - gods, levels, builds etc. not showing
  210. PS4 Hachiman Targetter
  211. PS4 Matchmaking
  212. Ao Kuangs ultimate not working (xbox)
  213. Can’t pick a character on PS4
  214. Buying in-store items with mana and dps bug
  215. Xbox One Cernunnos ult not interrupting in Legend of the Foxes adventure
  216. SMITE Console 5.3 Release Known Issues
  217. Bought emote chest. Spent 60 gems on 0 items.
  218. PS4 No Achilles.
  219. Matchmaking needs to be better than this please.
  220. Not letting me take abilities in SMITE Ranked
  221. Jump-attack bug on PS4
  222. Cant use R3 stick
  223. BUG Please Help Dev!!!!!
  224. Xbox One Pot O Gold Fafnir Bug
  225. Double Hit on Achilles Ult
  226. Meditation Bug
  227. Xbox One Major bug that makes the game unplayable
  228. Ranked Tribute Points
  229. Fire Giant buff stacking in Jungle Practice
  230. [XBOX] Achilles Ult Ignores Khepri Blessing??
  231. Hachiman bug
  232. Xbox One Can't scroll through back button screens or abilities after queue dodge
  233. XBONE Clan Quests not tracking
  234. My game crashes within seconds of logging on the homescreen
  235. Possible bug with Anubis?
  236. Zhong kui cooldowns
  237. No basic attack or abbilty sound
  238. Disappearing discordia ult
  239. 5.3 PS4 Ratatoskr bug?
  240. PS4 NRG Badge Reward
  241. There is no sound when I do a basic attack or use abilities
  242. Cannot Accept Queue After Controller Dies
  243. The morrigan ult is bugged
  244. Serious issue with store purchases
  245. Xbox One ratatoskr stuck in FG
  246. PS4 Kali Passive Broken on Arena (Match ID included)
  247. Gods with messed up Animations on God Screen
  248. Xbox One Flying Osiris Glitch
  249. PS4 Could not scroll my ability descriptions in match with cu chulainn
  250. Season Ticket Votes