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  2. Falling oil Prices might mark a global recession
  3. What would happen if we outlaw prejudice?
  4. HHO car cells
  5. Rest in Peace Monty Oum, Director of RWBY
  6. Net Neutrality
  7. Farewell Mr. Spock
  8. Let's speak about education.
  9. Is Putin new hitler or he trying to be ??
  10. With the way the world is now, is nuclear fallout a possibility?
  11. Homosexuality: Yae or Nay?
  12. What are everyones thoughts on Military Budget.
  13. Feminism: Road to Equality or Reversal of Oppression?
  14. Keybinds to unlock new skills blocked by computer settings?
  15. Being Introverted
  16. The dumbing down of population of America???
  17. On Inferring a God
  18. Bullying
  19. wtf is this serious discussion.
  20. Abortion
  21. The Demonization/Glorification of Nudity
  22. Racial Discrimination/Race Issue (Read CoC Before Posting)
  23. Artistry, fame and criticism?
  24. Discussion about transgender
  25. Is porn the only Sex-ed for teens?
  26. Hero Glorification
  27. Am I broken? Is it too late to fix me?
  28. What am I supposed to do?
  29. Every new game I've heard of has been cancelled.
  30. Do we or do we not have the right to state we are GAY?
  31. Plastic surgery
  32. The Gaming Industry Today
  33. Serious Question
  34. How long do you get banned in smite ? Pls answer :(
  35. Gay Marriage, Supreme Courts, and You
  36. Minorities and oppressed - future superiors?
  37. Is racism and police brutality as bad as it is made out to be?
  38. Banning of the Confederate Flag
  39. deserted
  40. Smite Is More Then A Game
  41. How do guys feel about this show called Mtv white people and the comments about it?
  42. The hypocrisy of tolerance?
  43. Feeders,trollers,blamers
  44. Gaming Industry has lost a legend
  45. Ashley Madison
  46. Feminism
  47. Cecil the lion: witch-hunting is alive and well in the year 2015
  48. Treating People
  49. Fast fashion and brand name clothing what do you think of them?
  50. Is MTV serious?
  51. Organic food vs Processed food
  52. Anyone think Smite will die on xbox one?
  53. Xenophobia and racist in Smite
  54. In-Game Racism and Toxicity
  55. What makes a veteran?
  56. Do you think the blm is a racist and selfish group
  57. How come Femmist don`t care about women in other countries
  58. American Heroes Stop Terrorist Train Attack In Europe
  59. Reporter and camera man shot in live tv.
  60. Kali contro solved
  61. Black Lives Matter boos Washington mayor's anti-crime plans
  62. Do you think you some people are progressive fakes and intellectually dishonest
  63. Is rape culture a myth created by feminist and the media.
  64. Food Deserts .Who created food deserts and who is to blame?
  65. A question about free will.
  66. The Student Loan Crisis is it really the colleges fault or is it the students fault?
  67. extremely toxic community
  68. I have a friend who wishes her father is dead
  69. Matchmaking - elo
  70. Religion - Yay or Nay?
  71. Myers Briggs' Personality Test
  72. Yo my friend here just went up agenst a team of hackers ill post link in thread
  73. Is Art a Waste of Time
  74. Flowing liquid water found on Mars.
  75. Homofobic player
  76. What matters more: Ability vs Appearance
  77. Communication for a better forum.
  78. Lutheran Hate-Why?
  79. Voting in America
  80. It's Canada Election Day!
  81. Diversity is a codeword for White genocide... (Pic on first post)
  82. "I don't like what you're doing so you must be banned" mentality
  83. How do men really feel about overweight women?
  84. Why do people even bother trying to pretend they're not assholes?
  85. Bug !!! Controller invert not working! Xbox 1
  86. Evolution said what?
  87. Animals: Why don't they have rights?
  88. Luck is a fair factor.
  89. One of the biggest issues in american politics
  90. Why does everything have to be so left/right and black/white?
  91. Controversial themes in anime
  92. #PrayForParis Terrorist Attack
  93. French Icon and Liberte Athena are currently 1 Favor.
  94. ISIS Information
  95. Uneeded Toxicity
  96. This is Serious
  97. Well this smite community...
  98. What do u think of afrimtive action used in college admissions?
  99. Can Hi-Rez Open Sue Against Another Game Company Because Of Use Their Character's Old
  100. Sesame Credit, Tensen and Hi-Rez
  101. Stoner Sloth. How do we make an actual message to disaude drug use?
  102. This will make you mad.
  103. The Rules of Debate and it's Stagnation
  104. Is everyone too PC and sensitive in the USA and in Europe?
  105. Cultural Enlightenment vs Cultural Exploitation
  106. Russia the biggest threat in the world
  107. How do you cope with (insert mental health issue here)?
  108. Told to go kill ourselves
  109. Pirate's Chest
  110. Time to ask that question we should have asked ages ago: Do you believe in mythology?
  111. Donald Trump
  112. Belgium
  113. The quest for a Smite Jesus
  114. Why can't people govern themselves
  115. Burn!
  116. Homosexuality Post-2000's
  117. American Public Schools
  118. North Korea's Nuclear Threats
  119. How do I deal with being Socially Rejected?
  120. In the spirit of 4/20...
  121. Bernie Sanders isn't winning
  122. Title edited by Potato
  123. Hillary vs. Trump
  124. Reforms in HiRez/Smite policies about server-side issues?
  125. Figuring Out What To Do For College
  126. Can someone suggest something about something they're not an expert about?
  127. Thoughts on Gun Laws in US
  128. Transgender people
  129. United Kingdom votes to leave the European Union
  130. New Gods
  131. Petition to formally recognize Black Lives Matter as a terrorist organization.
  132. Thoughts (On The Mental Health System)
  133. Ecological crisis and overpopulation
  134. I'm sick of the double standard of Racism.
  135. Reasons why I sometimes want to give up on humanity...
  136. FIrst Presidential Debate
  137. Why Can't We Be Friends? Oh, Right...
  138. I have been waiting 11 days
  139. ICANN discussion
  140. Hillary Vs. Trump
  141. What do you think about France
  142. Odyssey Event Ripoff
  143. So ... Balerinas are offensive now
  144. Californians & Liberals that are protesting Trump
  145. Dragon's Rage or Dragon's Migraine?
  146. Thoughts on Social Media Lately?
  147. Conspiracy theories
  148. The Elections Was Rigged.
  149. Alternatives to mobas.
  150. Christianity vs SMITE
  151. I'm for a special CyberNet Passport of Online Activity.
  152. I'm mad and I'll be over it but...
  153. Canadian Trump
  154. Server instability
  155. What am I supposed to do?
  156. Help please !
  157. What do you think about: Manspreading.
  158. Manchester Explosion Event
  159. One match that gave me hope for this community
  160. These Issues With This Game Go Too Far!
  161. Power-washing poop-covered sidewalks might be racially insensitive
  162. To the memory of Chester Bennington
  163. The Google Memo
  164. Everything this game needs
  165. Degeneracy in skins/animations - Suggestion/Feedback
  166. How Do We Play Video Games?
  167. New Patch asks me to REINSTALL the game.
  168. SWC 2018 Digital Loot Pack - How long will it be on sale for?
  169. Reroll accounts
  170. Just a simple question.
  171. Paganism in this game
  172. feeding
  173. Know when to quit, please (PS4)
  174. The people who don't support NN
  175. New and Unplayed gods issue
  176. (PS4) Name change future issues
  177. Stop the Saltiness, It’s just a game!
  178. How Much Do You Think the Worth of Hi-Rez Is?
  179. Name change.