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  1. Xbox One Ares taken from and had it on mastery X
  2. Problems with my gems
  3. PS4 Clocks not in sync
  4. Main Menu Gods Screen Glitch
  5. PS4 Season ticket, picking winners for the past MONTH????
  6. In-Game Rewards from Watching Twitch
  7. Xbox One Bought the Envyus bundle, and did not get the ward.
  8. Xbox One Pythagorem's Piece is buffing Nu Wa's Clay Soldier
  9. Smite Crashes. Can't Play at All Today!
  10. Game freezes for two seconds then everyone skips.
  11. PS4 Can't unlock Golden Vault Awards
  12. Xbox One Some bugs
  13. Xbox lag/constant DCed
  14. Xbox One Sound bug?
  15. Wtf is this
  16. Xbox One Ares Fernando skin not showing
  17. PS4 Report issue
  18. Skadi
  19. 4.7 Store Locks Up
  20. This game is broken.
  21. Lockup Bug if You Open Store During Port
  22. Freeze Bug on God Filter
  23. Home screen and store bugged
  24. How come Hi rez doesn't care about the community? Game freezes EVERY update
  25. Controller stops working, and no bonus for two weekly quests completed
  26. PS4 Get stuck on options screen and have to restart the game....
  27. Shop glitch
  28. Can't vote on new split again....
  29. PS4 bugs
  30. This more of a PC/Xbox problem than 1 or other
  31. Xbox One The Morrigan bug
  32. PS4 Main Page/New Content/Fantasy Point Screens Broken
  33. Able to pick unranked gods is Ranked on Xbox
  34. Kali bug
  35. Filter bug PS4
  36. PS4 Non-Functioning Sections
  37. Skadi (Well Kaldr) info and his dash attack?
  38. Smite camera is broken
  39. Season Ticket
  40. PS4 Why must their always be bugs with new updates?!
  41. Ps4 motd
  42. Xbox One Camera Issue
  43. PS4 Deserter?
  44. Xbox One roll request bug
  45. PS4 broken que
  46. not showing up on god leaderboard after 10 matches played
  47. Xbox One XB1 - Major Q Issues
  48. Xbox Unplayable
  49. Xbox One 2017 Summer Split Voting
  50. Xbox One Ares Fernando skin became locked again.
  51. Fafnir Bugs(Please help the best god)
  52. Xbox One Unplayable 4.9
  53. Xbox One Harajuku Neith
  54. Xbox One Da Ji and Jing Wei Bug
  55. Xbox One Apollo - Winner's Circle
  56. Xbox One Strange Queue Interaction
  57. Log in bug 4.9 PS4
  58. PS4 Da Ji's ultimate glitch
  59. Daji Thousand Cuts Bug
  60. Xbox one patch 4.9 unplayable
  61. Amaterasu ultimate bug
  62. Season ticket schedule
  63. How do I pause in the middle of a match?
  64. Xbox One Ratatoskr passive bug
  65. Ratatoskr's passive bug
  66. I got a 120 min ban cuz the game froze in the character selection screen
  67. Smite Xbox bugged Voice packs
  68. PS4 Da ji immune to xing tian ult
  69. PS4 Not getting the right amount of tp
  70. PS4 Dajis one thousand cuts bug
  71. PS4 Amatersasu leap glitch
  72. Item Store Freezing bug
  73. PS4 Morrigan ult bug
  74. Trials of King Hercules not giving any gold at spawn or in game, store not loading
  75. PS4 Smite ps4 R3 button bug in the game for the last three weeks
