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  1. Latency Issues on Xbox One
  2. Smite and Xbox Party/Invite conflictions
  3. Season Ticket
  4. HUD Settings and Viewmode (Peripheral)
  5. Update for graphics/history/teleport active..
  6. Would like a favourite option for gods.
  7. Since PC has surveys...
  8. massive lag
  9. disconnection penalty please?
  10. Nerfs needed
  12. Match Queue Suggestions
  13. Clans Mode
  14. Changes I'd like to see in Assualt PvP
  15. Loki needs nerf
  16. Death Recap and Top Stat Screens
  17. Xbox API
  18. We need a way to actually earn gems.
  19. Faster Patching on XBOX
  20. Splitscreen party members
  21. Reason for death (Like PC version)
  22. VGS change for League
  23. New Gods Wanted?
  24. Tweaked abilities for console vs PC
  25. Ratatoskr Nerf Issue
  26. Translation & Language Options
  27. South America Region
  28. Xbox Bugs: Needs Fixing 09/01/15
  29. Season ticket issue
  30. All the issues in one little bundle.
  31. Move bans in league
  32. Total History Stats
  33. Is this suppose to happen?
  34. harsher penalty for leaving ranked
  35. Lag makes Smite unplayable
  36. Store/Item build Issues
  37. Going past level 30?
  38. Smite problems
  39. New UI for the god selection screen
  40. Refer a friend on xbox one
  41. skins and audio
  42. Camera Pitch Coming?
  43. Everything Wrong With the Xbox 1 Version Right Now.
  44. 3v3 joust ranked
  45. I want my countrie flag but cant find it ! why not ?
  46. Small tweak to the hud
  47. I think that Aphrodite needs a new ultimate or make improvements plz
  48. What do you think does Khepri need nerfing or buffing and tell me why
  49. Ah Puch Limit in All Out Assault?
  50. Well I think that smite need to put more levels in the game and add more maps to pn
  51. Make it easier to exit the store.
  52. Sobek Visuals Feedback
  53. God Stat Diplay
  54. Ne Zha Mobility Suggestions
  55. Make 2v2 a permanent game mode
  56. Xing Tian Upcoming Nerfs/ When it comes to new gods...
  57. We Need More VGS Commands
  58. Skin & Items Sync to PC (Not just a Transfer)
  59. Xbox New God Updates.
  60. Ah Puch's range... Seriously?
  61. Mode of the Day Voting System?
  62. Archon-X or Darth Archon
  63. Apollo-Bounty Hunter Skin
  64. Nox Skin Suggestion - XNOX
  65. Vamana Skin Suggestion - Kool Mana
  66. Osiris Skin Suggestion - Black Knight
  67. Sol Skin Soltana
  68. Making league fair when people leave the game
  69. "refer-a-friend" flaw
  70. New Vulcan skin!
  71. A Couple of Skin Ideas
  72. losing tribute points
  73. Mark A God As Favorite
  74. Buddha
  75. Ground target
  76. Camera View - Hi-Rez pls read
  77. Early Surrender Vote For Teams Missing Players
  78. Geb Is Underpowered
  79. Control Configuration
  80. Give me 60fps or give me death
  81. Sol Supernova Skin
  82. Ah Muzen Cab needs buffed and some love!
  83. Team league
  84. Re-Offer Permenant One-Time Account Merge - For a Price.
  85. Direct link to sale items
  86. Temporary Chat Ban for Spammers
  87. Titan taking damage when Phoenix is alive... Bug?
  88. Can you remodel zhong Kui
  89. It.s rediculous that they are nerfing guardians power and Defence not happy at all
  90. VGS Commands - Practicality & Changes
  91. need a bellona build for xbox one plz help
  92. Limit 2 for party league
  93. Thanatos %hp usage
  94. Clans for XBOX!!!
  95. How Is Hel Not Considered OP
  96. Anyone else wish there was a Vertical camera lock?
  97. Bug Causing Controls To Change When Re-entering Game.
  98. Queue Penalty bug
  99. Xbox clans!!!!
  100. Summary Screen Bug?
  101. Balancing
  102. League conquest boycott
  103. Holiday Sale Idea!
  104. odtssey reward an ebook really
  105. League Opt Out Feature
  106. Assault Suggestions.
  107. Titan damage glitch
  108. The ability to change you in game Map/HUD.
  109. Still getting after game results screen freeze.
  110. Chiron as a Healer not fixed yet?
  111. Xbox Pro Chests (not included)
  112. Absolutely crap
  113. Curse Apollo skin for xbox
  114. Voodoo Pantheon
  115. 3v3 Joust matchmaking is broken
  116. Add Diamond Effect To Abilities
  117. Just some ideas to improve Smite on XBOX!
  118. Updates
  119. Domination
  120. 180 Spin on Controller
  121. New God - Erebus, God of Darkness
  122. Xbox Exclusive themed skins
  123. Extended skins for Xbox one
  124. new theme music
  125. Y U no nerf Loki?
  126. Jetpack fighter skin
  127. Jetpack fighter skin
  128. Match Griefing
  129. Loading card
  130. Opacity Slider For HUD
  131. Here is a Suggestion.. please take it with the Earths entire quantity of Salt...
  132. Keep login rewards for next xbox patch since your bringing it back anyway.
