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  1. Viking Invasion broken, Can't progress
  2. Xbox One Xbox Game breaking FPS drops
  3. Xbox One Broken voice packs
  4. Crashing more since update in conquest.
  5. PS4 A nox bug with shadow step during clash
  6. Xbox One Bug with Rama's one's cooldown
  7. Xbox One Ratatoskr yet again breaking the game
  8. Xbox One Version Mismatch error on attempted login
  9. PS4 Clan Weekly Quest
  10. Weekly Quest Bug - Ticket Log File whaaaaa?
  11. Xbox One Invisible Wukong
  12. PS4 Deserter Penalty
  13. Xbox One Fafnir For Favor?
  14. Xbox One Skins in chests that are not available yet
  15. Xbox One Viking Invasion quests not progressing.
  16. Xbox One Fix the voice packs and the quests
  17. PS4 Lobby issues
  18. Xbox One God Pack Sale Fail?
  19. Xbox One Voice Packs are playing the same voice on every skin.
  20. No reward for completing the mastery quest
  21. Missing skins and a skin released early?
  22. Xbox One Bad Translation in VGS command
  23. Xbox One 3.11 and still no voice pack fix.
  24. Xbox One Item stats not correlating to character stats
  25. Xbox One Free God Rotation
  26. Xbox One Accept screen freeze
  27. Xbox One Match of the day yesterday
  28. crashes
  29. Lost Ultimate god pack
  30. Issue with rewards
  31. Xbox One Game Crashes Upon Completion of Weekly Quests
  32. 2vs.2 motd bug?
  33. Weird movement bug
  34. PS4 No Match Results or Fantasy Points since July 18
  35. Xbox One Problem with the Queue
  36. Xbox One Awilix needs to be fixed!!!
  37. PS4 Slows stop dashing???
  38. Xbox One End game victory/defeat screen
  39. PS4 A cheater on PS4?
  40. Silver IV to 48 points down in SIlver V plus deserter ban because of YOUR servers!
  41. Xbox One Game won't recognize masteries or God Pack
  42. PS4 Chinese Pantheon Avatar
  43. Constant PS4 app crashing
  44. Xbox One Major bugs in 3.14
  45. Xbox One crashes
  46. PS4 1 God and 1 Skin not counted in challenges
  47. PS4 Multiple Issues
  48. Xbox One Relic selection bug
  49. Xbox One Arena - attack speed gate
  50. Xbox One Jing Wei victory screen bug
  51. Xbox One Tyr's Unyielding (Passive)
  52. Xbox One Hide Player Stats in Loading Screen
  53. PS4 Menu bug and ending screen
  54. Cabraken tremors while walking. Damage and CC.
  55. Xbox One Season ticket 2015 LOADING FRAME
  56. PS4 God Selection BUG!
  57. Two major bugs that I've had, multiple times Dx
  58. PS4 Ultimate god pack? Not working?
  59. Xbox One Hoot 'n Holler Bacchus
  60. PS4 Item Buying Bug?
  61. PS4 Loading screen
  62. PS4 Crash/Freeze on God selection
  63. Xbox one lost fantasy points
  64. PS4 Odyssey Greatest Hits Chest Incorrect item
  65. Xbox One GriffinDwarf Skin Missing laugh emote while transformed
  66. PS4 Level 2 Chang'e and Hou Yi "Claimed"
  67. PS4 BUG HELP me
  68. Xbox One Cannot buy Items at the beginning of assault.
  69. Xbox One "Where's My Kitties" achievement not unlocking
  70. Xbox One - Mastery Avatars
  71. Assault Voice Pack Bug
  72. Ranked Bug
  73. Odyssey Chest glitch
  74. PS4 Xing Ting Leaderboard
  75. PS4 Item Screen Broken
  76. Xbox One Xing Tian Leap
  77. Xbox One Missing in-game prompt voice and text displays
  78. PS4 Xing Tian oddness
  79. PS4 Ah Muzen Cab skin not unlocking
  80. Artemis ult bugged ( PS4)
  81. Xbox: Chiron Ult Bug
  82. PS4 Setting Reset on Crash
  83. PS4 [Bug] - Trophy
  84. PS4 Odyssey Frame Stats
  85. 2 bugs.