  76. Trials of Hercules
  77. Xbox One Camazotz bugs in trials of king hercules
  78. Xbox One Log out on Entering Game
  79. ToKH - Blessing shuffle
  80. PS4 Item Store Bug
  81. Xbox One The 1-2 time a game temporary lag/rubber banding issue
  82. Da Ji ultimate bug maybe?
  83. Nike's passive description
  84. Season ticket issues.
  85. Season Ticket 2017 music theme
  86. Xbox One Ne Zha Universe Ring bug
  87. PS4 bug? Delay in hits please help!
  88. Xbox One God Ranked Frames
  89. Trials of Hercules disconnect same place
  90. I keep getting disconnected from the server (PS4)
  91. PS4 Spectator Issue
  92. Xbox One Did not accept the EULA
  93. The Morrigan ranked leaderboard bug
  94. Jungle practice bug
  95. Xbox One Jungle Practice bugged when trying to leave.
  96. Trials of King Hercules Bug
  97. Cu Chulainn and Blackthorn Hammer
  98. Very strange bug
  99. Jungle Practice Bug
  100. Ps4 season 2 loading frame
  101. Double jump bug cuchulainn/xbal
  102. Xbox One Deserter Penalty for Someone ELSE not Selecting God
  103. PS4 Cu Chulainn auto attack bug
  104. PS4 Isis
  105. PS4 Spectator Still Bugged
  106. cant queue miscellaneous game modes while banned
  107. Ps4 smite crashing. July 2, 2017
  108. cu chuliann jungle practice bug
  109. Game breaking crashes, Xbox One. 7/3/17
  110. Watchers gift not applying passive after switching back to the morigann
  111. (Assault) Not registering at the beginning
  112. PS4 Morrigan god leaderboard
  113. I cannot access this Shop or the news links.
  114. Season Ticket Quest Bugged
  115. This is getting really old, really fast....
  116. Xbox One gods leaderboard dons't work
  117. PS4 MOTD bug 7/13/17
  118. Game Freezes When Using God Filter
  119. Ao Kuang ULT
  120. Lost of gems
  121. Xbox One Misspelled Achievements
  122. Ares chains
  123. PS4 Have been unable to teleport to the left tower on the Chaos side of Clash for months
  124. PS4 unable to accept queues
  125. PS4 Bug witchblade
  126. Cant load into Smite games
  127. Xbox One Unable to navigate menu
  128. Animation Bug (Poseidon)
  129. Xbox One (Solution) When you have the god bundle and it's saying you don't have it.
  130. Where is the Independence chest?
  131. wierd bug
  132. PS4 achievement list bug
  133. PS4 Eletronic Lights Chest bug
  134. Help needed
  135. PS4 Vision bug
  136. Refer-A-Friend Reward System
  137. Unfair deserter penalty
  138. Xbox One Chest for winning / purchased chest slots bugged.
  139. Xbox one exploit
  140. PS4 pro keep crashing while playing smite.
  141. Xbox One got robbed of a GODLIKE chest
  142. PS4 This bug has been around forever and im sick of it
  143. Not sure how to describe it
  144. ps4 " after lost connection and rejoin only one item menu is accessible
  145. Heelllpppppp meeee hirez
  146. PS4: Thor able to use abilities in Nox silence after he Ults in.
  147. [PS4] hey, the evolving 2015 Season Ticket Border is still broken.