  133. New god idea. FUTEN Japanese god of wind
  134. Happy Valisblot!
  135. Chaac
  136. Ravana's Overhead Kick: activation
  137. Login Reward System
  138. Nu Wa alt.
  139. SOBEK Rebuild?
  140. Console cross platform
  141. PS4 Closed Alpha suggestions
  142. My PS4 Smite review
  143. Will I be able to one time transfer my XBOX progress to PS4?
  144. Attacking God without pressing the R2 button.
  145. Last hit suggestion
  146. Not able to change language (ps4)
  147. Skill button fires on second press
  148. Clash - Ideas to make console experience more enjoyable
  149. Controls
  150. Make All Gods Available Until Store Updates
  151. My suggestions after playing
  152. Make a one time offer to link xbox one profile progress to a pc account.
  153. PS4 Alpha issues, bugs and remote play
  154. Xbox One Clans!
  155. PS4 I really hope we'll be able to type with a chat system
  156. PS4 things ive noticed
  157. Color-blind filters
  158. Xbox One Suggestions
  159. Can we separate the lfg forums
  160. Xbox One Loading screen tips
  161. PS4 PS4 Alpha issue
  162. Xbox Smite Improvement
  163. Split-screen
  164. Team Builder Matchmaking (League of Legends)
  165. PS4 se que j'ai a dire sur le alpha ps4
  166. Xbox One unbalanced assault teams
  167. Xbox One 30 Minute Deserter
  168. Deserter penalty
  169. Xbox One clan on xbox one ?
  170. Xbox One Stats
  171. Xbox One Random Ban Hammers???
  172. PS4 Collision Help
  173. Free relics have made awilix's ult useless.
  174. Ra glitch?
  175. PS4 Deserter for no reason
  176. PS4 Desert at character select w/o penalty
  177. Xbox One Khepri and fire giant
  178. PS4 Might be a weird suggestion.
  179. Clash Made Into An Egyptian Themed Map
  180. PS4 Sharefactory and other PS4 stuff
  181. PS4 We need the option to disable the restricted camera pitch
  182. Adding Draft picks and bans into casual play for conquest and joust.
  183. Xbox One Quitting during a match
  184. Xbox One 4 HOUR deserter ban NO WARNING NO NOTHING!!
  185. Deserter Penalty for not selecting a God
  186. Queue alert
  187. PS4 Absolutely no PC linking/transferring
  188. Split screen
  189. gift center
  190. PS4 MOTD is broken and gives deserter penalties
  191. favor emotes shouldn't be in chests
  192. For both Console please add customized control / key binding!
  193. Limited Skins Should Be Available Again
  194. Xbox One Weekends are the worst
  195. Just got deranked due to teammates feeding.
  196. satellite mode!
  197. Xbox One Gods that I would like to see.
  198. Dropping the ball on Sol
  199. When is Console Getting More VGS?
  200. The problem with the account...it's gone [Проблема с аккаунтом...он пропал]
  201. Xbox One God Suggestions
  202. Xbox One Hide Profile
  203. Pick your preferences
  204. Allow button option to swap trigger and bumper for attacks.
  205. Xbox One Diamond Agni request/suggestion
  206. Xbox One Can your bring back cripple on Chiron's 1
  207. Xbox One Offline Mode
  208. A problem I have with Kaldr
  209. Xbox One Arachne skin idea
  210. PS4 Frame Rate
  211. Force some players back to training and Coop
  212. PS4 Relic Buttons.
  213. Did they fill in Sol's butt crack?
  214. PS4 OPL Finals was hidden, didnt get to pick
  215. Xbox One Chiron could use a buff, don't ya think?
  216. Warriors v Assassins
  217. PS4 PSVITA remote play control scheme/Button guide on the PS4.
  218. No Bonus Round(Arena)
  219. PS4 Getting kicked out of matches randomly
  220. Merge xbox 1 last time
  221. Xbox One Character Selection Trade Issue
  222. Rank x gods--rewards for worshippers
  223. Fustrated with players who dont know other gods.
  224. We need some Thana love!
  225. This is inexcusable
  226. Console God stats in history
  227. Xbox One Xbox-ps4 ps4-xbox tansfer
  228. BUFF ARES ( yes you read that correctly)
  229. Xbox One Fix nuwas ult.
  230. Xbox One Buff jeing wei.
  231. PS4 Hinduman Announcer Pack sound really low compared to the default
  232. PS4 Sun wukong
  233. Ne Zha Skins Please
  234. Xbox One Updates need help
  235. Being penalize for not pick god in casuals. (Not ranked)
  236. Xbox One ares needs a new passive
  237. PS4 Hirez, please change/update the Console Friends list
  238. Bonus Incentive For Fillers
  239. Xbox One Old Nu Wa Skin please and Skadi Gold, Legendary Skin
  240. PS4 ranked is bs
  241. Deserter Penalties Are Stupid(rant)
  242. Memorial Day Weekend Double XP/FAVOR/FP
  243. Linking accounts
  244. Console Sensitivity Locked/Restricted
  245. PS4 [Suggestion] Utilize PS4's native support for keyboard and mouse
  246. Casual Draft Mode
  247. Add clans
  248. Xbox Beta Anniversary! (Suggesting Some Promotional Events!)
  249. Casual Draft Pick
  250. Smite on PS VITA ?