  86. Strange deserter penalties, and other bugs for Xbox one
  87. Japanese quest 5 cant complete
  88. Xbox one did not receive Zeus x skin
  89. Wronly penalized
  90. Rental Cancelled
  91. Xbox One Randomly locks up after game
  92. Ranked bug?
  93. Cant Buy or Rent Gods
  94. Can't move and screen flips out
  95. Xbox One Queue crashing i think
  96. Queue resetting
  97. Xbox One Kicked Into Login Screen Mid-Match - Unable to Rejoin - Penalized
  98. PS4 PS4 Options bug
  99. ultimate god pack not working
  100. Xbox One Achievement not unlocking
  101. Purchased gems, never recieved!
  102. Whitescreen
  103. [URGENT] Spectating on PS4 allows CHEATING
  104. The lack of a mute button
  105. Ah puch bug?
  106. PS4 Urgent Help Needed! 8000 gems purchased - Not Received!
  107. Smite can't play
  108. Smite crashing
  109. can't see camps names
  110. Game Crashes constantly after sound disappears
  111. Smite ps4 freezes on god selection and crashes after
  112. Greek Quest 1 broken? (Xbone)
  113. Clan store Bug 0 Personal Honor
  114. Clan store problem
  115. Item Builder Bug
  116. Died as Chiron even though I killed my enemy with my Ult.
  117. Greek quest 6
  118. PS4 Kali target menu
  119. Xbox lag
  120. Xbox One Unable to view profile
  121. PS4 Pro Bugs
  122. Xbox One Patch 3.21 - Profile/Clan Section
  123. xbox update glitches out
  124. chest not recieved
  125. Xbox One Deserter penalty BS
  126. Xbox One 11/15 Patch update: Still no profile
  127. Twitch account linking and sound.
  128. game crashes when clicking on clan icon
  129. PS4 Crash on loading screen
  130. Ps4 spectator bug
  131. Demonic Pact ward
  132. Bug Prevent Character Selection
  133. Certain Abilities and VGS Lagging Out Even Though I'm Not Lagging
  134. VGS not having voice lines
  135. Please DO NOT fix...
  136. Bought chest, lost gems, no items
  137. Fafnir's Wonderland bugs
  138. Demonic Pact HUD causing crashes
  139. PS4 Purchased Holiday chest, got Coupon for Warlord chest....
  140. Fafnir Wonderland rewards bugged
  141. WARD sound fx NOT WORKING
  142. Xbox One My voice packs dont work XB1
  143. Relics not activating
  144. Demon Pact Skin Bug
  145. Unresponsive Controller on PS4 Pro
  146. PS4 Wrong motd
  147. PS4 Odyssey Chest Bug
  148. PS4 Abilities and Relics not working
  149. PS4 Game Crashed and I get a penalty again.
  150. The AMC exclusive skin
  151. Xbox One Ward notification sound.
  152. Player stats
  153. Crashing randomly during matches.
  154. bug in the celtic pack
  155. Ares 1st Chain Sound Fx - Glitching, not sounding Xbox One!
  156. PS4 The "Morrigan" bugs
  157. Themorrigan is literally game breaking.
  158. PS4 PotPQ Board Glitch.
  159. Twitch Prime member, still charged for event
  160. PS4 Crashing since patch
  161. Cant claim the free game for celtic event
  162. Xbox One Patch 3.25 bugs
  163. PS4 controller sensitivity bug
  164. Xbox one surrender bug
  165. Hun batz ult bugged
  166. Xbox one: Celtic event restarted
  167. Celtic event not progressing
  168. PS4 Party Not Working
  169. PS4 Morrigan and Serqet
  170. Twitch Prime unlock for Celtic event not working
  171. Morrigan Infinite Death Timer Bug - Game Breaking
  172. 3.25 console feedback