  148. options keep getting reset
  149. PS4 Athena Peacekeeper Skin Visual Bug.
  150. Xbox lighting glitch?
  151. Clan request while searching for game glitch
  152. PS4 Ps4 Max Out Trophy bugged
  153. PS4 chronos blink bug
  154. Odd AMC Honey Glitch
  155. PS4 Godlike Chest Progress Reset Glitch
  156. Xbox One Consumable glitch
  157. PS4 Rajin description bug
  158. PS4 voice pack bug
  159. Items no longer showing
  160. Xing Tian 3rd ability bug
  161. PS4 Bug with Winner's Chest Unlock on Victory Screen
  162. Stuck POV bug
  163. Major xbox bug
  164. Disconnections from the loading screen on console (Smite)
  165. Bug Ranked conquest ranked
  166. Xbox One Ranked Bug
  167. Clan menu inaccessible PS4
  168. Ps4 bug when loading games
  169. Rage Bug
  170. PS4 News Menu/Ranked Schedule are not loading
  171. New Split, didnt receive rewards.
  172. Xbox One Falling into the map on only your screen
  173. Problem when Disconecting
  174. Ps4 issues
  175. Xbox One Item builder
  176. PS4 Pro Issues Ranked tab, Clan Tab, and Mini-Map
  177. Favor refund error
  178. Ps4 R3 bug
  179. Loading frame issue
  180. PS4 PS4 Pro Version has huge issues
  181. Xbone -- Can't lock in God, get deserter penalty
  182. Kaldr
  183. PS4 Settings bug, not allowing me to change sensitivity from zero (Gamebreaking)
  184. Xbox One Not all voice packs showing up on sale.
  185. Broken Lvl 30 trophy
  186. Ps4 buy corrupted arena bundle then error when trybto use key
  187. XBOX ONE: S.O.S Loading Skin missing
  188. Xbox One Missing 90 Mastery Avatar
  189. PS4 Annoucer Pack
  190. Ultimate God Pack Went Away
  191. Bug ps4 fr
  192. Bug arène corrompu
  193. Stance switching gods glitch.
  194. Xbox One I want my loading screen skin!
  195. Adventures lost treasures (no awesome chest)
  196. PS4 PS4 Clan Quest not updating since patch
  197. Multi-queue bug
  198. can't queue up with friends
  199. Triumphant chests not giving me victory chests
  200. Corrupted Arena awesome chest missing
  201. Nox root
  202. Screeens not loading
  203. Xbox One GOD BUG: Da Ji Ult
  204. Raijin stuck in Corrupted Arena
  205. Não ganhei meu baú incrível
  206. not getting the godlike chest
  207. PS4 Heebe Chibi - COLOR SKIN BUG!
  208. Xbox One Bacchus' "Everybody Getting Tipsy" Achievement Became Glitched With Newest Patch
  209. [PS4] Bug with Freya basic attacks with 2 active.
  210. Xbox One Chaac skin audio bug
  211. PS4 Waiting time for ranked match,after 35 min Dont find enemy team...
  212. Storm Tech Chaac Skin sound problems
  213. PS4 Smite is unplayable right now.
  214. Jing Wei wind gust went on cooldown and didnt show up
  215. Xbox One Still no Refund from Eliminator
  216. Unable to lock in God's (causing deserter penalties)
  217. [Xbox 1] Not getting FP from voted games.
  218. PS4 Not receiving FP for season ticket match picks
  219. Two months of crashes on the pro
  220. PS4 Xing Tian bug with leap
  221. Fenrir bug on Xbox One
  222. Fantasy Points bugg
  223. PS4 - Weekend Event Problem
  224. Xbox 1 random ward glitch
  225. PS4 Nox ult bug
  226. The Morrigan ult glitch
  227. PS4 No Fantasy Point Rewards since last Console Patch
  228. [Xbox] [Assault] Item Store occasionally unavailable when dead or at fountain
  229. Da Ji Trickster Spirit/Artio Life Tap Bugs (Xbox)
  230. Undeserved penalty
  231. Xbox One Won't Load me Into any Match I Start
  232. PS4 Pro Crashes
  233. Game crashes after match.
  234. Does anyone even read this? S2 Loading frame...
  235. PS4 Charged twice the Amount of Gems
  236. Xbox One Skadi "Ice isn't Nice" achievement broken
  237. Xbox One keeps freezing
  238. Sound crashing upon log-in
  239. Coffre de clan
  240. Clan Quests not Logging
  241. PS4 Smite Crashing after login or when trying to make a party.
  242. 3 months of PS4 pro crashes
  243. Camera and controls issue on PS4
  244. Xbox One Charged 3 Times for ''Warchief' Skin
  245. Bellona 9999 true damage glitch? (Picture included)
  246. Empty Odyssey Chest
  247. Que time is ongoing can't get a game any mode
  248. Enigma Chests not being awarded
  249. PS4 Received Deserter Penalties without even getting a match and other weirdness
  250. Xbox One Duplicate skin after completing game.