  173. The Morrigan Glitch on PS4
  174. PS4 Game force quits. No game summary screen.
  175. PS4 Where is Kali?
  176. PS4 Celtic Event: Path of the Phantom Queen
  177. PS4 A glitch with Fenrir's brutalize
  178. Bug about the treasure chest in smite
  179. PS4 Cant Claim Celtic Event: Path of the Phantom Queen
  180. PS4 Games logging out at end of match? REALLY
  181. Xbox One Skadi Bug
  182. Surrender Icon is Green
  183. Xbox One Daily Challenge match and Achievements
  184. Gem Sale?
  185. Keyboard and Mouse support for consoles
  186. Bought season 4 ticket on live but never got it
  187. New patch glitches
  188. Medusa ult vs Camazotz
  189. Kali menu vs passive screen bug.
  190. Team Boosters
  191. Xbox One View Team Bug
  192. Broken casual matchmaking
  193. Pet-a-palooza not loading (ps4)
  194. Morrigan nerf?
  195. PS4 Kaldr is missing.
  196. PS4 Season 4 Schedule Blank Screen
  197. Xbox One News Feed and season ticket not loading
  198. Xbox One Not getting event bonuses
  199. Xbox One Wrong Anubis voice plays
  200. Xbox One Missing connection to the server [Brazil]
  201. PS4 Cannot Hover Role in God Select?
  202. PS4 Repeated logout error
  203. (XBOX) Rangdas Mask is bugged
  204. Xbox One Deserter Penalty For No Reason
  205. Xbox One (Ranked Rewards)
  206. PS4 how to: attach Log file from PS4 (required to report a problem/support ticket)
  207. Xbox One Game completely crashes upon clicking "Clan"
  208. PS4 News feed and season ticket voting not loading
  209. Xbox One Season Ticket Schedule Not Showing
  210. game crashing on clan selection
  211. PS4 FSP drop since ps4 pro support patch
  212. PS4 Cannot Login For The Love of Zeus
  213. Xbox One Smite Crashes my Xbox
  214. Xbox One Not sure if this is brought up or not
  215. PS4 weird bug
  216. PS4 God Selection Timer Bug
  217. PS4 Clash Teleport Bug
  218. God selection stopping at nox and relics only showing upgraded 1's
  219. 4.3 Gold vault bug
  220. Screen Blur
  221. (Xbox) Smite breaks my internet connection
  222. PS4 4.3 Feed issues
  223. Spring season ticket 2017
  224. PS4 Can we fix the glitch with Aegis not working yet?
  225. Xbox One PLEASE FIX!!! Worshipers show but not receiving any
  226. Couple of issues on xbox
  227. Dropped from matches PS4
  228. Xbox One Cernunnos and his voice pack disappeared
  229. PS4 Apophis DOT persisting for rest of the match
  230. Kalder is broken
  231. Xbox One 1st Q Ranked Duel / no history
  232. Xbox one morrigan ult bug
  233. I've got the bug where I can't vote
  234. Game crashes after dashboard update
  235. Ranked matches not awarded tp
  236. Fernando skin bug
  237. Xbox One Get kicked every 4 min
  238. Ultimate god pack bug (PS4)
  239. Nike's Voicepack after ult and passive tooltip
  240. Gaining no TP when using Arachne in duel
  241. Ranked Duels Not Recorded
  242. Xbox One Morrigan Ult bug with Artemis
  243. PS4 Explosive Bolts Glitch
  244. Ps4 - unable to mute VGS of other players
  245. Xbox One Controller Locks up after match, during results screen.
  246. (XB1) Poseidon Whirpool
  247. Cannot log in on PS4
  248. Xbox One Ne Zha Ult and Mantle of Discord
  249. Xbox One Anhur Star Lancer Skin Issue
  250. Lost Celestial quest progress (Xbox)